Volume 7, Issue 11 - December 2006

Best of the Best
Some Companies Came Away Winners from Vegas—but Not at the Gambling Tables

Best Overall Booth, Large
INEX Spacer

Using a new, custom-made exhibit, INEX promoted the benefits of its warm-edge spacer. And, it designed its new booth to actually look like a spacer. The booth was designed by Julie Dube, an architect, and the daughter of company president Sylvain Dubé. 

“When coming up with the concept we looked at other booths and decided that instead of using a big booth structure with signs, lighting, etc. we wanted to have a concept behind it,” says Caroline Dubé, communications coordinator. 

She adds that the company wanted to show the contrast between hot and cold so it used the colors of orange and blue to convey that feeling. The white cubes in the booth represented the spacer, she adds. 

The company created a new booth because this is the first time it exhibited by itself without being combined with another company. 

“People were impressed with the booth because in the past we had a booth with other companies and had no corporate image of our own. Now that has changed,” says Caroline Dubé.

Best Overall Booth, Small
Chelsea Building Products

The theme at the Chelsea booth seemed to be versatility. Even though the booth may not have been as large as some of the others, it certainly wasn’t short on product offerings. Why so many products? 

“We’re on a campaign to give manufacturers what they want in the different regions,” says Chelsea’s Les Lundeen. 
This versatility includes a variety of window styles for both the replacement and new construction markets. This includes a high-impact window system that is DP-50 rated and 120 mph wind tested. It also offers low maintenance and high-performance properties, according to Lundeen. 

Best Giveaway
TruSeal Technologies

TruSeal Technologies unveiled its new Efficiency theme at GBA. And, promoting efficient products, such as its new high-performance no metal spacer Duralite, wasn’t enough. Continuing on the theme of efficiency, the company raffled off a two-year lease on an efficient Toyota Prius hybrid.

“It’s our attempt to emphasize what we’ve been doing for many years—to help our customers become more efficient,” says Truseal president Gus Coppola.

Best Execution of a Theme

Edgetech I.G. displayed two extensive booths with a focus on its new Edgetech 360 theme. The company’s all-inclusive customer service approach includes line layout design, production automation, technical support, marketing support and long-term durability. 

The company partners with a variety of companies, several of which were at the show to promote new products. 

Best Machinery Exhibitor: Two-Way Tie
Joseph Machine Co.

When talking about the best machinery exhibits, you can’t leave out Joseph Machine Co. which brought one million dollars worth of equipment to Las Vegas, according to Joseph’s Abe Diehl. It must have paid off as Diehl says attendance at the booth was great and included individuals from both the East and West Coasts. 

This year was the first time the company displayed its machine centers including full sash processors and full frame processors. It also introduced a new software update to interface with the machines. 

Carlson Systems Engineering
Carlson Systems Engineering LLC is another machinery exhibitor that had a bigger booth than previous shows to focus on new equipment, according to Carlson’s Todd Romanski. One of these was the RES-1600 IG Vertical Super Spacer® processing line which it exhibited for the first time at GBA. The system can handle 500 units per shift capacity. It features several components including an in-put glass conveyor section, 8-brush glass washing and drying section and an automatic tilting Super Spacer application table. 

Best Innovative New Products: A Tie
Truth Hardware

Truth showcased its new Fusion Lock which allows the user to operate the lock and tilt latch from one central point. The system is designed to be simple to use and aesthetically appealing as the tilt latches can now be enclosed within the sash. The company also displayed a “family-look” concept for hardware which showed prototype designs and sketches for casement, patio door and double-hung hardware that had a similar aesthetic appearance. Numerous new hardware designs including new patio door handlesets also garnered lots of interest, the company says. 

Form8tor and Ecocoat (both represented by Edgetech).

Two solutions offered by Edgetech were among the most innovative products showcased at GBA. The Form8tor offered by Uniform Engineering, can produce up to eight bends at one time, which according to the company is not offered by another company. This is possible due to a surface design that incorporates six adjustable segments.

Edgetech is also the exclusive distributor of the Eco-Coat Protective Coating System. The coating is applied by the fenestration manufacturer during the construction process and sprayed off with a garden hose once construction is complete. 


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