Volume 7, Issue 11 - December 2006

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Adhesive and Sealant Companies Roll Out Their Latest Products

Always looking to improve their products, the makers and distributors of adhesives and sealants have unveiled new products for door and window manufacturers. Get the sticky on the latest sealants and adhesives available today.

National Adhesives Goes 
Vertical with PURFECT GLAZE® 

National Adhesives of Bridgewater, N.J., offers PURFECT GLAZE® 91-169A sealant, the first in a series of glazes suitable for vertical glazing operations.

The manufacturer says the entire line of sealants speed production by eliminating the need for manufacturers to stack windows while waiting for curing. A unique Acceleration Technology™ of the sealants prevents glass from sliding and stiles and rails from bowing. 

Unlike wet glazing systems such as silicones and acrylics, the adhesive system results in handling strength within two minutes of applying the bead to the sash, according to the company. The high green strength permits most manufacturers to package windows within minutes and ship within an hour from bedding the glass—without causing quality complaints, the company says. In addition, the adhesive eliminates excess squeeze-out, and permits painting or staining over any glazed surface. The strength of the adhesives exceeds 400 psi after 24 hours of ambient cure, the company says. 

Loctite® Sumo™ Glue Has Speedy Set Time
Henkel Consumer Adhesives Inc. of Avon, Ohio, has launched its Loctite® Sumo™ Glue, an innovative new polyurethane technology that the company says sets three times faster, offers superior bond strength and is less foaming than traditional polyurethane glue.

The new glue is a universal, heavy-duty adhesive that sets on porous surfaces in 30 minutes and on non-porous surfaces in 90 minutes, reducing clamp time and total project time. 
The glue dries translucent/white, and fully cures in 24 hours, after which the product can be sanded, painted and stained to disguise glue lines.

Tremco to Distribute Q’SO Instalam™
Tremco Inc., the manufacturer of TremGlaze™ and BuilderSeal™ door and window glazing products, has entered into an agreement with Q’SO Inc. to distribute its line of Instalam™ sealant to window manufacturers throughout the United States. The products will be marketed as TremGlaze Instalam™ sealants. 

Based in Fort Worth, Texas, Q’SO Inc. manufactures several hot-applied formulations utilized in the back bedding of doors and windows. These technologies include the original Q17 Instalam™ product that is used in the residential door and window market. 

The TremGlaze™ and BuilderSeal™ brands are part of Tremco’s Sealant/Weatherproofing Division, supplier of sealant and weatherproofing solutions for industrial, construction and passive fire protection applications. 
The BuilderSeal™ W&D Installation package includes unique sealants, foams, tapes, flashings and a full warranty for the professional installer. The BuilderSeal™ brand will also be expanded to include “change-the-game” products for a variety of residential construction applications. 

Gun It with Hot Melt Technologies
The new Benchmark® 650 System from Hot Melt Technologies (HMT) of Rochester, Mich., is designed specially for dispensing hot-melt butyls used in the manufacture of insulating glass windows, interior and exterior doorlites and solar panels. It also dispenses other high-viscosity mastics and sealants, such as those used for sealing metal roof seams.
Weighing 135 pounds (dry) and with compact dimensions, the hot-melt gunning unit can be table-top or cart-mounted for interior or exterior applications.

The unit’s 10-inch diameter melt tank holds five gallons of chunked material. Within the tank, two pre-melt grids allow additional material to be added at any time.

Melt rates of 25- to 35-pounds per hour and gunning rates between one- and two-pounds per minute (depending on material used) make the Benchmark 650 well suited for most high viscosity hot-melt applications, according to the company.

ImmerSeal™ Pre-cured Silicone Hits the Water
Sealex Inc. of Harbor Springs, Mich., has unveiled its ImmerSeal™ Preformed Silicone Joint Sealant, a 100-percent silicone product that can be used in a variety of waterproofing applications.

ImmerSeal™ is more economical than cutting out and resealing failed sealant joints, the company reports. It is also beneficial for use in high movement joints, including extremely narrow joints. The sealant is effective on substrates where failed sealant cannot be removed without damaging the substrate. 

ImmerSeal has higher movement capability (+200 percent/-75 percent) than any other sealing option, the company says. It also seals joints where other sealant materials are ineffective, such as butt joints with insufficient joint depth for bonding of wet-applied sealant.

The sealant is available in standard sizes ranging from 1- to 12-inches wide in standard 2 mm thickness. In addition, custom design profiles, widths and thicknesses are available. 

795 Silicone Sealant 
Engineered for Weatherproofing 

The new 795 silicone building sealant from Dow Corning of Midland, Mich., is a neutral-cure, one-part sealant that adheres to most common construction materials including glass, aluminum, steel and painted metal.

The weatherproofing sealant maintains adhesion in extreme environments including sunlight, rain, snow, ozone and temperature extremes from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Available in standard and custom colors, the 795 silicone building sealant is frequently specified for renovation and general weatherproofing applications, including perimeter sealing of door and window frames. 

Durable and flexible enough to accommodate nearly 50 percent movement in original joint dimension when installed properly, 795 silicone building sealant meets structural sealant standards in Americas, Europe and Asia. 

Frank Lowe Named Converter for VHB™ Tape
Frank Lowe Rubber & Gasket Co. Inc. of Farmingdale, N.Y., has been appointed by 3M as the sole converter for VHB™ door and window tape for the fenestration industry. Specifically designed to withstand application stresses and environmental conditions, Frank Lowe reports that the tape provides long-term performance bonding wood, aluminum, vinyl or composite muntin bars to glass in simulated divided lite applications.

Available in gray or black, with a paper or film liner, VHB™ window tape is precision slit to meet custom requirements. 
The company has also added Saint Gobain Structural Glazing Tape to compliment its silicone setting blocks and full line of fenestration products.

Saint-Gobain Thermalbond® V2100 is a high-strength polyurethane foam substrate while T-Bond® V2200 is a semi-rigid polyurethane. Both are used for structural glazing and cladding. These tapes are available in thicknesses ranging from 1/8- to ˝-inch thick with adhesive on one or two sides for easy placement. 


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