Volume 7, Issue 11 - December 2006

Win-door 2006 Show Posts Growth 
Event is Again a Success

by Tara Taffera

More than 165 exhibiting companies were featured at Win-door North America, held November 14-16 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. According to show organizers, attendance was more than 3,000, up more than 10 percent from the 2005 show.

In addition to the exhibits, the Canadian Window and Door Manufacturers Association (CWDMA), the show’s sponsor, also hosted a “Super Session.” This included information regarding changes in the Ontario Building Code, which according to Jeff Baker of Westlab, “This is the fastest thing I have ever seen done by a government agency.” Though he added that the speediness comprised some areas. “Doors were not handled very well,” he said.

The seminar also featured Marc Andre Morel who talked about, “Keeping Clients for Life.” He reminded attendees to remember the little things when dealing with customers such as sending cards, etc. He also reminded attendees that “clients put more value on the way the product is sold rather than the product itself.”

Given the array of activities offered at Win-door, CWDMA president Robert Latour said it is the most complete fenestration industry package. 

“Everything that I have heard from all the exhibitors, are tremendous numbers and excellent quality in traffic in all booths at the show. After more than ten incredible years, Win-door North America has become truly synonymous with being the most focused show in the North American window and door market, and truly international in content and just keeps gaining strength.”

Door and Window Safety Expands Nationally
Children continue to benefit from the partnership that has been formed between the CWDMA, sponsor of the show, and EMS Chiefs of Canada to promote window and balcony safety for children across Canada. In a collaborative effort to prevent further tragedies, ten cities across Canada are developing and promoting educational injury prevention campaigns aimed specifically at preventing window and balcony falls.

“Window and balcony falls are preventable. The EMS Chiefs are committed to this expanding injury prevention partnership across Canada,” said Bruce Farr, Chief of Toronto EMS and president of the EMS Chiefs of Canada. “Our strong friendship and cooperation has enabled us to move forward in our efforts to eliminate falls from windows and balconies in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa and Halifax.”

The Partners Promoting Window and Door Safety booth at the show was staffed by Paramedics from York Region and Toronto EMS. The famous “putting challenge” was prominent feature at the booth, with proceeds going toward the Window and Balcony Safety Program. The proceeds of the putting challenge donations combined with a generous contribution from the Win-door North America 2006 show committee raised $3,500 for this injury prevention campaign. 

Products, Products, Products
Trade shows are all about products, and Win-door was no different. Exhibitors were on hand to introduce their latest and greatest. 

Truth Hardware introduced a new cover for its EntryGard handle. This had been a premium product more than ten years ago, according to Brian Dallmann. “The new cover and folding handle will be popular in aftermarket applications for homeowners looking to upgrade their window with a more stylish look with the added benefit of reducing interference with window treatments such as curtains and blinds,” he said.

The company also launched its new Ellipse folding handle which has a removable cover so colors may be changed, etc. It also launched a version of its Encore lock that is now engineered to work on vinyl windows. “It is capable of working with high-impact loads and in coastal applications. This also has no zinc which is a great benefit as zinc costs have risen recently,” added Dallmann.

Also new in door and window components is a product from the Amesbury Group, its new CladFT from Foam-Tite®. The patent-pending technology offers a low operating force and compression load deflection, a tear/puncture resistant skin and improved compression set resistance. 

One of the companies that featured machinery was Ameri-Can. It introduced the PEGASO, a 3-or 4-axis controlled machining center for aluminum extrusions that carries out fully automatic drilling, milling and tapping operations. The machine allows the work area to be divided into two fully independent zones.

Urban Machinery introduced the SV-354 automatic 2-head 9-axis CNC weldseam cleaner to be used for inside and outside cleaning of the welded frame or sash. A mobile head is controlled by a servo axis for quick precise positioning and semi-automated machining. Additionally, the company says optimal cycle times are achieved via logical placement and sequencing of tools. 

“It is unusual to sign deals at a show but we did here,” said Urban’s David Pirwitz. “We’ve been a little slow but the quality has been great,” he said, which was a theme echoed by many of Win-door’s exhibitors.

First time exhibitors at the show included JRM International who featured machines from Mecal, a company that specializes in profile processing equipment for aluminum, vinyl and PVC. The company offers equipment including machining centers, double-head mitre saws, manual and automatic mitre saws and copy routers and end finishing machines. 

Also new at the show was VinCAD, out of Denmark, whose product is new to the United States. “The response has been favorable,” said the company’s David Payne. 

Apricot Coating Systems, another new exhibitor, featured its innovative low-solvent coating process, and Bernice Martin said, “Win-door was our coming out party.” 

“With this paint, you can inhale it and you are fine,” she added. “There are no harmful pollutants to go into the air.”
Apricot can either serve as the applicator or the customer can do their own painting, added Martin. 

Some companies didn’t just bring one or two new products but a whole booth full. This was the case of ODL, as a company representative stated that everything on display was new for 2007. These include a variety of decorative door glass designs, including some for use in severe weather conditions, or decorative glass for windows in places such as the bath. 

On the adhesives side, Lamatek featured its butyl flashing tape which the company says is self adhering. The product protects the area between the exterior and the nailing fin, but also seals any nail holes that may exist, eliminating the need to caulk before installation. No special primers are needed to bond to plywood, concrete, metal or masonry, according to the company. 
While some attendees may attend shows to see the latest inventions, etc., this is not always the case.

“Generally, shows are no longer a place to preview new products,” says Phil Lewin of Vinyl Window Designs in Woodbridge, Ontario. “Their benefit is the networking opportunities with other industry parties. Seminar programs are still excellent places to get updated info and a window into the future of the industry.”

Win-door 2007 will be held November 13-15. 


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