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Volume 7   Issue 1               January 2006

Introducing... new products 


New Extreme Environment Adhesive Available from LAMATEK

LAMATEK of West Deptford, N.J., has added extreme environment gaskets to its line of fenestration products. These high-tack gaskets are engineered to adhere permanently to low surface energy materials such as polyolefins, vinyls and metals. With its resistance to humidity and low minimum application temperature, extreme environment gaskets are suitable for use in cold weather. The versatile product line can be manufactured with both new and existing die layouts and a variety of foams and sponges. 


There’s “No Warp” with New Window and Door Foam 

St. Louis-based Convenience Products has announced that its Touch ‘n Seal No-Warp window and door insulating sealant has been tested by an independent laboratory and proven to meet or exceed AAMA standard 812-04 for low pressure insulating foams. 

According to information from the company, No-Warp built less pressure during initial installation and dropped to zero pressure sooner than other tested foams. After ten minutes, No-Warp exerted zero pressure through total cure. 

Touch ‘n Seal No-Warp foam insulating sealant is a bright white one-component polyurethane foam specially formulated for use around door- and window-frames—providing airtight insulation that blocks drafts, moisture and insects without bowing the frame. Gun-applied, No-Warp can be used under the plate line, at the juncture of the plate line and the slab or foundation, and any penetration through the top or the bottom plate line into a conditioned area. It fills cracks and holes in the exterior sheeting, at the corner and tee joints in framing and any other place where air might penetrate the exterior envelope or where the pressure from standard foam products could cause damage. 


Moistop Sealant Compatible with Most Materials

To prevent water leaks, windows must be installed with a sealant that is compatible with the entire window system. Moistop Sealant, from the Fortifiber Building Systems Group™ of Reno, Nev., is a polyurethane sealant that was designed to meet that goal. It is compatible with virtually all building materials, including Fortifiber’s complete line of window flashings. It delivers strong adhesion, compatibility, durability and moisture resistance to prevent water leaks and expensive callbacks, according to the company.

According to information from the company, the sealant is tough enough to repair torn vapor barriers, but smooth enough to take paint in visible application areas. In addition, it exceeds ASTM C-920 and AAMA 808.3-92 (Exterior Perimeter Sealing Compounds) standards.


GREAT STUFF™ Awarded Polyurethane Innovation Award

The Alliance for the Polyurethanes Industry (API) has awarded its first-ever Polyurethane Innovation Award to GREAT STUFF window and door insulating foam sealant, manufactured by The Dow Chemical Co. The award was given at the Polyurethanes 2005 Technical Conference and Trade Fair.

“Out of all of the entries we received this year, the judges and conferees agreed that Dow’s stood out in its understanding and use of polyurethane technology to produce a superior end-use product,” said API executive director Dick Mericle.

GREAT STUFF foam sealant was designed exclusively for filling the rough opening gap around doors and windows. Its low-pressure formula expands without exerting pressure, and is proven not to buckle or bow window- or doorframes, according to the company.

“It’s a great honor to be recognized by such a distinguished organization,” said Jeff Fancher, global brand manager for foam sealants at Dow. “Our GREAT STUFF product line is all about making things easier for the consumer and helping them to save energy dollars by air-sealing their homes.”



ICA Group’s UV Coatings Deliver Durability 

ICA Group of Civitanova Marche, Italy, a manufacturer of special wood coatings, has created a series of UV interior coatings for doors that feature solid elasticity, high chemical-physical resistance and reliable adhesion. While delivering high performance, these coatings are designed to have a lower level of impact on the environment than traditional coatings, according to the company.

ICA’s latest products in the UV-cured range include UVS5099 transparent acrylic UV primer, UVS5107 transparent UV plaster for laser-roller application, UVO5095G transparent acrylic medium-matt top coat for roller application and UVA5173G base for pigmented, water-based UV top coats.

The comprehensive ICA range encompasses products that are suited to all types of uses and both spray and roller applications. 


3M Paint Preparation System Saves Time on Cleanup

PPS brand Paint Preparation System from 3M of St. Paul, Minn., is a closed spray system for use with a wide range of paints, stains and other coatings. The system eliminates the need for separate cups and filters, saving time and expensive coatings, and reducing solvent usage and waste disposal costs, according to the company.

The coating is mixed in a 3M-engineered liner held inside a rigid cup; the liner connects to a direct filter and is mounted with a cup on the spray gun. As freshly-filtered coating is dispensed, the liner collapses and allows the spray gun to dispense the coating effectively from any angle. The liner bag and filter are disposable, leaving only the spray gun and adapter to be cleaned (resulting in up to a 70-percent solvent reduction), according to the company.



TDCI Announces BuyDesign™ for AutoCAD®

TDCI Inc. of Columbus, Ohio, has announced the immediate availability of its BuyDesign for AutoCAD, a new component of the Sales BuyDesign sales and service solution within the company’s BuyDesign software suite. The new product enables manufacturers to deliver an intelligent electronic product catalogue to architects and other designers for use directly within the AutoCAD system, according to the company. The catalogue can include configurable products as well as standard products. 

The component is intended to help manufacturers increase sales by making it easy for designers to select and configure their products, and quick for dealers to create quotes and orders, according to the company. It is intended for use by manufacturers of any product that might be specified at design time, for instance building products such as doors and windows, cabinets, HVAC equipment, etc. 


New Agreement Made for Door and Window Software Distribution

Safe Passage Consulting of Duluth, Ga., has announced a new distribution agreement for its entry door, window and countertop software solutions. Safe Passage and COBUS-ConCept have agreed that Safe Passage will provide marketing, sales and technical support services for its software. COBUS-ConCept is a door and window software supplier in Europe, and is based in Germany.

“Today’s producers of door and window products suffer from increasing competitive pressures and as machinery technology has made major strides in productivity, U.S.-based software has yet to catch up,” said Tom Templeton, president of Safe Passage Consulting. 

“We are very excited about this new relationship,” he added. “With the modular product structure that COBUS already offers, U.S. manufacturers can immediately offer more product options than ever before. They can also pull together the different processes from cut lists, CNC machining and design, all the way from the dealers and order entry.” 



Cefla Group Introduces FlexiSpray In-Line Moulding Sprayer

Cefla Finishing America of High Point, N.C., has introduced its FlexiSpray in-line moulding sprayer. 

FlexiSpray is an in-line spray system designed specifically for finishing mouldings, profiles and linear components. The machine features a maximum working/spray width of eight inches, and can be equipped with either two or three coating lines and up to six spray guns. As it’s constructed with large glass panels, optimal viewing of the finishing process is possible. FlexiSpray also features easy access to spray gun and overspray troughs. Fast, easy to use and maintain, the FlexiSpray incorporates the most innovative finishing solutions available today.


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