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Volume 7   Issue 1               January 2006

Spotlight On Door Components 

You wouldn’t have a door without them, so this month DWM is shining the spotlight on door components. New options are now available for the distinctive materials, safety features and hardware that will make your doors complete. 

Slide Bar Makes for Safer Gate Access

Safety Specialist Fortress Interlocks, of Erlanger, Ky., has introduced a new design of Slide Bar for use with its AutoStop gate switch unit. The robust Slide Bar, cast from stainless steel, can be used on both hinged and sliding doors and provides an enhanced level of safety without compromising functionality and ease of access. 

The Slide Bar is a long bar with an actuator at the head. When the door is shut, the slide bar is pushed along easily and the actuator tongue engages with the AutoStop unit, turning the power on. When the door has to be opened, it is retracted easily, removing the actuator from the unit and turning the power off. A spring loaded version is available for high vibration applications.

As well as providing all the safety features of a gate switch, the Slide Bar design ensures the power cannot be turned on simply by slamming the door behind an operator. The Slide Bar also features padlock holes for lock-out operations and an internal release handle which acts as an emergency stop.


Happenin’ Hardware from BSI

BSI-Door Hardware of Sioux Falls, S.D., a part of Amesbury Group, has unveiled some new products for the door hardware market, including new handles, hinges, multi-point locks and patio door rollers.

The new Regency Series and Classic Series handles offer different finish options and three escutcheon plate options. New hinges include the two-way adjustable hinge, the 3D lift off hinge and the new platform hinge. The premiere 2000 and 1000 series multi-point locks have multiple engagement options and many key features, according to the company. New patio door rollers feature a stainless steel option, different wheel sizes and exceed the industry standard test, with a load of 75 to 100 pounds per roller assembly, and tested more than 20,000 cycles, according to the company. 


New LCS Products Handle Heavy Units 

Over the past year LCS Precision Molding of Waterville, Minn., has introduced a number of door handling products, including the LCS2000 lift handle, LCS601 slide plate/door bottom protector and the LCS602M door skid. All three of these products are designed to reduce strain and pain when moving oversized, heavy and awkward units. 

The LCS601 and LCS602M are replacements for wood skids, and are more economical than wood skids, according to information from the company. They reduce product damage during transportation, while raising units 1/2-inch off the floor. 

The LCS2000 lift handle has proven to be a value-added product that distributors, handlers and installers are finding convenient, and reducing damaged units and injuries. 


RiteScreen Introduces GranDeur

The RiteScreen Co. Inc. of Elizabethville, Pa., has introduced the GranDeur, a new out-swing patio screen door. The GranDeur is a hinged patio screen door, which features an ultra heavy-duty 4-inch wide by 1 1/4-inch thick extruded aluminum frame. The GranDeur can be used as a single or double out-swing application. 

The screen door include a stylish mortise handle, in a choice of five finishes: black, white, brass, satin nickel, or oil rubbed. In addition, a fiberglass or aluminum mesh, two closers, four extruded hinges, an aluminum bottom expander with flexible vinyl sweep and a complete weatherstrip package are standard. A tempered glass panel is an optional feature of the door. 


Amerock’s Hardware is in Perfect Harmony

Amerock of Columbia, Md., has revealed its latest door hardware catalogue. The catalogue features coordinating door, closet and cabinet hardware designed to deliver a unique look from room to room. The hardware is easy to install, includes all mounting hardware and fits any standard door thickness, according to the company. The products are available in a wide variety of finishes, materials and styles. 

The company also offers its Small Change, Big Impact™ interior door upgrade for bathrooms, kitchens or any room. The products are easy to install, and require only a screwdriver.


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