Volume 7, Issue 7 - July/August 2006

Introducing... New Products


Builders Automation Provides Computerized Machines 
Builders Automation of Largo, Fla., has field-tested and introduced a new pre-hung door machine, model 996E/TS. The company engineered the pre-hung door equipment with a programmable carriage for infinite change capabilities of both lock bore and dead-bolt applications and for flush hinge routings on beveled doors. It comes equipped with the standard features of the 996E predecessor and can also be ordered with the QuikDump hinge applicators and pre-drill options. 

The 996E/TS features a bilingual touch screen with built-in self-diagnostics for onsite troubleshooting of problems without having to call in a technician.

Machining Center Features Flexibility 
Victoriaville, Quebec-based Dubus Industries is offering its FLEXDOOR 6000 machining center for door machining and hardware fitting. Users can machine or install hardware on flat or joined doors with a single machine or a line of several specialized machines. The machining center’s digital piloting provides both high flexibility and productivity. The machine also allows users to install any pins, hinges or locks on-line. The machine can be connected to CAM using the software available from the company.
According to company information, the FLEXDORO 6000 makes it possible to machine large amounts daily, even when manufacturing batches are reduced and customized.

Allwood Offers Laminating Systems for Door Production 
Allwood Machinery Inc. of Greensboro, N.C., is offering Barberan PUR laminating systems for the production of entry and interior doors. 

The Barberan systems employ a unique precision dual differential glue spreader that allows the dosing roller speed to be varied by computer control versus the application roller speed. Each application and dosing roller is equipped with independent inverter drives. This allows precise and consistent grammage control and glue application thickness down to 1 mil, according to information from the company. 

Digital counters on all settings are accurate to .004 inches. The systems allow for motorized raising and lowering of the application rollers and reversing rollers for easy clean-up. Other features include computerized temperature and speed control, computerized glue spreader operation, a completely enclosed and exhausted glue applicator and fully integrated door presses when required.

The systems are modular and can be added to in the future as required by production demands. They are available in manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic lay-up systems. 

Merrick Offers Two New Machines
Merrick Machine Co. of Alda, Neb., is offering two new high production machines for manufacturers.

The Ruvo 930 Hercules interior/exterior door machine machines the door, hinge jamb and strike jamb simultaneously. The operator interfaced touch screen allows for quick changeover to machine doors from 16 to 48 inches wide, 6 feet 8 inches to 8 feet high, 1 3/8- or 1 ¾ inches thick, with 3 ½-, 4- or 4 ½-inch hinges and 2 3/8- or 2 ¾-inch backset. The touch screen also shows the cycle time for each function performed and monitors the status of the user’s bits. Lineal bearing on the router bar and router gives a consistent smooth operation. 

The company’ Triad open stringer saw (OSS) is powered by two soft-start motors and uses two 30- by 80-inch tooth carbide tipped blades. The OSS will cut up to four separate 2- by 10-inch or 2- by 12-inch stringers at one time. It is PC controlled, and has automatic indexing and cutting. While the machine is cutting one set of stringers the operator can program in the next set up and immediately run the next job. This eliminates costly downtime normally required for template settings, according to the company. 


Technoform Brings Core Products to U.S.
Technoform of Twinsburg, Ohio, has unveiled its two core products—I-Spacer IG spacer and I-Strut thermal insulating strut—to the North American insulating glass marketplace. 

Combining strong thermal performance, condensation resistance and structural rigidity, the I-Spacer IG spacer features a unique hybrid design and offers high warm-edge performance to manufacturers of commercial and residential IG units as independently measured by Architectural Testing Inc., according to the company. Additional performance benefits of I-Spacer include high argon retention, machine-controlled muntin locations, aesthetic sightlines and several color options.

Constructed of sturdy polyamide 6.6 with 25 percent glass fiber content, I-Strut enables aluminum fenestration and curtainwall manufacturers to provide a high degree of thermal performance and structural integrity. I-Strut features an expansion/contraction rate equal to that of aluminum, thermal conductivity rates 700 times better than aluminum alone and structural properties that exceed those of virtually every other thermoplastic available. I-Strut is installed in millions of windows annually throughout the world and is backed by more than 25 years of success, according to the company.


VELUX Offers Electronically Tintable Skylights
VELUX America Inc. of Greenwood, S.C., has partnered with Sage Electrochromics Inc. to produce electronically tintable skylights. The tintable glass option is available in electric venting and non-venting skylights. 

The benefits of solar control through electrochromic glass include: light control at the touch of a button without losing a view to the sky; energy savings and elimination of uncomfortable heat gain; and protection from fading of furniture or artwork. 


Hurd Offers ClimaGuard SPF™ on ComfortGlaze™ Line
Hurd Windows and Doors of Medford, Wis., has announced that it will now offer Guardian Industries’ ClimaGuard SPF glass as part of its ComfortGlaze product line. The ClimaGuard product is designed to block 99 percent of ultraviolet radiation. 

Guardian’s director of residential products, Tim Singel, explained that until now low-E glass has been commonly recommended to minimize the damaging effects of UV radiation exposure. He says that traditional low-E products have a fade protection factor of 7, while ClimaGuard SPF provides a fade protection factor of more than 50. 

While the product does cost more than an average window package, the cost of investing in CimaGuard SPF will save homeowners from having to invest in replacing faded hardwood floors, carpeting, furniture and other home interiors, according to information from Hurd. 


PermaSTIK™ Holds onto SDLs 
PermaSTIK, a high-strength foam tape designed for simulated divided lite (SDL) mounting by Stik-II Products of Easthampton, Mass., offers adhesion for permanent bonding applications. Constructed with a special polyolefin alloy foam that is cross-linked to promote strength of the foam backing and improved adhesive anchorage to the foam, the tape is suitable for mounting interior and exterior grilles. 

Exceptional long-term aging characteristics, high tack on low surface energy substrates and resistance to UV light and extreme temperature are key features. It also offers high tensile and shear strength. The tape’s high-performance acrylic adhesive bonds muntin bars made of wood, metal, vinyl and other plastics and composite materials to glass. 


New Device Limits Tilt-In 

BF Kinsey Design Engineering of Beaufort, S.C., has introduced its patented hung window sash tilt-limiting device. The Tilt Limiter™ uses a stainless steel spring wire and injection molded anchoring pivot slides to limit the tilt-in travel of hung window sashes. The device is available for the 1199 style 3 ¼-inch jamb double-hung aluminum window. Manufacturers can purchase the device through fenestration equipment and material supplier Ramapo Sales and Marketing.

The simple device is easy to install, according to information from the company. The anchor for the Tilt Limiter slides into the window main frame jamb while the other end is secured by a screw to the sash stile. The hardware works automatically to hold a tilted-in sash at a convenient and safe preset angle for cleaning or ventilation. The hardware does not impede normal window operation, including sash removal, and never needs adjustment. 

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