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Volume 7   Issue 6               June 2006

From the Publisher

Profiling Southeast Window Operations
by Tara Taffera

Unfortunate as it is, we are now embarking on the hurricane season and can only hope that the 2006 season is nothing like that of recent years.

As you know, each issue of DWM magazine features an article detailing the processes used in various plants across the country. We have a few particularly interesting tours coming up as they are located in the Southeast United States. 

The first will appear in our next issue, July-August, in which contributing editor Sarah Batcheler visited Alliance Windows in Slidell, La. The damage suffered there was beyond devastating, as the plant lost 80 percent of its workforce following Hurricane Katrina. 

Alliance Windows was hit hard by Hurricane Katrina 
but is rebuilding and continues to serve its customers.

Readers will be both disheartened at the agony suffered there but energized by the rebuilding efforts of the company’s employees and how they’ve fought to keep their operations going.

The next is NuAir Windows and Doors, and since that article won’t be featured until the November issue when DWM features aluminum windows I’d like to give you some highlights of my visit to the Tampa plant in April. 

First let me say that hearing about how window and door manufacturers in the Southeast portion of the United States have more business they can handle is one thing. But to see it first hand is quite another. 

When visiting NuAir, I was particularly impressed by plant supervisor Mike Curtner and how he manages this mammoth operation. The company has outgrown its space and has expanded exponentially. As a result Curtner is not as pleased as he could be with the current plant layout. He tells me all about how he will change some of the plant’s existing design to make it even more efficient. He also shows me the company’s new in-house developed software program that will increase its efficiency. 

Also unique about this operation is the fact that NuAir has two separate companies—the manufacturing operation and installation sales in the Tampa area. If you’ve been reading my columns you know that I’ve been focused on proper installations and how the industry needs to make this a priority. NuAir is a perfect example of a company who is committed to this ideal. In fact, it has an installation sales division and an Installation Masters certified instructor on staff. 

If you have a plant that you would like us to visit e-mail me at ttaffera@glass.com. 

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