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Volume 7   Issue 3               March 2006

new products


Savio Door Hinges Reach North American Market

Savio, an Italian producer of door and window accessories, has introduced two new door hinges for the North American market: B&P Mechanica and Summa hinges. Both offer durability, quality and easy installation, according to information from the company, as well as three-way (lateral, vertical and closing pressure), independent adjustments.

B&P Mechanica, made for aluminum, wood or vinyl door applications, is available in two and three wing versions. When mounted on a door with the maximum weight specified, the hinge achieves double the number of opening/closing cycles required by the ANSI standards. Instead of the 2.5 million cycles required, the hinge achieved 5 million cycles without failure, according to the company.

The strength of Summa, the brand new adjustable hinge made for doors using the Euro-Groove aluminum profile, is based on the semi-spherical stainless steel pin with thrust washer effect and the stainless steel back plates. This ensures long-term stability of the hinge as well as maximum corrosion resistance. A wide range of colors is available, so that the hinges can be perfectly matched to the door profile. In addition, the SUMMA hinge is easy to install due to its quick clamping system.


Fapim® Door Hinges Clamp Fast

Fapim Gruppo, based in Lucca, Italy, is showcasing its fast clamping Venice and Venice top door hinges. The hinges are manufactured for doors made with window profiles. 

According to information from the company, the hinges combine the bearing capacity and adjustment typical of traditional door hinges, with the quick assembly of window hinges. The Venice hinges are equipped with horizontal and vertical adjustment to be carried out only when the door is closed. It is supplied pre-assembled and can be applied without additional workings on the profiles. In addition to its functional features, it was designed with soft lines intended to recall the original shapes of classic door hinges.



Mikron Offers SuperCapSR Vinyl Color Technology

Mikron Industries has announced the availability of a new color technology for exterior vinyl windows and doors. The new SuperCapSR color system is a patent-pending technology that creates a molecularly-fused color layer that becomes an integral part of the profile. Unlike painted vinyl, the tough acrylic color layer is highly scratch-resistant and more durable during delivery and installation. 

Historically, dark colored vinyl windows have had problems with heat build-up, according to information from the company. Heat build-up performance is important not only in hot climate regions, but in most all regions during summer direct sun situations. Born from military infrared reflective technology, the SuperCapSR exterior color technology absorbs less heat to prevent heat-related profile distortion, according to information from the company. The company backs these profiles with a 20 year warranty for dimensional performance and 10 years on color fade—meeting or exceeding applicable AAMA standards.

SuperCapSR exterior colors include dark bronze, hunter green, sand, brick red and eggshell. 

“We believe this new break-through technology gives builders flexibility to ‘value-engineer’ house packages, and durable colors that shouldn’t require job site touch-up,” says Dick Morgan, vice president of sales and marketing. “SuperCapSR also offers manufacturers another way to differentiate their brand.”


Temple-Inland Introduces UltraStock™ MDF

Temple-Inland of Austin, Texas, has announced that it has unified its family of medium density fiberboard (MDF) panels under the brand name UltraStock™. Designed to provide manufacturers, designers and architects a broad range of performance characteristics, the MDF line now includes five different products.

UltraStock Select is manufactured for precision machinability. Specifically engineered to maintain an extremely fine fiber size and panel density, this product cuts, routs and finishes well for applications with demanding detailing, according to the company. UltraStock Premium is designed for a broad range of applications, offering consistent performance properties and reliable productivity, especially for long production runs. 

UltraStock Lite offers a density savings of up to 25 percent and is designed for jobs calling for lightweight component parts or finished products. UltraStock Thin Profile panels deliver workability and lamination characteristics in a board with minimal dimensional thickness. UltraStock-MR is a new moisture-resistant product that can be machined, laminated or veneered like the company’s premium panels, but provides protection against moisture absorption and damage. All UltraStock panels are third-party certified to contain a significant percentage of recovered and recycled material.

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