Volume 7, Issue 10 - November 2006

From the Publisher

Breaking My Rules
by Tara Taffera

Everyone has themópet peeves. In fact, we all probably have several. Iím about to break one of mine, but at least Iím woman enough to admit it.

Hereís one that relates to my job. In editorís columns such as this one, when staffers write their entire column about what is in that particular issue, rather than focusing on a pertinent industry topic, that bugs me for some reason. The same goes when the author of a particular column uses that space for promotion of the association/organization. Thereís no rule anywhere that itís not okay, to do this. Itís even happened in this magazine by some DWM columnists. But again, for some reason it irks me. 

But when I thought about what I wanted to write about for this column I realized why some authors do it. Because sometimes, itís just necessary in getting the message of your particular organization, or in this case, magazine, out. So, here goes.

In this issue you will find several articles spread throughout the issue related to the recent International Code Council code hearings. We had experts who were in attendance write articles to give you the news form every viewpoint, but that wasnít enough. Throughout the two weeks of code hearings, DWM editors attended via the online webcast in order to keep our readers informed of changes affecting door and window manufacturers. We then posted the stories daily on our daily newsletter, produced by our sister publication, USGlass magazine, and on DWMís weekly newsletter. So if you donít receive these please go to www.dwmmag.com to sign up. That way you donítí have to wait until the next month for important news stories such as this.

When I e-mailed our codes columnist, Mike Fischer, representing the Window and Door Manufacturers Association, if he would write an expanded article based on the hearings for our November issue, he responded, ďNo problem. Iím here right now.Ē I said, ďI know. Weíve been watching them online.Ē His response, ďI thought I needed a life.Ē

Yes, one night at 8:00 I tuned in to the hearings to hear Mike talk about a particular code action regarding window safety and means of egress.

Are there other things I could have been doing? Of course, but the code hearings are very important to our readers so it is our job to cover them.

This reminded me of a comment that Kristin Leonard, general manager for Alliance Windows made to me recently. 

ďDWM editors donít just fill pages. They are actively involved and personally interested in the industry, whether itís through attending industry events, and then breaking down that information to bring it to the readers. They work hard to bring the pertinent issues to the industry.Ē

So I hope that you agree. And, if there are other topics or events you would like to see us cover in these pages please let me know.

Finally, thanks for indulging me. I havenít done this in the almost seven years that our magazine has been in existence and Iíll try not to do so for another seven years but I wonít make any promises.

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