Volume 7, Issue 10 - November 2006

Hardware Now
New Innovative Hardware Hits the Market

Manufacturers of hardware are at it again—coming up with new products that boast advantages of convenience, strength and easy installation, among other attributes. Read on to learn more about the latest in hardware for the door and window industry.

Integrated Hardware Solutions for Vinyl Hung Windows
Ashland Hardware Systems of Lowell, Ind., has unveiled DualTech, new hardware that integrates functionality to tilt and lock hung vinyl windows. The hardware is simple to operate, install and fabricate, according to the company.

For smooth and quick system integration into existing window designs, DualTech adapts automatically to a large range of profile designs and offsets. With flex-fit technology, the connection bars flex laterally with the latch and lock units to create a custom fit into many profile designs. Sash fabrication for the system requires a basic one-step route operation for both the latch and lock.

The entire system is offered in three sub-assemblies for quick out-of-the-box installation and can be operated with a simple swing of the levels. Additionally, two lock points are provided on the window sash to offer safety and protection against intruders. 

DualTech holds up to 400 pounds of static load and has a design pressure of 65. By integrating a robust glass-filled nylon latch below the surface of the sash, and preserving the structure of the weld bead, the hardware allows maximum profile strength at critical areas of the window sash. 

New HTL Ultimate 2D Hinge is Maintenance Free
HOPPE North America Inc. of Fort Atkinson, Wis., has introduced its HTL Ultimate 2D Hinge for wood and vinyl profiles. 

The HTL Ultimate 2D Hinge allows for easy adjustment of the door both horizontally (+/-2mm) and vertically (+/-2.5mm) with the turn of a screw. This hinge features maintenance-free bearings, simple one pass routing for simple door preparation, non-removable pins for increased security and specially-coated components for improved durability and strength. 

The product is available in KTL brass alternative, machine polished brass, polished chrome, brushed chrome, rustic umber, oil-rubbed brass, antique nickel, satin nickel, antique brass, stainless steel, grey powder coat, white powder coat, dark brown powder coat, gold powder coat and matte black powder coat to complement any architectural style and match HOPPE’s handle sets.

The company has also introduced its new HLS9000 multipoint swing door hardware for wider stile entry doors with 60 millimeters and 70 millimeters backsets. 

The locking door system offers added security, tight weather seals, smooth operation and protection against warpage and twisting in fine wooden patio and entry doors by offering multiple locking locations along the lock stile. 

The hardware line features a stainless steel deadbolt that is stronger than traditional deadbolts, a mishandling device that prevents accidental locking-point engagement as well as full-size screw supports that helps control possible bending of the gear, according to the company.

Allied Tube Launches Flo-Form™ In-Line Galvanized Angles
Allied Tube & Conduit of Harvey, Ill., has introduced its Flo-Form™, a unique, in-line galvanized, roll-formed angle designed to meet specific needs for engineered angle profiles. Flo-Form angles offer greater design flexibility and more product line choices, coupled with elevated corrosion protection from an in-line galvanizing process, according to the company.

The new angle profiles are manufactured from high-strength steel and are coated with a unique multi-layer protective coating that consists of 99.99 percent pure zinc, a conversion coating and a clear organic topcoat to thoroughly seal the surface. These angle profiles can be used as-is for outstanding corrosion protection, or painted/powder coated for an added aesthetic appeal. The clear organic topcoat acts as a natural primer, drastically minimizing the labor involved with pre-paint surface preparation. 

The angle profiles are manufactured to specific wall thicknesses, size and length of a customer’s application.

Fastening Machine from Erdman Keeps Difficulty Down
The new Specialty Lock and Keeper hardware fastening machine from Erdman Automation Corp. of Princeton, Minn., is designed to place and fasten lock and keepers properly in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner. 

This semi-automated machine allows the operator to manually load the lock or keeper into the appropriate fixtures and then place the check rail into the screw driving location. 

The ergonomically-designed machine eliminates reaching and bending, significantly reducing potential back injuries and discomfort, according to the company.

Frontier Designs Influence New Collection from Hickory Hardware
Hickory Hardware™ of Portland, Tenn., has introduced its Refined Rustic line of decorative cabinet pulls and knobs in a range of sizes and two finish options.

The Refined Rustic collection features hand-wrought styling and pioneer-inspired craftsmanship. The collection blends rustic textures with refined lines that fit comfortably with modern home cabinetry.

The hardware is available in two refined surface finishes—rustic iron and black iron—and includes knobs in 1-1/2-inch and 1-1/4-inch diameters, 3-inch and 96mm pulls, and 3-inch and 96mm cup pulls.

BF Kinsey Limits Window Tilt with New Device 
BF Kinsey Design Engineering from Beaufort, S.C., debuted its patented hung window sash tilt-limiting device. The new window option, the Tilt Limiterä, uses a basic stainless steel spring wire and injection molded anchoring pivot slides to limit the tilt-in travel of hung window sashes. The device is available for the common “1199 style” 3-¼-inch jamb double-hung aluminum window. 

The company says the simple device is easy to install. The anchor for the Tilt Limiterä slides into the window main frame jamb while the other end is secured by a screw to the sash stile. The hardware works automatically to hold a tilted-in sash at a convenient and safe preset angle for cleaning or ventilation. 

The hardware does not impede normal window operation, including sash removal, and never needs adjustment, the company reports.

Manufacturers can purchase the device through national fenestration equipment and material supplier Ramapo Sales & Marketing.

Eclipse Opens Up New Folding Door System
Eclipse Architectural of Vancouver, Canada, has introduced the Eclipse E3 (TBAS) all-aluminum thermally-broken exterior folding door system with Eclipse hardware. The Eclipse system is designed for folding doors in exterior residential or commercial applications. According to information from the company, the system is weathersealed and it enables up to eight doors in both directions to be folded to each side.

Rich Door Hardware Products for North America
Whitewater, Wis.-based Winkhaus says its new attractive hardware for the North American market makes doors function and perform well. 

The company’s patio door latch adjustment feature allows extension of retraction of the double latch with a hex tool to compensate for a less than perfectly square door frame, the company says. Once adjusted, latches insert into and behind the strike plate for a positive, secure seal that won’t bend or move out of the frame. 

The two-way adjustable hinges offer the same quality and longevity as commercial ball bearing hinges. Positive vertical and horizontal adjustment is simple. The heavy-duty, thick steel hinges use steel ball bearings and are engineered to distribute door weight to all hinges, not predominantly the bottom hinge. 

The company’s internal and exposed lock systems are manufactured with 300 series stainless steel and other non-ferrous components for superior corrosion resistance, particularly critical in coastal applications. 

The company has also developed new finishes for its trim sets. Recently introduced unique lifetime PVD finishes resist a change in hardware appearance caused by corrosion over time. PVD bronze offers the appearance of new, oil-rubbed bronze but is maintenance-free and will not wear or change color. 

Case Study:
Door Manufacturer Works with Hardware Supplier to Create a Distinctive Product
by Matt Kottke

With ambitious plans for growth, Hurd Windows and Doors is always looking for opportunities to enhance its product offering and competitive edge. So when the company saw an opening in the sliding patio door market last year, they wasted little time pursuing it. 

Meeting Customer Demand
Two factors convinced Jim Peterson, Hurd’s director of product engineering, of the need to develop a new sliding patio door line. First, the surging popularity of big, beautiful homes is creating demand for larger, more attractive sliding patio doors that let more light in and provide a better view. While standard doors are 6-feet, 8-inches tall, more and more consumers are demanding “glass wall” style doors that reach heights of eight and even ten feet.

Second, in coastal regions where many of these luxurious homes are located, growing concern over severe weather requires that the patio doors be available as an “impact” product. 

Custom Hardware a Must-Have
As development got underway, Peterson and Paul Surek, Hurd’s project design manager, recognized that its new door line would fall short without exactly the right hardware. While most available sliding patio door hardware was utilitarian in nature, this door called for something more. 

“Traditionally, sliding patio door hardware has been a workhorse, with functionality the primary goal,” says Peterson. “We wanted to start a new trend by putting equal emphasis on style. The handle is a focal point because it’s what the customer touches. So it needs to both look good and feel good.”

Other factors such as size, ergonomics, finishes and two-point locking were taken into account. So was timing. The project needed to be done fast. Hurd wanted to showcase a prototype of the new door and hardware at a major international tradeshow that was fast approaching. Hurd approached three manufacturers to create hardware designs that could meet these requirements in a very short time.

Choosing the Right Hardware Manufacturer
Our company was selected and we agreed to take on the challenge. We were undergoing a major shift in our business philosophy at the time, with an emphasis on being more resourceful, responsive and flexible. 

David Johnson, business manager of the patio door division at Truth Hardware, saw this as a perfect opportunity to put those values into action. “Our new approach is to become a true business partner and a solutions provider for our customers. We went to Hurd with a blank sheet of paper and listened to exactly what they needed.”

Johnson, together with design engineer Doug Nolte collaborated with an industrial designer to produce a number of style choices for Hurd. Within a week of the initial meeting, Truth returned to Hurd with 12 full-size renderings showing each hardware element. 

Peterson said that one advantage to working with Truth is that Hurd can get a fully customized hardware set without excessive costs.

“Truth is taking a very unique approach. They’re able to produce a specialized product with any finish, and provide a suite of hardware so that the entire home matches. And because of their considerable size, they can do it at a reasonable price.”

Putting the Plan into Action

Peterson reviewed the concepts with the Hurd design team and picked the elements they liked best. The hardware would combine a larger, sturdy design with an elegant curved handle that’s easy to hold. It would be engineered with high quality components to ensure durability.

With the trade show just around the corner, Tom Coultier, Truth’s research and development manager, produced a rapid prototype and delivered it on time. Hurd installed it on their new door prototype and displayed it prominently at the show. 

“Both the door and the handle have had rave reviews. We’re very happy with the way it turned out,” says Peterson. 

Matt Kottke serves as marketing manager for Truth Hardware in Owatonna, Minn. 

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