Volume 7, Issue 10 - November 2006

Introducing... new products


A New Door Plug Concept for Doors
LCS Precision Molding has introduced a new door plug concept for interior and exterior doors. The LCS606 is a one-piece door plug that can be installed easily in one step through the jamb hole bore. It saves time and is more efficient than other two-piece door plugs, according to the company. The ergonomically friendly door plugs eliminate the need to attach another part through the latch hole. Friction fit secures the door slab in the frame during transportation. 

The LCS606 works with interior and exterior doors with a strike bore through the side jamb and fits a ¾- by 1-inch rectangle borehole. The one-step installation saves production time and eliminates the need for additional procedures. Door plug removal is fast and easy using a claw hammer.

The company says its LCS606 is the only one-piece applied door plug that can be inserted through the exterior of the side jamb. 

LAMATEK’s Gaskets Keep Air and Water Out
Representatives from LAMATEK Inc. say its foam gaskets and butyl sealing gaskets address the current issues regarding air and water infiltration in critical door threshold and mechanically-fastened window corners The butyl offers an optimal bond to uneven and irregular surfaces. 

Many manufacturers have also found this to be a better performing, cost-effective replacement for narrow joint seam sealers, the company reports.


DecorFlou Designs Expanded 
OmniDecor spa of Erba, Como, Italy, anticipates innovative interior design trends with its new DecorFlou Design collection. In addition to the Pisis and Quadrio, there are now three new designs—tree, weed and Celsius—from British designer Marc Krusin.

DecorFlou says its products are elegant, eclectic, practical and strong, and offer a solution for a wide variety of applications in architecture and interior design. The glass surface is treated to let plenty of light through and produce unusual light effects while making the glass soft to the touch.


Wood’s Powr-Grip Offers a Variety of Vacuum Lifters 
Wood’s Powr-Grip Co. Inc. of Laurel, Mont., offers a diverse selection of vacuum lifting equipment.

The Quadra-Tilt series MRTA4LP6FACS manual rotator/tilter reduces the effort needed to tilt loads between flat and upright positions. Hazards associated with lifting loads from upright racks are reduced by maintaining the load position automatically without the need for latches, eliminating “kick back” at the operator’s knees. The lifter is available with four or six pads with capacities of 200 to 300 pounds, respectively. The lifter also features multi-position arms that accommodate a variety of load sizes and shapes. Holes or defects in the load surface are avoided because vacuum pads can attach to virtually any location on the load, according to information provided by the company.

With 300 pounds capacity, the MTA6LP6FAIR assisted manual tilter is effective at handling doors and windows. Mechanically assisted, manual 90-degree tilt reduces operator effort while multi-position arms for vacuum pads provide versatility. The variable pad spread permits vacuum pads to attach in any number of locations on the glass. In addition to handling a variety of glass sizes and shapes, the vacuum pads can be positioned to avoid window mullions or similar obstructions on the load surface. Glass stays in the upright position automatically or tilts to the flat position with minimal operator effort, due to the unique, four-bar tilt mechanism.

Bystronic-glass Easy-Lift Glass Handling Systems is Safe and Efficient 
Designed specifically for the fast, safe handling of light loads, Bystronic says its new Easy-Lift series of single-column lifts save production time while reducing operating costs. High-quality aluminum construction makes these units light in weight yet rugged enough to easily manipulate loads as high as 350 kg. The vacuum grip is reliable, and is generated by either the Venturi method or a pneumatically driven pump.

Three Easy-Lift configurations are available. The basic Easy-Lift is an all-around workhorse capable of providing lifting, tilting and rotating functions with a safe working load of 150/250/350 kg. For screenprinting or the handling of other coated glass plates, the Turnover Manipulator provides lifting and turnover of 96 or 180 degrees, with a safe working load of 150/250 kg. For lifting, tilting and manual turning in low-quantity operations, the Mandy can accommodate small glass plates up to 100 kg in weight safely.

Ideally suited for lightweight X-Y craneways, these smooth-running, reliable systems are also economical to own, according to the company.


Vertec Drills and Mills Single Glass Sheets 
CMS North America Inc. of Caledonia, Mich., has unveiled Vertec, a vertical drilling/milling machine that can execute complex drilling and milling cycles on every glass lite easily and quickly, according to the company. 

Vertec has a modular design that allows the operator to load manually or from a conveyor, work in conjunction with edgers and washers or be equipped with automatic load and unloading equipment. Once in place the glass is fixed while the machining is done, eliminating scratches, according to information from the company.

Equipped with two opposing 6.7 horsepower spindles, each with an eight-position tool changer, the Vertec can take care of most any drilling or notching operation. Both electrospindles with 1,000 to 15,000 RPM allows for internal cooling of the tools. 

Maximum glass size can be as large as 98.4 by 122 inches, depending on the size of the working unit. Vertec has the capability to machine glass thickness .125 to .750 inches. Glass loading/unloading speed is adjustable up to 65 feet per minute. 

Spadix Technologies Showcases Several Systems 
Spadix Technologies Inc. of Middlesex, N.J., is offering several new products. 

The Enduron horizontal IG sealing table applies hot or cold sealant to all four sides of flexible or dual-seal metal bar IG units. Standard table seals single- or dual-seal units and dual- or triple-glaze units from 6 by 6 inches to 48 by 80 inches (larger systems are available). Size detection is automatic; no operator input is required. The table ensures that there are no cold joints in any corner. 

The SS-80 semi-automated IG sealing system is an alternative to hand sealing single- and dual-seal IG units. The machine will clamp the IG unit, apply sealant to one side of the unit and then unclamp it. The operator rotates the unit 90 degrees and repeats the process for the remaining sides. The system applies hot or cold sealant to metal, non-metal and flexible spacer systems. It can process up to 500 units per eight-hour shift. 

The Sure Seal glazing table is a wet glazing system that applies an even bead of cold or hot sealant to all four sides of a frame or sash automatically. It applies radius or square bead placement in corners. 

The hand assist glazing table is a semi-automated wet glazing system. The dispense head is controlled manually, permitting precise glazing of unlimited frame profiles. 


Bilco Offers Innovation in Basement Windows
The Bilco Co.’s ScapeVIEW™ Series 6000 masonry egress window is an International Residential Code (IRC-2003)-compliant basement egress solution, adding light and ventilation to finished basement areas. 

Specifically designed for use in masonry installations, the company says its product helps builders and contractors keep jobs on schedule without sacrificing quality.

The new window consists of a two-piece window and buck system. To achieve energy efficiency, Intercept® warm-edge spacers between two lites of glass create the ¾-inch-thick glass panel. Spacers reduce condensation around the window perimeter and, combined with the air space between the glass panes, create an effective thermal barrier to help reduce conducted heat loss through the window. Fin-Seal® weather-stripping provides a solid draft barrier that is effective in resisting air, water, dust and noise. 

The window and buck feature injection-molded vinyl construction and fully welded corners for superior strength and proper support in masonry installations. 

Bucks are factory-reinforced with wood bracing to maintain squareness during the concrete pouring process. Bucks feature built-in tie slots for hanging on forms and back-out screws to simplify window well installation. A protective coating is supplied on the exterior faces of the buck to reduce clean-up time of concrete splatter and a full perimeter seal ensures weathertight and secure installation of the window unit. 

Window units are available in three standard emergency egress sizes that include slider and double-hung designs. 


Milacron Gives Older Equipment New Life 

Milacron’s new Extrusion Aftermarket Group offers complete capabilities for upgrading older extrusion systems to greater productivity, process control, uptime reliability and maintenance ease. Special services include one-day turnaround on control repair and a gearbox loaner program to minimize customer downtime.

The rebuild/retrofit services are available in North and South America on all Cincinnati Milacron extruders. The group will also consider upgrade services on extruders from other manufacturers. 

The group offers a wide range of new technologies for bringing older machines up to current performance standards. The machines include advanced barrels and screws including new air-cooled designs, new machine controls, motor and drive replacements, advanced screw-oil manifolds for precision screw heating and new “open bore” entry adapter body for maximizing output. 

A machine audit service is also available in which an experienced technician determines the extrusion equipment’s current condition and makes recommendations for equipment upgrades, according to the company.


RiteScreen Offers GranDeur 
RiteScreen has introduced the GranDeur swinging screen door. The GranDeur is a hinged out-swing screen door, which features an ultra heavy-duty 4-inch-wide by 1 ¼-inch thick extruded aluminum frame, with a wall thickness of 0.048 inches. The GranDeur can be used as a single- or double-out-swing application. The door features a stylish mortise handle with a deadbolt lock, which is available in a choice of five finishes: black, white, brass, satin nickel or oil rubbed. 

One standard feature of the door is a removable screen panel with a choice of fiberglass or aluminum mesh. Other features include two closers, four extruded hinges, an aluminum bottom expander with flexible vinyl sweep and a complete weatherstrip package. An optional feature of the door is a removable tempered glass panel. 

More New Machinery From GlassBuild

New CNC High-Speed Production Router 
Accurate Tool & Die of Seattle, Wash., has introduced its CNC high speed production router. The machine is powered by a 3 1/4 horsepower router motor, and 4 axis of servo controlled linear slides with 1/2 inch ball screw on 3 axis. The company says that machining accuracy is per application, machining feed rate is up to 600 inches per minute. Only 110 volts are required.

The CNC router comes available with an optional patented automatic self-centering device for accuracy of centered operations. It comes standard with a hard mounted operator interface that allows for instant viewing of x, y, and z coordinates, as well as the current running program and the ability to access all the machine functions.

The w axis is ideal for precise push through of the lineal and allows for fabrication up to 10 feet.

Programming is performed in G-code format with the capability of handling more than 89 programs.

FlexiGlyde Gives Manufacturers Options
Billco Manufacturing Inc. of Zelienople, Pa., has unveiled its patent-pending FlexiGlyde, an automatic flexible spacer application system for insulating glass unit production. 

An innovative design of the dual application head opens a range of options for manufacturers. The two spacers loaded can be identical to eliminate down-time during spool change for while performing head maintenance. Alternatively, the heads can also be configured to apply different spacer brands, colors or thickness, all with zero-change over time. 

The application table offers support for both SuperSpacer™ and DuraSeal™.

Machine from Pro-Line is Pro-Fab
Pro-Fab CNC-700 programmable routing machine is the latest from Pro-Line Automation Systems Ltd. of Woodbridge, Ontario. The machine features up to 15 easy edit programs and a touch-screen operator interface. It has a servo-controlled programmable x-y axis and a pneumatically-controlled, multi-position z-axis. It is complete with two 5-foot support conveyors. The machine has an off-center stop system for locating cut outs, a high-speed routing head with a carbide cutting tool and a precision self-centering gauge with machine tooled linear guide.

briefly ...
Adchem Corp., a leading manufacturer of innovative, pressure-sensitive adhesive tape systems, released composite data for its double-coated and transfer adhesive tapes for PORON®, PE foams, Polyurethane foams, urethane foams, EPDM, Santoprene, ester foam, ether foam, PVC and vinyl nitrile foams … Advanced Global Technologies (AGT) of Mount Laurel, N.J., aims to assist companies in securing products and components beyond existing domestic sources, blend cost values and increase the bottom line.

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