Volume 7, Issue 9 - October 2006

Introducing... new products

Gain Wear Resistance with Pure Black Thermoset Composite
Norplex-Micarta of Postville, Ind., says its MC844G, a pure black thermoset composite, provides superior wear resistance. The material is constructed from a high quality black paper substrate and a black phenolic resin, making it ideal for a variety of architectural and construction applications that require a pure black surface. 

The new composite has a flexural strength of 20,000 pounds per square inch (psi) at elevated temperatures and a compressive strength of 48,800 psi. 

Its maximum operating temperature is 130 degrees Celsius. 

The phenolic resin paper substrate composites are available in a variety of combinations, and can be modified to change the finished properties of the final laminate. These combinations yield cost-effective products with excellent thermal and electrical insulation properties, machining qualities and outstanding performance in a wide range of applications, according to the company.

Screen-Clad System is Sheer(line®) Success
L.B. Plastics of Mooresville, N.C., has introduced its new Sheerline® screen-clad system, an innovative, patented solution for wood screened porches. The system can be installed on an existing screen porch or in new construction by attaching base profiles, rolling in the screen and tapping in the trim pieces. The new screen system delivers an attractive, professional look that requires little maintenance, according to the company.

The screen-clad system covers all sides of a screen’s porch’s structural components, protecting the underlying wood from ultraviolet (UV) damage and shielding it from water. The system utilizes a spline system to pull the screen taut for a quick installation. The Screen Cap tightly secures each screen section, trimming out the entire structure for a polished look.

It is made of UV-resistant, outdoor grade vinyl that will not react to CCA treated lumber, according to the company. Unlike wood or metal screen porches, the patented screen clad system never needs painting and comes in white. It includes pieces to cover all sides of the vertical columns, horizontal rails and the headers and sills. The system is perfect for 4- by 4-inch and 2- by 4-inch frame construction, according to the company.

PLV Inspects Door and Window Components
PLV Systems Inc. of Concord, Ontario, is offering a door and window component inspector, the FS-200-WDCI system, which uses the latest scanning computer technology to provide quick and easy inspection of extruded profiles. The FS-200-WDCI system provides a central strategy to developing a production improvement and quality assurance program. According to information from the company, the FS-200-WDCI system can help reduce downtime and improve production throughput and quality by helping manufacturers to understand component requirements. 

The offline system measures profile dimensions from a flatbed scanner. It supports other instruments, including spectrophotometers to measure colors and finishes and electronic calipers to measure dimensions for brackets and hardware. According to information from the company, the system produces a consolidated report from all active instruments, and also archives the data in its database with customized client data fields. A new feature allows the user to save scanned images as a link from the data record.

Weston Wood Offers Wood Components
Weston Wood Solutions Inc. of Mississauga, Ontario, offers wood door and window components. Its product line includes window extensions, exterior door frames, garage door frames and patio door frames, brickmoulds, astragals and mullions, wood sills and fingerjoint blanks. Pine and redwood lumber is also available from the company for remanufacture. In addition, the company says it’s is the exclusive distributor of the “Asian Prime” brand of millwork. 

Most standard products are in stock and ready for prompt shipment anywhere in North America. Custom products are also available. 

PPG’s SOLARBAN® 70XL Hits the Residential Market 
PPG Industries of Pittsburgh has made its Solarban® 70XL glass, a revolutionary new solar control low-E glass with a clear, color-neutral aesthetic, available to residential door and window manufacturers.

In a standard ¾-inch clear insulating glass unit, Solarban 70XL glass provides a solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) of 0.27 and visible light transmittance (VLT) of 64 percent. The combination of performance characteristics allows homeowners to benefit from abundant sunlight and energy saving performance. 

The company says the glass also keeps homes warmer in the winter with an insulating value (U-Value) of 0.24, which is almost 47 percent better than standard clear insulating glass. 

In addition, the glass also decreases the amount of fabric- and carpet-fading ultraviolet light that is transmitted into the home, according to the company.

Hickory Hardware Visits the 1920s 
Hickory Hardware™ of Portland, Tenn., has unveiled its Savoy line of decorative hardware. Inspired by the Roaring 20s, the line includes cabinet knobs and pulls in an assortment of finishes and sizes.

The Savoy collection recalls clean lines and simple detailing of the 1920s-style kitchen and bath design. The style combines functional, urban appeal and industrial elegance and blends well with both vintage and modern décor. 

The collection comes in three finish options—chrome, oil-rubbed bronze highlighted, and black nickel vibe—and includes knobs in 1-inch and 1-1/4-inch diameters, and pulls in 3-inches, 96 mm and 128 mm. 

Ashland Unveils New Integrated Hardware Solutions 
Ashland Hardware Systems of Lowell, Ind., has introduced new hardware that adds functionality to tilt and lock hung vinyl windows. According to information from the company, DualTech offers a performance and security level that exceeds industry standards and is simple to operate, install and fabricate.

For smooth and quick system integration into existing window designs, DualTech adapts to a large range of profile designs and offsets. With flex-fit technology, the connection bars flex laterally with the latch and lock units to create a custom fit. Sash fabrication for the entire system requires a basic one-step route operation for both the latch and lock.

The system is offered in three sub-assemblies for quick installation. A choice of three extension bar lengths snap quickly into position. To tilt the sash and lock the window requires a simple swing of the levers to operate the entire DualTech system. In addition, two lock points are provided on the window sash to offer additional safety and protection against intruders. 

DualTech holds up to 400 pounds of static load to deliver confidence against coastal performance codes such as Dade County. By integrating a robust glass-filled nylon latch below the surface of the sash, and preserving the structure of the weld bead, DualTech allows maximum profile strength at critical areas of the window sash. Additionally, DualTech passed over 16,000 cycles (over four times the industry standards).

Erdman’s New Glazier Seals the Deal
The Erdman® 5000 Series IG Secondary Glazer EAC metering system ensures a seal at corners and at the start position. It features an adjustable sealant bead diameter, automatic sizing and sealant application and safety mats on the operator’s side.

The program is designed to prevent damage to the product from situations such as over travel and servo errors. 

The system also applies a consistent bead diameter automatically at speeds up to 20 inches per second utilizing the company’s fluid metering technologies.

Erdman sealant application systems are available to perform hot, cold, and two-part applications. Real payback is realized through reduction of waste, cleanup and defective product, according to the company.

Cytec Unveils UVEKOL® A Glass Laminating System 
Cytec Industries Inc. of West Paterson, N.J., has launched the UVEKOL® A glass laminating system, a cost-competitive technology for acoustic applications requiring superior sound control along with strength, architectural design flexibility and optical quality. 

UVEKOL A is a pre-formulated liquid system that enables companies of all sizes to laminate their own glass safely, consistently and VOC-free. It uses low-intensity ultraviolet light for fast curing. The UVEKOL A interlayer produces glass laminates that are transparent, clear and have excellent acoustic performance, according to the company. 

The laminating system typically cures in about 20 minutes and no additional processing is required. The glass lamination process also has significantly lower start-up and operating costs, cycle times and less waste compared than traditional PVB lamination process, according to the company.

In addition, Cytec has become the first company to qualify for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Sustainable Futures program, which includes approval for a shortened regulatory review process for certain new products, according to the company. As a result, the EPA’s Premanufacturing Notice review period for Cytec products assessed as low overall risk will be halved from the minimum of 90 days to only 45 days, thus increasing the speed at which eco-friendly products can reach the marketplace. 

New Thinking Creates Lineal Optimization Savings
MAX-Opt, a new lineal optimization module developed by FeneTech Inc. of Aurora, Ohio, combines flexibility with patent-pending methodology to enable additional material cost savings for door and window manufacturers of three to five percent, according to the company. The new product can be used as a stand-alone program or as a module integrated into almost any fenestration automation software.

Standard optimizers can optimize only within one batch, yet multiple batches per shift are schedule are common. Additionally, standard optimizers cannot simultaneously balance labor and material costs or evaluate individual pieces distinctly within a schedule or range of batches.

MAX-Opt is based on algorithms that enable window companies to reduce scrap for high cost materials and reduce labor for low cost items. For some items, operators are able to reduce cuts and scrap. The program can be configured based on an individual item once or customized for each schedule. 

The program can also group common parts across window types, cut multiple pieces at a time—if a saw allows—and to split parts if it increases yield.

According to the company, the implementation of the application can be done with in one week.

MAX-Opt works on a stand-alone basis and with all other fenestration manufacturing applications.

3M’s VHB Tape Sticks to Windows 
3M based in St. Paul, Minn., has launched its 3M VHB window tape for the fenestration industry. Specifically designed to withstand the application stresses and environmental conditions, the VHB window tape provides long-term performance bonding wood, aluminum, vinyl or composite muntin bars to glass in simulated divided lite applications. 

Available in grey or black, with a paper or film liner, VHB window tape is precision slit to meet custom requirements. Performance warranties are available for qualified applications.

Technoform I-Spacer Features Hybrid Design
Combining high thermal performance, condensation resistance and structural rigidity, I-Spacer insulating glass spacer from Technoform of Twinsburg, Ohio, features a unique hybrid design and offers high warm-edge performance to manufacturers of commercial and residential insulating glass units. Additional performance benefits of I-Spacer include high argon retention, machine-controlled muntin locations, aesthetically pleasing sightlines and several color options, according to the company.

Constructed of sturdy polyamide 6.6 with 25 percent glass fiber content, I-Strut enables aluminum fenestration manufacturers to provide a high degree of thermal performance and structural integrity available today. I-Strut features an expansion/contraction rate equal to that of aluminum, thermal conductivity rates 700 times better than aluminum alone and structural properties that exceed those of virtually every other thermoplastic available, according to information from the company.

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