Volume 7, Issue 8 - September 2006

Introducing... new products


HOPPE Introduces New Door Hardware Catalog 
HOPPE North America Inc. of Fort Atkinson, Wis., has introduced its new HOPPE HLS9000 multipoint swing door hardware catalog. 

This 60-page catalog features multipoint gear systems for wood, vinyl and UPVC profiles in one easy-to-read format. This new catalog features stainless steel hardware versions for 16-millimeter faceplates and 20-millimeter faceplates, maintenance instructions, tools and jigs, as well as a complete section of HOPPE strikes, accessories and sales tools. 

The individual versions featured in this new catalog are manual tongue, automatic tongue, manual two roller, automatic four roller, manual four roller, manual roller/shootbolt version, manual roundbolt, manual roundbolt/shootbolt, manual tongue/shootbolt, manual shootbolt, inactive, inactive flushbolt and inactive rod versions. Many of these versions are available in 34-, 45-, 60- and 70-millimeter backsets for use in arrow stile patio doors to wider style entry doors.

The company is also now offering HOPPE HLS9000 multipoint locking door system. The system offers security, tight weatherseals, smooth operation and protection against warpage and twisting in fine wooden patio and entry doors by offering multiple locking locations along the lock stile. The HLS9000 line features a stainless steel deadbolt, a mishandling device that prevents accidental locking point engagement as well as full size screw supports that helps control possible bending of the gear. 


LCS Introduces New Door Clips 
The LCS605 door clip from LCS Precision Molding, Waterville, Minn., holds pre-hung doors securely during transportation and installation. The door clip fits all interior and exterior doors with a 2 ¼- by 1 3/8-inch edge bore and is attached with screws to both the door slab and side jamb. Utilization of this door clip will ensure door slab alignment and maintain a stable door unit for transportation and job site installation. According to information from the company, the LCS605 door clip is tough, reliable and quick to install.

The company has also introduced a new solution for maintaining alignment of French doors. The LCS607 can be used with either interior or exterior twin or French doors. The product is designed to maintain a stable and aligned door unit during transportation and installation. It aids in reducing shipping damage and secures door slabs to its frame. The French door clip can be either stapled or screwed to its doorframe header. 


Westwood Lumber Offers Edge Glued Panels 
Edge glued panels are now available from Saginaw, Ore.-based Westwood Lumber’s production facility in Qingdao, China. The panels are manufactured to customer-specified sizes including 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 8/4 and widths up to 50 inches. Limited long lengths can be manufactured to order. 

Components such as brush handles, turning blanks and other items are also available, according to information from the company. These items can be supplied from solid wood or laminated from smaller finger jointed pieces. Alder is the primary wood used, but other species can be specified. 


Atlet Offers Free, Storage Analyzer CD 
Warehouse operators, distribution center managers and general facility managers now have access to a new, free tool from Atlet Inc. of Anaheim, Calif. The Storage Systems Analyzer CD, with warehouse calculation estimator, details in color the 12 most popular warehousing systems and helps users analyze the pros and cons of each. It also allows users to calculate rough estimates of the storage capacity of their warehouse using each of these popular configurations.

“This new storage selector CD helps users answer the question ‘How big of a warehouse do I need to store a given number of pallets?’ Or alternatively, it answers ‘How many pallets can I store in a given area?’” says Eric Schmidt, marketing manager and lead specialist for Atlet.

The CD is available free of charge to qualified warehouse operators, facility managers or distribution center managers nationwide, while quantities last. 


Universal™ UM50 Module Improves Adhesive Coverage 
The Universal UM50 module from Nordson Corp. of Dawsonville, Ga., produces wide hot-melt adhesive patterns to maximize coverage in continuous coating and slow-speed intermittent nonwovens and product assembly laminating applications. 

The pneumatically actuated 50-millimeter-wide module decreases equipment requirements by using 50 percent fewer modules than other models. A single-platform design provides compatibility with older Nordson HMS-style and current Universal applicator configurations, giving manufacturers the option to retrofit or replace existing installations.

The flexible design meets specific laminating coverage requirements with UM50 module and nozzle combinations on Universal applicator manifolds in widths of 250 and 500 millimeters. The UM50 module accepts numerous Nordson spraying and coating technologies, including CF®, Summit™, SureWrap™, Control Coat® and meltblown spray nozzles and Mini-Bead and Saturn® bead nozzles.

MT Series Meet Adhesion Demands of Window Market
Adchem Corp. of Riverhead, N.Y., is offering a line of cross-linked, closed cell polyolefin muntin fenestration tapes, the MT series. 

The company’s MT series of tapes for simulated divided lite (SDL) doors and windows is an adhesive muntin tape system that eliminates the need for a liquid silane primer. The MT series is engineered to provide long term indoor and outdoor adhesion to a variety of substrates including glass, cellular PVC, vinyl, primed and unprimed wood, plastic, painted aluminum and Kynar coated aluminum. The MT series maintains high shear, tensile and cleavage strength while providing resistance to air, water, detergents, moisture, heat and ultraviolet light. Due to low material costs, easy application and the elimination of the silane primer, the MT series offers a cost-effective solution for the door and window market. MT products are available in gray, charcoal and black. 

New Klean-Stick™ Pads Leave No Adhesive Residue 
Pres-On of Addison, Ill., says its new Klean-Stick™ line of removable pads remove cleanly, yet adhere securely to glass, mirrors and metal during transporting, packing, storage and installation. Set between the glass pieces, the pads adsorb vibration, maintain position and prevent breakage.

The company says that the key to its new Klean-Stick™ pads is a removable pressure-sensitive adhesive that is dry to the touch and resistant to 300° Fahrenheit. As a result, the pads come off easily, without any unsightly residue left behind.

The separator pads are supplied on kiss cut rolls or pads for fast application in either felt, cork and foam materials 1/32- to ½-inch thick. Standard patterns include ½-, ¾- or 1-inch squares. Custom sizes are also available.


Solatube Daylight Dimmer Awarded U.S. Patent
Solatube International Inc. of Vista, Calif., has been awarded a U.S. patent for its daylight dimmer used in its tubular skylights. The daylight dimmer allows users to control the natural lighting level of a room for smooth daylighting transitions from dim to bright. The patented product provides flexibility for tubular skylights in both residential and commercial applications. 

The dimmer’s patented design and dimming mechanism includes a unique butterfly baffle that is driven by an electric motor inside the tubular skylight unit. A wall-mounted switch allows users to adjust the skylight’s light output from 100 percent to approximately two percent and offers the ability to stop and start the butterfly baffle at any specific point. Users can close or open the daylight dimmer in eight seconds. The daylight dimmer comes with a five-year warranty and can be added to a Solatube skylight for approximately $150, plus professional installation, if needed. 


Scotchman Offers Advanced Measuring Systems
Scotchman® Measuring Systems from Scotchman Industries Inc. of Philip, S.D., are manufactured from high quality stainless steel investment castings and can be adapted to almost any type of metal or wood machinery. Both the multi loc and quick loc systems are designed to give users quick, easy and accurate length settings. With the quick loc system, users simply move the stop on the rail to the desired length. 

The multi loc allows users to put several stop blocks on one rail for multiple settings by simply moving material from one stop to the next. This patented design eliminates the need to tighten nuts, bolts or locking devices. Users simply set the stop at the desired length and the stop will automatically lock in place for a guaranteed accurate length setting without any stop movement. 


Designs Added to WOODPORT® Interior Doors 
Heritage Veneered Products of Shawano, Wis., is adding new designs to its line of WOODPORT interior doors, including more decorative glass for French doors. Now, in addition to glass that says ‘pantry,’ the company is also offering glass with ‘laundry’ and ‘wine’ imprinted on it. Other glass options include reeded, for privacy, and Faux Prairie. The company has also added V-Groove swirled glass, half-lite doors and specialty designs that include mixed species and applied mouldings.

All of the new designs were created to complement the company’s existing line of raised panel, flat panel and French glass doors. Doors are available in standard sizes, with widths ranging from 1-foot to 3-foot 6-inch, heights of 6-foot 8-inch, 7-foot, 7-foot 6-inch and 8-foot and standard thickness of 1 3/8 inches or 1 ¾ inches. 


PPG Introduces Solarban® 70XL Glass to Residential Market 
Pittsburgh-based PPG Industries has announced that Solarban® 70XL glass, a new solar control low-E glass with a clear, color-neutral aesthetic, is now available to residential door and window manufacturers.

In a standard ¾-inch clear insulating glass unit, Solarban 70XL glass provides a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.27 and visible light transmittance of 64 percent. Windows fabricated from Solarban 70XL glass reduce the amount of summer heat that enters a house, according to information provided by the company. Consequently, homeowners can cut their summer cooling cost by as much as 25 percent compared to windows fabricated with insulating glass units made with clear glass, according to information provided by the company. Solarban 70XL glass also keeps homes warmer in the winter with a U-value of 0.24, which the company says is almost 47 percent better than standard clear insulating glass. In addition, the glass also decreases the amount of fabric- and carpet-fading ultraviolet (UV) light that is transmitted into the home. 

While Solarban 70XL glass is new to residential window and door manufacturers, the product has been used in the commercial construction market since the summer of 2005. It is available in standard thicknesses of 2.5, 3 and 5 millimeters.

Gorell Hurricane Glass System Provides Storm Protection
Indiana, Pa.-based Gorell Windows and Doors’ newest glass option, Armor Impact Plus (AIP), has passed stringent testing to certify that it will help protect homes against airborne debris and strong winds from storms and other forms of violent weather. This system, available on select Gorell window models, eliminates the need for hurricane shutters and provides additional benefits such as energy efficiency and protection against intrusion. 

According to information from the company, Armor Impact Plus windows offer homeowners convenience and constant readiness since in the event of violent weather, nothing other than closing and locking them needs to be done. They allow daylight in, making it easy and safe for homeowners to move about and plan for their safety during power outages. 

These windows are available in the company’s wide array of colors, including soft white, almond, golden oak, darkwood, almond opalwood and Tudor brown finishes. 

The windows feature three lites of glass, two of which sandwich a PVB interlayer to keep the glass intact. Thick, multi-chambered frame construction, and double locks add structural strength and durability. AIP windows incorporate a SolarControl Plus® low-E coating and argon gas fill for cost-saving energy efficiency year round—and to qualify them for the Energy Star® label.


GED Offers Fast and Compact SIGMA System 
GED Integrated Solutions of Twinsburg, Ohio, has announced the availability of the SIGMA automated welding and cleaning system, capable of producing three frames every two minutes with one operator. The SIGMA system is compact, occupying 30 percent less space than competitive systems, according to the company.

SIGMA’s in-creased output with minimum labor is possible through innovations such as multi-stack welding, automated transfer and four-point cleaning. The system is capable of welding four frames or sash profiles per cycle. The straight-line system features automatic pass-through from the welder to cleaner to offload, reducing handling and increasing efficiency. It is also fully integrated, accepting remote data input for sizing of the welder and auto-selection of cleaning modes.

The SIGMA system’s parallel welding configuration ensures strong corners and fast cycle times. A fully programmable cleaner eliminates set-up and provides flexibility and fine-tuning of cleaning.

Available for frame, sash and combined applications, each SIGMA system is custom-engineered for individual production needs. As a part of GED’s complete line of glass and window fabrication equipment, the SIGMA system is backed by the company’s training and support services.
Timing Belts for Power Transmission
BRECOflex Co. LLC says it offers a variety of endless timing belts that are made of selected wear-resistant materials and constructed for high tensile strength and flexibility. The company says its timing belts have no splice or weld and provide approximately 100 percent higher tensile strength than other conventional finger spliced and welded timing belts. Special construction of the steel tension member allows for exceptional bending strength, which the company says is most important in combination with the use of back bending idlers.

The company says its newly-developed “Hytrel® HT Elastic 40+ Silicone” belt is designed to position and convey PVC cards in card printers, card readers and card handling devices, avoiding any slippage. 

The belt offers strong adhesion in conjunction with the PVC-cards at the carrying side and a smooth surface at the running side. Longitudinal belt tracking guides can be implemented for tracking reasons.

briefly ...
Charles G. G. Schmidt and Co. Inc. of Montvale, N.J., has added diamond-tipped router bits and diamond tipped T-Slot cutters to its line of woodworking tools. The tools are made to cut a wide variety of materials including particleboard, MDF, plywood and plastic on CNC routers … Franklin Adhesives of Columbus, Ohio, has introduced ReacTITE® EP-925, a formaldehyde-free product designed for assembling window components and flush doors, as well as cabinet doors and engineered wood flooring. According to information from the company, this two-part emulsion polymer isocyanate product passes ASTM D 5751 & 5572 Wet Use standard, JIS Class 1 Grade 1 and Watt 91.

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