Volume 8, Issue 4 - April 2007



Sill-Rite™ Window Sills are Trouble-Free
New Sill-Rite™ solid vinyl window sills by Sill-Rite in Ontario, Calif., help protect the window sill area from damage caused by moisture, condensation and leaks. The sills are prefabricated and finished, and resist water, mold, stains and warping, according to the company.

Each sill is pre-finished on all exposed edges and requires no priming or painting, the company says. The white sills, which wrap around the sides of the window instead of being butt cut, can be painted and are available in classic and streamline profiles.

Backed by a 25-year limited warranty, Sill-Rite window sills are available in depths of five and seven inches to fit 2x4 and 2x6 constructed walls. The low maintenance window sills can be installed during or after drywall installation. www.sill-rite.com

Cores of Steel from Elixir
Steel and vinyl steel door cores from Elixir Industries in Mission Viego, Calif., are constructed from high-quality materials and offered in several styles and options. The company says its cores are durable, economical, energy-efficient and attractive.

The door cores are available in sizes up to a full 36- by 80-inches.

The vinyl steel cores can be machined to meet most hinge and bore specifications, according to the company. It is constructed with 24-gauge steel with 10-millimeter PVC vinyl laminate. The product has a polyurethane foam-filled core, a K-value of 113 (initial), U-value of .066 (core only) and an R-value of 6.3 (core only).

The steel cores can be machined to meet most hinge and bore specifications. They have six millimeters of high quality primer on the face and a polyurethane foam-filled core.  www.elixirind.com


Go to the Xtreme with Energy Shield™
Do you want a high-performance glass that delivers enhanced solar control, thermal performance, daylight management and preferred neutral aesthetics? International Window Corp. in South Gate, Calif., says its Shield™ Xtreme glass can. 

The company reports that windows equipped with Energy Shield Xtreme boast a low reflectance and a neutral color, and that it provides a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.27 and visible light transmittance of 55 percent. The glass reduces the solar heat gain as much as 63 percent more than ordinary hard-coat low-E glass in the summer. It also reduces the solar heat gain reduction over a double-pane, low-E tint glass by as much as a 23 percent. This new technology can lower cooling bills, eliminate hot-spots and stabilize indoor temperatures for improved comfort, according to the company.yyä www.intlwindow.com


Amesbury Group’s Multi-Point Lock is a Winner
Amesbury Door Hardware has teamed up with ERA, a lock manufacturer based in the United Kingdom, to bring a comprehensive range of Multi-Point Locks into the North American market.

Suitable for all types of patio and entrance doors, the new locks’ range can be utilized in many different installation applications, and the versatility of the product enables it to be fitted to a wide variety of doorframe profiles.

The new Multi-Point Locks range delivers strength, durability and a high level of security through innovative features that are reviewed and re-engineered constantly to bring better locking systems and more durable finishes. The product comes with a ten-year guarantee. www.amesbury.com 


Wood’s Powr-Grip Unveils Vacuum Cup Cleaning Solution
Wood’s Powr-Grip in Laurel, Mont., has introduced its vacuum cup cleaner, a cleaning solution specifically designed to clean, condition and rejuvenate vacuum pads easily. It removes common contamination associated with rubber products, such as glaze, blooming and some adhesives. The product reconditions rubber vacuum pads to improve surface texture, flexibility and grip. www.powrgrip.com

Groves Carts Help Manufacturers Handle Materials
Several new products have been introduced by Groves Inc. in McHenry, Ill.

The company’s new peg dolly, designed for transporting insulating glass (IG) units, has 56 removable wooden dowel rods to provide 28 slots for glass. The peg dolly can be moved by forklift, and includes a heavy-duty push handle to provide safe and efficient handling. The base of the peg dolly incorporates the company’s Easy Slide system to prevent the material from sticking to the base.

The new IG carts have removable harp rods that can allow for 3⁄8- or 1 1⁄8-inch widths between the rods. They are covered in a polyethylene to prevent the material from being scratched. The carts also incorporate the Easy Slide system to protect the IG units. The carts come with heavy-duty 8-inch casters (four swivel with brake) to ease the mobility and provide a safe means of transport. 

The glass transport cart can be used for laminated glass and windows. The front of the unit has two removable bars to help ease loading and unloading. The cart incorporates an optional heavy-duty caster kit with 8-inch diameter casters (two swivel with brake and two rigid), and includes forklift pockets for loading into a delivery truck. The glass transport cart is a special order cart and can be made to specifications.  www.groves.com


Kolbe Introduces K-Force Impact Doors and Windows
Providing coastal communities with high-wind protection and architectural beauty, Kolbe and Kolbe Millwork Co. Inc. in Wausau, Wis., has introduced its K-Force impact doors and windows. 

These units offer the strength and durability to withstand hurricane force winds and flying debris. The K-Force impact products are tested to meet or exceed the strict building codes of the high wind zones extending from Texas’ Gulf Coast to Maine’s north Atlantic seaboard. No unsightly brackets or visible rods detract from the products’ appearance or hinder its operation, and extra locks are not required.

Additionally, the glass incorporates Cardinal Glass Industries’ LoE2 coating to reduce solar heat gain.  www.kolbe-kolbe.com

Sculptural Glass Opens New Doors 
A new line of art glass doors has been unveiled by Sculptural Glass Doors Inc. in Bellingham, Wash. The collection of high-performance art glass doors features ClearCast™ glass, a new patented, deep relief architectural glass product.

The versatile line features contemporary designs suitable for entry doors, patio doors, French doors and commercial interiors. Each door is made to order and can be customized by the client right on the company’s website. Choices include a variety of glass tints, wood species and finishes, along with an optional pre-hang package. Both single and double door packages are available.  www.SculpturalGlassDoors.com

PGT Unveils New Doors 
Extending its broad selection of residential door configurations, PGT in Venice, Fla., has introduced its Series SGD680 and WinGuard Series SGD780. The doors blend the traditional look of a French door with the contemporary ease of a sliding glass door. They are available with aluminum frames and panel widths up to 4-feet wide and 10-feet high (8-feet high for insulating glass).  

Standard features of the doors include concealed weatherstrip, dual-point locks with unique high style handle, a 4-inch top and bottom panel rails and double interlocks for all screens. 

The company has also added a sliding glass corner meet door to its line of WinGuard® impact-resistant doors and windows with aluminum frames.

Available with two, three or four tracks, WinGuard sliding glass door Series 730 comes standard with corrosion-resistant hardware and fasteners, and fully weatherstripped construction. Bypass and pocket styles are available, as well as inside and outside corners.  www.pgtindustries.com


Blue River Coatings Gets Colorful
Blue River Coatings in Hastings, Neb., produces Hydro-Flex PIR Polyurethane top coating—a coating that allows PVC/vinyl door, window and trim board manufacturers to paint almost any color desired. The product has heat reflective pigments that minimize heat gain. 

The coating is water-based, has a low VOC, is EPA compliant and provides excellent adhesion, mar and abrasion resistance, according to the company.

The product incorporates technology that has heat reflective pigments are designed to reflect different wavelengths of infrared energy away from the substrate surface, keeping the surface cooler. When the heat reflective technology is used in conjunction with the specialty polyurethane resin, a substrate such as vinyl or plastic can be painted with darker shades of color without causing damage to the substrate as a result of heat gain.yyä www.bluerivercoatings.com 


Urban Unveils Auto Sawing and Fabrication Centers
Urban Machinery says its newest generation high-speed automated sawing and fabrication centers, the CC-500 and CCN-500, offer customized high-speed processing of vinyl door and window lineals and include optimal control and maintenance features.

The fabrication centers can be customized, and feature 45- or 90-degree saw processing including CNC programmable blade paths. The machinery also has an automatic fabrication bridge that allows for 360-degree custom programmable drilling, routing, punching, milling and other specialized processing. The fabrication configuration is designed so that material is always moving forward, maximizing throughput. 

The Siemens control and drive system integrates with existing information systems via network or online connection and Urban’s systems specialists work with each customer on unique integration requirements. http://www.u-r-b-a-n.com/urban.nsf


Square-Driv is a Handy Tool for Assembly
The Square-Driv combination drive system from Phillips Screw Co. has been developed to eliminate assembly problems. The drive system helps users to reach tough areas, and it offers the benefit of one-hand installation.  

The drive system’s major advantage is its “stick fit” properties which work with all non-ferrous materials such as aluminum and stainless steel, both of which are common fastener materials in the door and window industry.

The driving force of the drive system is a square bit that provides more torsional strength than a standard Phillips driver according to the manufacturer. The patented ACR® ribs on both the screw recess and driver bit prevent the bit from jumping out of the recess. The patented driver bit is the only tool that can be used to obtain a “stick fit”, but if this bit is not available the screws can be serviced with a standard Phillips®, Pozidriv® or Square bit, according to the company. www.phillips-screw.com


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