Volume 8, Issue 2 - February 2007

Introducing... new products

Neat™ Glass Cleans Up

Cardinal CG Co. of Minneapolis has introduced a new high-performance coated glass called Neat™ naturally clean glass, which it says almost cleans itself. According to the company, Neat uses the sun’s ultraviolet rays to loosen dirt so water can rinse it away, leaving windows easy to clean. 

Neat glass is made through the use of Cardinal’s patented double-sputtering process, by which an invisible, durable and permanent coating of silicon dioxide and titanium dioxide are applied to the glass. According to the company’s announcement, silicon dioxide makes Neat glass much smoother than ordinary glass, so water disperses evenly, “sheets off” and evaporates quickly, reducing water spotting

In addition, the titanium dioxide reacts chemically with the sun’s ultraviolet rays, causing organic materials that are on the glass to decompose. According to Cardinal, it works even on cloudy days, as 80 percent of ultraviolet radiation gets through cloud cover. Then when it rains, the decomposed dirt is rinsed away, leaving the glass almost spotless.

Another major advantage of Neat is that it can be combined with any of Cardinal’s energy-efficient LoE coatings. www.cardinalcorp.com


Screenco Delivers Convenience 

Screenco Manufacturing Limited of Toronto offers a comprehensive selection of door and window screen accessories, fiberglass and aluminum screen cloth and related screen components. 

To reinforce vinyl doors and windows, the company offers custom reinforcement channels as well as standard L- and U-shapes. All standard products are stocked to provide customers with same day pick-up or prompt delivery. www.screenco.ca


Spotlight on Weston Wood Solutions 

Manufacturers of wood doors and windows, or those who manufacture a variety of window types and don’t have the time to search for any one particular type of wood for their products, may want to turn to Weston Wood Solutions. 

The company, based in Mississauga, Ontario, serves as a source for wood door and window components including window extensions, exterior door frames, brickmoulds, patio door frames, astragals and mullions, wood sills and fingerjoint blanks.

Vice president Alan Lechem says the company’s custom product and stocking programs are its specialty.

“We are always sourcing [lumber] from new places—China, Chile, Brazil,” he says. Weston stocks products from all over the world

“With hundreds of miles of forest in China, how do you regulate the products? We do it for you … It makes sense to buy in China where labor is cheap.”

He says that manufacturers that call the company with a specific product request always get it.

Weston also stocks many profiles for Toronto companies.

“They are in the vinyl/glass business so they don’t want to stock wood. We offer a stock program so these companies won’t run out of wood,” he says. “Every manufacturer has something different so we stock it all.

”The company’s message to manufacturers: “We find you the best product at the best price,” says Lechem. www.westonwoodsolutions.com 


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