Volume 8, Issue 2 - February 2007

Machines With Muscle

It is no secret, machinery and equipment can help door and window manufacturers automate a large portion of their manufacturing processes. Learn what advancements have been made recently in machinery and equipment that may benefit your company’s manufacturing needs.

Bystronic Processes a Variety of Spacers
 First’flexspacer, developed by Bystronic of Hauppauge, N.Y., is a fast, fully-automatic vertical insulating glass line for processing a variety of spacers, including rigid (box) spacers, thermoplastic spacers and flexible spacers. The line is designed in a modular construction, permitting different stages of automation. 

The company says that the line may be installed in a basic configuration providing for manual secondary sealing, but may be enhanced by adding modules, such as an automatic CNC sealing robot, to improve productivity in parallel with the growth of your business. www.bystronic-glass.com

Double End Tenoner That’s Progressive
Progressive Systems Inc. of Minneapolis has unveiled its new Double End Tenoner, designed for high-production precision machining of door and window parts. It is available as a machine arranged for close tolerance quality angle gain tenoning, dadoing and trimming of door jambs and window side frames at high production feed rates. 

The machine features an Allen-Bradley Panelview touch screen control for selection of machining operations including angle to be machined, angle on left-hand or right-hand end of part, simultaneous angle gain machining of left-hand and right-hand parts, jump operation of scores, tenons and angle gain saw motors.

The Double End Tenoner is available with angle gain saw motors, jumping saw motors and adjustable side of machine mounted on hardened steel rails and linear bearings for fast precision positioning and smooth operation. Digital counters are provided on all horizontal and vertical saw motors for position reference. www.progressivesys.com 

Be Safe with HAECO’s PRO-SET™ 3200
The PRO-SET™ 3200 is HAECO’s new glass setting table that allows users to set IG units easily and safely. The PRO-SET can be used as a stand-alone system or placed in-line with glazing equipment. After the sealant is applied to the rabbet, the profile is moved to the PRO-SET for IG placement. The operator positions the profile and raises the “lift-fingers.” Once the “lift-fingers” have been raised, the IG unit may be rolled into position safely over the profile via the roller supports. The IG unit is lowered just above the profile and final setting is accomplished by slowly lowering the unit into the sealant bed. 

The new table allows operators to position glass safely prior to contact with the sealant or tape. It also eliminates sealant or tape “roll-off” caused by setting glass vertically. www.haeco.us

New Makes and Models from Stürtz Machinery
Stürtz Machinery has introduced the SMI-CNC-2K-18 Twin Head Sash Corner Cleaner, newly redesigned SMI-SCC-102 Automated Sawing and Fabrication Center and a Compact Sash Line.

The SMI-CNC-2K-18 Twin Head Sash Corner Cleaner will clean two corners of a sash per cycle in sizes ranging from 12- by 12-inchs up to 72- by 72-inches. Smaller sash can be cleaned one corner at a time.

The company has also unveiled its newly redesigned SMI-SCC-102 Automated Sawing and Fabrication Center. This machine can be tooled to process either four frame parts up to eight sash parts per cycle. Complete fabrication allows the finished parts to be transferred directly from the saw to the welder with no intermediate processing. 

Also new from the company is the new Compact Sash Line that can produce up to 900 welded and cleaned sash per shift with one operator in under 1,200 square feet. The new line consists of two Stürtz Model SMI-HSM-20/19CDS Horizontal Four Point Sash Welders.  www.sturtz.com

Edgetech I.G. Offers Vinyl Bending Solution
Edgetech I.G. of Cambridge, Ohio, has become an official distributor for Uni-form Engineering’s Form8tor® vinyl profile bending system. 

Uni-form Engineering specializes in the manufacture of profile bending equipment. Developed in conjunction with Liverpool University and the U.K.’s Department of Trade and Industry over the last decade, the patented tri-rotational technology of the Form8tor allows up to eight bends to be produced at one time, increasing productivity levels. The company says that flexibility of Form8tor satisfies all markets—from repetitive orders for new construction, straightforward arches for residential archways, to gothic designs for church residential and other applications.

Additionally, Edgetech I.G. says its Super Spacer® TriSeal is one of the world’s few no-metal warm-edge spacer systems to pass European testing standard EN1279-3 with silicone as the secondary sealant. 

Super Spacer TriSeal consists of the same desiccated silicone foam material, acrylic adhesive and multi-layer vapour barrier as other Super Spacer products, but it also contains a unique triple-design that works effectively with both structural and captive (fixed window) glazing applications, and is compatible with silicone structural sealant, polyurethane, polysulfide, DSE/DSA’s and hot-melt butyls.  www.edgetechig.com

J&S Machine Beefs Up its Models
J&S Machine announces updates and changes to the TRE C CR 138 RIM and CR 130 HAIM models. The updated machine can be used in both the vertical and the horizontal plane of bending modes. Software advancements are available to allow for communication to a remote computer—allowing for development of programs outside of the machine.

A software development is also released for the CR 130 HAIM roller. An advanced CNC programming package can be used, which communicates the programs with this model, can be used. The remote software enhances the storage capacity of the machine and the ease of programming complex parts. www.jsmachine.com

Friz Launches Quick-Change Profile Wrapping System
Friz has developed a quick-change profile wrapping system that allows for profile changes within minutes.

The profile wrapping system allows product to change quickly at minimum cost with no loss of quality. Available exclusively from Stiles Machinery Inc. of Grand Rapids, Mich., Friz profile wrappers feature a modular design and a wide range of configurations from the Optimat series to the high-production Powerline machines offering speeds of more than 300 feet per minute.

Stiles Machinery Inc. has also established new moulding technology. Kentwood™ moulders produce mouldings with efficiency, smooth surfaces and optimal productivity. The Professional Series, the Kentwood M409, M509 and M609, is designed for first time moulder buyers. The Advanced Series is for companies with existing moulders but would appreciate the high-end features of the Kentwood M509X and M609X. The Elite Series, the Kentwood M609HD and M612HD, is designed for entry door manufacturers and industrial applications requiring heavy stock removal. 

Also available from Stiles, the Homag BOF 311 Optimat Processing Center features a rigid frame construction that includes a matrix vacuum table and an innovative computer numeric control. The fixed table router offers flexible, cost-effective, high-speed batch size production with the ability to process a variety of work pieces on the same machine with minimum change-over time. www.stilesmachinery.com

Produce Precision Parts with Zero Scrap
GED Integrated Solutions of Twinsburg, Ohio, has introduced a new series of fully-automated processing machines for precision fabrication of ready-to-assemble vinyl sash and mainframe door and window parts. The new GED MCS Multiprocessors utilize advanced electronics from Allen-Bradley and a new linear actuator that ensures precise part positioning and pinpoint fabrication accuracy of sash and mainframe parts.

GED says the result is maximum output with zero scrap, and the machines and can reduce the number of workers needed for the fabrication process by five to seven while increasing throughput by up to 30 percent. Users will also benefit from reduced material usage and increased profitability.

The GED MCS Multiprocessors include the new 2000 model for custom in-line fabrication of vinyl window sash components, and the new 3000 model for in-line fabrication of mainframe vinyl door and window components.

The company has also improved its Smart 3550 i-3 IG Oven/Roll Press that allows window manufacturers to access up to ten pre-programmed oven/press preset configurations at the touch of a button.

Manufacturers can still run the Smart i-3 Oven/Roll Press in automatic mode where speed and emitters stay constant and sensors automatically adjust the press according to glass width. Operators can also control all the setting variables manually and the easy-to-use software is available in both English and Spanish, GED says.  www.gedusa.com

Erdman Gains Speed with New Glazer
Erdman says its new 3000 Series Fully Automated Glazer is accurate and reliable for high production sealant applications. The system is designed, built and priced to deliver a fast return on the investment. 

The 3000 Series Automated Glazer offers a control system that applies a consistent diameter bead of sealant automatically at speeds up to 30 inches per second. The new glazer is offered in both horizontal and vertical styles. It is available to perform hot, cold or two-part applications and can be set up for bead sizes from .060- up to .50-inches in diameter. 

It can reduce waste up to 85 percent and clean up as much as 95 percent, the company says.  www.erdmanautomation.com

DOMUS Machining Centers Make Frames
DOMUS from CMS North America Inc. of Caledonia, Mich., is designed to meet manufacturing needs of companies making door and window frames. DOMUS is a moving bridge machining center equipped with single- or dual-independent working units and a special working table equipped with power-driven moveable rails and vacuum pods/vices. The machinery is available in six sizes, and different working units, drilling groups and mechanical aggregates are available. The machine is targeted at medium and diversified production volumes. It can carry out internal and external profiling, straight and curved profiling, tenon, counterprofile, and comb-shaped joints, and shaped recesses for hardware.  www.cmsna.com

Joseph Machinery Co. Cuts Down on Scrap
The ZDM 4590 is a double miter saw by Joseph Machinery Co. of Dillsburg, Pa., that is equipped with a servo controlled in-feed, which pushes lineal material across two independent, horizontal stroking, auto adjusting cut angle mitre saw assemblies to ensure minimal scrap. The material is cut to length based on the cut files loaded onto the JMAXX graphical interface. The cut files also determine the in-feed saw position. For all 45/90 or 90/90 cuts, the in-feed saw is positioned automatically at 90 degrees. For all 45/45 cuts, the infeed saw is positioned automatically at 45 degrees. The cut files may be loaded manually, by floppy disk or downloaded via an available network connection.  www.josephmachineco.com

Urban Unveils Auto Sawing and Fabrication Centers
Urban Machinery’s newest generation high-speed automated sawing and fabrication centers, the CC-500 and CCN-500, offer customized high-speed processing of vinyl door and window lineals and include state-of-the-art control and maintenance features.

These fabrication centers can be customized, and feature 45- or 90-degree saw processing including CNC programmable blade paths. The machinery also has an automatic fabrication bridge that allows for 360-degree custom programmable drilling, routing, punching, milling and other specialized processing. The fabrication configuration is designed so that material is always moving forward, maximizing throughput. 

The Siemens control and drive system integrates with existing information systems via network or online connection and Urban’s systems specialists work with each customer on unique integration requirements  www.urban-machinery.com

New Sash Welder Boasts Benefits
Greller and Co. of Cleveland has unveiled a new S 400 Four Point Vertical Sash Welder. The machine features stand-alone motion control, a personal computer-based operator interface and is quadruple stack capable. The company says it boasts an industry-proven design and is network ready.  www.greller.com

What’s New at Witte
Witte North America Ltd. of Brampton, Ontario, Canada, has new bending accessories. Its new round-top saw is a double-mitre saw for trimming round-top window frames after bending. Its maximum cutting height is four inches and cutting length is 90 inches. Two 12-inch saw blades are included with the equipment.

Also new from Witte is an automatic radius table—designed for bending round shapes only. It is ideal for the companies who can use the table for half-rounds. The radius can be changed in seconds with a hand wheel operated positioning of all inner and outer clamping blocks.  www.witte-na.com

FKI Logistex Sorts it Out
FKI Logistex® of St. Louis, Mo., has launched its next-generation sorters. The LS-4000E tilt-tray sorter and the LS-4000CB cross-belt sorter offer a common platform that enhances system flexibility, as well as an energy system that reduces operating costs, the company says. 

Equipped with an energy-efficient linear synchronous motor (LSM), the LS-4000E reduces overall substantially without sacrificing speed, capacity and reliability. The high-speed LSM eliminates contact between moving parts, leading to low wear-and-tear and low noise levels.

The LS-4000CB Cross-Belt sorter is designed to transport and sort fragile and high-friction items. The gentle belt sorting allows for the horizontal discharge of items to ensure precise position and orientation throughout the entire sorting process. www.fkilogistex.com 


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