Volume 8, Issue 1 - January 2007

New Products

INEX Spacers Allow Maximum Mesh
The spacers by INEX Spacer Inc. of Varennes (Quebec), Canada, come in 16 different sizes and are available in black, grey and white to enhance door and window designs.

The company says its spacers reduce the condensation problems that can be associated with conventional metal spacers. 
The chemical composition of the spacer adheres well to most commonly used sealants and compares favorably to common spacer systems

The product’s unique profile (110 percent surface holding) allows a maximum mesh regardless of which sealant is used, according to the company.

>>> www.inexspacer.com

UltraMask™ Protects and Then Pulls Off
UltraMask™ pile weatherseals from Ultrafab Inc. of Farmington, N.Y., are designed with a tear-away protective covering for use when painting PVC profiles. The weatherseal is designed to maintain a protective barrier around the pile seal during the multi-step painting process.

The product works with major painting systems in use throughout North America, the company says. 
The covering will stay attached through secondary processes of assembly after painting. Once covering is no longer needed, it can be pulled off the pile easily. The pile maintains important performance properties that result in a “Class A” AAMA 701 rating.

Additionally, the product features a clear covering that allows the user to ensure the right color pile, or type of pile.

>>> www.ultrafab.com

Profile Styles for Everyone
Elton Manufacturing of Milton, Ontario, Canada, has unveiled its latest entrance door and window frames. The company’s offerings include a “Canadian style” flat profile and an “American style” raised profile.
The profiles have corner screw holes and the polypropylene will not fade in the sun. They are available with pre-applied foaming adhesive.

Elton’s polypropylene frames can be painted with its specially developed primer.
The company also says that it will introduce tan frames for staining soon.

>>> www.eltonmanufacturing.com

SDC Electrifies Mechanical Locksets
The new SDC SELECTRIC® Mod 7800 series from Security Door Controls of Westlake Village, Calif., includes the electrification of all major brand mechanical locksets, including SDC, Schlage, Yale, Corbin-Russwin, Sargent, Best, Arrow, Dorma, Marks and more.
The company says the new electrified locksets comply with national building codes for locking interior office, elevator lobby and stairwell fire-rated doors, where the use of electric strikes and magnetic locks is prohibited. The locksets also provide high security and superior aesthetics compared to exposed and vulnerable electric strikes and magnetic locks while eliminating the need for REX devices.
>>> www.sdcsecurity.com

Venture Tape Sticks to It
Venture Tape VG300 Series Glazing Tapes are closed cell polyolefin foam tapes with a unique differential adhesive system specifically designed for door and window glazing applications.

The exposed side adhesive is designed for adhesion to PVC and other low surface energy sash and frame materials and the liner side adhesive is designed for adhesion to glass. These surface specific adhesives provide optimum performance, weather resistance and longevity.
The differential adhesive system provides improved structural performance and weather resistance, and the polyolefin foam provides excellent weather seal and durability, according to the company.

>>> www.venturetape.com

Precision from Nordson’s Profile Wrapping Application Head
The DPW series profile wrapping application head from Nordson Corp. of Duluth, Ga., provides woodworking operations cost efficient adhesive coatings in profile wrapping applications.
The DPW series head is designed for coating vinyl, veneer or paper with hot-melt adhesives that are then applied to profiles of varying shapes and materials. 

The application head offers simple, independent adjustment of the left or right coating edge from the center of the head. Users can adjust coating thickness easily and precise adhesive dispensing and adhesive temperature control minimize waste.

The new application system processes polyurethane hot-melt adhesives, as well as other hot melt types, the company reports. The closed system prevents moisture and contaminants from entering the system which provides high bonding quality and reducing clean up.
>>> www.nordson.com

Gaskets with Outstanding Characteristics 
Extrusiones S.A., located in Medellín-Colombia, provides what is says are affordable high-quality rubber extruded gaskets offering outstanding characteristics such as everlasting performance and environmental resistance. The company says its standards qualify it for challenging projects.

A complete product portfolio is available with extensive varieties of extruded profiles, mostly EPDM rubber gaskets.The company reports that it is ISO 9001 certified, with more than 20 years of experience and a well consolidated market spanning the Caribbean, as well as South, Central and North America.

>>> www.extrusiones.com.co


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