Volume 8, Issue 7 - July/August 2007


Nordson IG Bulk Melters Hold Steady
DuraDrum™ IG bulk melters from Amherst, Ohio-based Nordson Corp. dispense sealants, mastics or adhesives to insulating glass (IG) production consistently. The gear pump and metering capability provide positive displacement even for high-viscosity materials and eliminate need for regulators or compensators. The all-electric, seal-less pump offers easy operation and eliminates maintenance associated with seals wearing. DuraDrum IG melters install quickly and easily on linear extruders and most edge sealers, or manual systems for fourth-corner patch or handgun use. www.nordson.com

Screen Frame Technology: Higher Output with Less Labor
GED Integrated Solutions in Twinsburg, Ohio, has incorporated new technology into its screen frame system that it says improves output by 33 percent and further increases labor savings. The system can now produce up to 2,000 screen frame assemblies per shift with one operator, according to the company.

The improved screen frame system eliminates the need to post-process screen bar to accommodate latches, pins or other screen hardware. The system can now pre- or post-process the bars so the frame assembler also can install the hardware. This eliminates time-consuming offline processes and reduces handling, errors and product-quality issues such as scratching. www.gedusa.com

Tough Torches for Tough Environments
If you need a machine torch that’s designed for continuous mechanized TIG welding in confined environments, check out Weldcraft. The company offers the WP-22 and WP-23 lines of machine torches in either 7 3⁄4-inch or 4 ˝-inch sizes and says these torches fit nearly any fixture configuration.

Both torches feature front or back tungsten loading and tightening and a heavy-duty power cable for the toughest environments. Optional gas lenses are available for all four WP-22 and WP-23 torch models.

Designed for light- to medium-amperage applications with tight spatial requirements, the WP-22 is a water-cooled torch rated to 250 amps at 100-percent duty cycle. The WP-22A torch uses a 7-inch tungsten electrode and the WP-22B torch is 4 1⁄2-inches long and takes 3-inch electrodes. www.weldcraft.com

Pres-On Speeds Up Door and Window Making

Pres-On, based in Addison, Ill., has introduced SG6400 Series Structural Glazing Tape, a high-strength open-cell urethane foam tape with superior initial adhesion. The product facilitates fast onsite fabrication of storm doors and windows, curtainwalls and other building structures.

Coated on both sides with a formulated acrylic adhesive, the new tape bonds with fabrication materials including vinyl, plastics, powder paints, bare metal and glass. In standardized testing, SG6400 delivered immediate adhesion performance of 2.6 pounds per inch on steel and aluminum, and two pounds per inch on glass. www.pres-on.com

Need to Freshen Up? 
A new program from Sherwin-Williams provides a quick and easy way to touch-up powder-coated products. The POWDURA® Color Selector Touch-Up program features aerosol spray-can coatings that can be used over its POWDURA powder coatings.

Twelve-ounce aerosol can coatings are available off the shelf in 25 of the company’s most popular powder coatings colors and more than 100 additional colors can be special- ordered by referencing the POWDURA Color Selector color card. www.sherwin-williams.com/oem

Sealant to Suit a Variety of Glass
Fenzi North America in Toronto has launched its Thiover® sealant, a two-part polysulphide formulated for sealing glass units. The product is produced in different viscosities in order to suit individual customers’ needs and equipment in use.

The solvent-free solution can be used for IG production of single- or double-seal units. It also features thixotropic characteristics in order to allow the use of any metal profile.

Thiover can be applied by any kind of extruder (air, hydraulic, semiautomatic and automatic). Proper mixing is easy to achieve by static or dynamic mixing devices, according to the company. www.fenzi-na.com

HOPPE Pushes New Locking System
The HLS™ 7 Series stainless steel multipoint locking system is the next generation of multipoint locking systems offered by HOPPE North America Inc. in Ft. Atkinson, Wis. Traditional multipoint systems can be activated only with the interior handle, but with a sequential timing device, the HLS™ 7 Series incorporates a handle lock-out feature so the multi-points can be activated from the exterior by just lifting the handle. Simultaneous retraction occurs by pushing down on the handle. The company’s proprietary Quick-Fit Connection™ handle mounting system allows the handle to be pushed onto the spindle, eliminating set screws. www.us.hoppe.com 

Sill-Rite™ Expands Line of Window Sills
Sill-Rite™ in Ontario, Canada, has added variety to its products with an enhanced line of solid vinyl window sills. The prefabricated and finished sills now are available in 3- to 9-inch depths. The interior sills protect the window sill area from damaged caused by moisture, condensation and leaks. The low-maintenance Sill-Rite PVC sill resists water, mold, stains and warping. Each sill is pre-finished on all exposed edges and requires no priming or painting. www.sill-rite.com

Dry and Mold-Free Window Sills from Protecto Wrap
Protecto Wrap’s patent-pending Protecto Sill Drainage System™ combines the company’s peel-and-stick adhesive with positive-sloped, closed-cell foam. The combination ensures any water or condensation found inside window openings is directed to the outside weather plane of the structure. The basis of the drainage system’s functionality is its mold-resistant wicking material. This material is applied to the top of Protecto Wrap’s water-resistant membrane for the purpose of absorption and transfer of moisture to the outside of the window opening, utilizing a continuous bead of sealant. Its closed-cell foam design also boasts a ˝-inch back dam to promote additional drainage and protection. The combination of these features allows the window cavity to remain dry and free of mold at all times. www.protectowrap.com

Window Covering Fabric Receives GreenGuard™ Certification
Phifer Inc. in Tuscaloosa, Ala., has announced its SheerWeave Styles 2000, 2100, 2360, 2390 and 2410 are the first window covering fabrics to be certified by the GreenGuard Environmental Institute for superior indoor air quality performance. The fabrics can be fabricated into all types of window treatments and are easy to maintain, according to the company. Phifer says the fabric also helps reduce solar heat and glare though windows, thereby lowering energy costs, and prevents fading of interior furnishings, while maintaining outward visibility. www.phifer.com

Something Old, Something New

Renaissance Old World Inc., a Fresno, Calif.-based designer and manufacturer of doors, windows, cabinets, flooring and millwork, utilizes European age-old hand custom carving, planing and distressing techniques for a distinctive look. Homeowners can base interior home design on an existing piece of furniture and the company even provides clay carvings for approval from the designer and client prior to production. The company says its products are extremely functional, too. Elements such as automatic self-closing drawer slides, pull-out shelves and high-gloss interior finishes that require no shelf paper, combine the best of the modern world with an old world appearance, according to the company. www.carving.com 

Work Wiser

WorkWise Inc. has released the latest version of its Time Critical Manufacturing V8.2. The Milwaukee, Wis.-based software provider says its latest version features many new functional enhancements and modules, as well as technical advancements. The fully integrated suite includes: supply chain management, manufacturing execution systems, product data management, finance, planning, decision support tools and web applications.

Version 8.2 is available for the Microsoft Windows® operating system. New features include: direct fulfillment, which allows for the calculation of a promise date based on available capacity and material; scheduling of a shop order directly from customer order processing all from a single screen; a new lean manufacturing module supporting Kanban techniques for both manufactured and purchased processes; and customer relationship management—supporting opportunity tracking, marketing campaigns, account management, customer service and full MS Outlook® integration. www.workwiseinc.com

Have It Your Way

Arch Aluminum & Glass Co. Inc. says virtually any conceivable image can be reproduced onto the interlayer of its recently introduced Arch Deco Glass® product, VISUAL™. The Tamarac, Fla.-based company says this “green” laminated product allows the architectural community endless exterior and interior design options. VISUAL can provide highly saturated colors, but also has the ability to be virtually opaque. In addition, pure white, black and sepia tones can be created through this process. Like other Arch Deco Glass laminated products, VISUAL provides safety, security and privacy, regulation of solar penetration, structural integrity and improved acoustics. And Arch says this product also can contribute to sustainable design, including projects seeking certification through the LEED Green Building Rating System. www.archaluminum.net

Greenhouse Gains Popularity

Greenhouses by Solar Innovations in Myerstown, Pa., has the ability to become the focal point of any garden or the perfect extension to any home. The company offers greenhouse designs ranging from simple lean-to or even-span structures to the most ornate conservatory styles. All structural materials in a Greenhouse by Solar Innovations are aluminum, so decay of materials from moisture is not a concern, according to the company. www.solarinnovations.com

New Machinery from Progressive Systems

Progressive Systems Inc. in Minneapolis has debuted a new CNC feed-through extrusion fabrication cell which can be used for aluminum, PVC/vinyl, fiberglass and wood/composites. The machine allows for either vertical or horizontal fabrication. It features an automatic component-loading walking beam magazine and automatic pusher grippers. Optimizing software and a dual CNC pusher are optional. www.progressivesys.com


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