Volume 8, Issue 6 - June 2007

Introducing... New Products

Keep Work Going with New Vacuum Cut Rotary Worktable
The LCS3084 vacuum cup rotary worktable from LCS Precision Molding in Waterville, Minn., is designed to handle special glass projects without interrupting the production line. The worktable has numerous uses including spacer installation, sealant application and individual specialty window construction. The equipment can be used in job shops and on a manufacturing line, according to the company. A vacuum cup system featuring a continuous flow vacuum generator secures the glass unit. The only requirement needed for the rotary worktable is a 35-psi air supply. An air driven system that holds the table in any position achieves rotational position, and a foot pedal controls vacuum and braking. www.lcsplastics.com

Crystal Upgrades Production Operation
Crystal Window and Door Systems in Flushing, N.Y., has replaced its entire IG unit production operations equipment. The company says it can now offer its customers all the current benefits of the PPG-developed Intercept spacer IG system in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. The new system melds machinery and software seamlessly, and includes the i-3 Intercept spacer line equipment, new desiccant/sealant extruders, a glass washing unit and an integrated automatic oven/roll press, all produced by GED Integrated Solutions of Twinsburg, Ohio. 

The GED i-3 Intercept line equipment that produces the spacer is the centerpiece of the Crystal upgrade. This new component includes a ten-spool steel coil cassette rack, ten pigtail self-feeders and automatically-adjustable roll formers. The equipment can produce variable thickness spacers—selecting from the preloaded ten-spool rack—of any length, without operator intervention, according to the company. www.crystalwindows.com

first’flexspacer is Flexible
Hauppauge, N.Y.-based Bystronic delivers flexibility with its newest product offering. first’flexspacer is a fast, fully-automatic vertical insulating glass line for processing a variety of spacers, including rigid (box) spacers, thermoplastic spacers and flexible spacers, according to the company.

The line is designed in a strictly modular construction, permitting different stages of automation. It may be installed initially in a basic configuration providing for manual secondary sealing, but may subsequently be enhanced by adding modules, such as an automatic CNC sealing robot, to improve productivity. www.bystronic-glass.com

LUXAR® Glass Goes Hurricane Resistant
Glas Trösch AG, HY-TECH-GLASS, based in Switzerland, says its LUXAR® anti-reflective coated glass is now also available as hurricane-resistant glass. LUXAR® hurricane-resistant glass consists of two lites of low iron glass in 6 mm thickness with the outer surfaces being AR-coated. This results in improved clarity, transparency and almost invisible appearance. The glass is 9⁄16-inches thick and fulfills the current standards of security and high impact glass.  www.glastroesch.ch 

AMSCO Windows Introduces CozE Performance Glass
AMSCO Windows in Salt Lake City has unveiled its next generation in energy-efficient windows: CozE performance glass. To provide homeowners with a blend of energy performance and aesthetics, the glass is available in three performance levels, CozE, CozE Tint and CozE HV.

CozE has a U-value that is more than 35 percent more efficient than clear insulating glass. In the winter, the glass reflects heat back into the room. During the summer, the sun’s heat and damaging UV rays are reduced significantly.

To reduce glare effects, CozE Tint reduces the amount of visible light by almost 45 percent more than CozE glass. 

CozE HV provides superior energy efficiency with high visibility. With the specially-formulated triple layer of silver, the glass blocks 95 percent of the sun’s damaging UV rays, a 91-percent improvement over clear insulated glass. At the same time, it allows 35 percent more light than CozE Tint.

Additionally, homeowners can add AMSCO’s new Brite glass to any CozE performance glass option to save energy, stay clean a long time, dry fast and have few exterior water spots. www.amscowindows.com 

New Hybrid Sealant Merges Boundaries
Premier Industrial Supply Inc. in Phoenix, Ariz., says its new line of sealants and adhesives, XtraBond 9500 Hybrid Sealant, was developed with strict quality and sealing performance properties for the residential door and window industry.  

The professional-grade product incorporates the fusion of silicone technology and polyurethane technology cross-linked into one durable product. With its hybrid technology, this product capitalizes on the features and benefits of both technologies: the cure time and weatherability of silicone and the adhesion, flexibility and the paintability of polyurethane. The XtraBond 9500 is AAMA-certified, solvent-free and environmentally-friendly, the company says. www.xtrabond.com

Durability Delivered by HF Hybrid Glazing Tape 
Adchem Corp. has debuted a new AAMA-approved HF series of hybrid glazing tape. Part of the company’s all-acrylic glazing and muntin fenestration tapes, the HF series is designed to meet the unique adhesion demands of door and window glazing applications. The HF series provides a high-strength, UV-resistant acrylic adhesive bond to glass and a rubber-based adhesive bond to the vinyl lineal coated on a cross-linked closed cell polyolefin foam. The foam has 338-percent modulus of elasticity and less than .4 percent water absorption. 

The HF series also offers an easy-release, high-density blue polyethylene release liner. The company has also introduced its 24-Hour Turnaround Program to will ensure that customer needs are quickly satisfied, including last minute fill-in orders when other vendors cannot meet delivery times. www.adchem.com

Dome’l Terrace Door Dominates
The Dominator™, a terrace door system designed by Dome’l for multi-story buildings has achieved tremendous test results. The company reports it has attained a design rating of C90 making it ideal for use in coastline applications inland cities and suburbs. Addition-ally, it tested up to a design pressure of 135 psf.

The aluminum door design offers a comfortable, noise-free, interior environment. It utilizes structural thermal breaks, a “vault-like” multi-point lock, extruded corner keys and maximum capacity pivot hinges. Dome’l also offers this design in an impact-resistant model.yyä www.domelinc.com

Curved Trim Boards Fit Custom Doors and Windows 
FEN-TECH Inc. in Superior, Wis., has introduced two new curved trim boards for interior and exterior applications. The curved trim boards can be fitted to a wide variety of custom shaped door and window applications.  The curved trim boards complement the company’s recently-introduced Arched Botanica Window line. Made from cellular PVC and composite extrusions, the products offer a low-maintenance option at prices normally less than pattern-cut wood trims, according to the company. 

Architectural casement windows have also been added to the company’s offering. The window line offers a range of styles and patterns, and some features of the products include Truth E-Gard coated hardware, stainless-steel tamperproof hinging, multi-point locking systems and a variety of glazing options. Heavy-duty extruded aluminum screens are also available.www.fentechinc.com

Fill ‘Er Up with MIXPAC Equipment
MIXPAC Equipment Inc. has announced its DXR refill station for quick and easy refilling of its DX Series dispensing system. The DXR helps to create a versatile and accurate solution for two-component material dispensing. 

The system offers the ability to dispense 1:1, 1.5:1, 2:1, 4:1 and 10:1 ratios for two-component reactive resins. Multiple hand-held dispensers can be refilled quickly with one DXR, the company reports. The refill station utilizes two transfer pumps that feed from five-gallon bulk containers of material, each equipped with follower plates to handle a wide range of viscosities. This lightweight, compact system offers a dispensing solution that is mobile and easy to use and maintain. www.mixpacequipment.com

In Machines with Muscle (February DWM, page 32), HAECO’s website was listed incorrectly. The correct site is www.haeco.us. We regret the error. 


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