Volume 8, Issue 5 - May 2007

Annual New Products Guide

Just Arrived: The Newest Products for 2007
Companies unveil their new product offerings and explain the benefits to door and window manufacturers. 

One thing is consistent in the door and window manufacturing industry: there are always new products coming available. Did you know that GED has a new machine that can produce more than 200 leaded lites per shift, or that Stürtz Machinery’s new compact sash line can produce up to 900 welded and cleaned sash per shift? Did you know that Fenzi North America launched its Thiover® sealant only six months ago, or that Truth Hardware has come out with an upgrade to its EntryGard® window operators? There are tons of new products available to door and window manufacturers that weren’t here even a year ago. To learn more about what is new for 2007, DWM’s New Products Guide is for you. 


Kolbe’s New Hardware Lifts, Slides and Folds
Kolbe and Kolbe Millwork Co. in Wausau, Wis., says its Lift and Slide and Folding Door System’s innovative hardware and sill designs provide expansive, easy-to-operate openings.

Exemplifying the essence of modern living, lift and slide door panels can either nest behind one another or recess into a pocket opening to disappear completely from view. Folding door panels fold back against each other to create a clear opening. Both door styles are available in energy-efficient glass options, numerous panel configurations, a broad palette of finishes and interior wood species and other accessories. www.kolbe-kolbe.com

Handy Hardware for Vinyl Hung Windows
Ashland Hardware Systems in Lowell, Ind., has debuted a new hardware that integrates the tilt and lock function of hung style vinyl windows. DualTech™ is a simple, intuitive operation with a clean lock rail appearance. It also delivers a high level of performance and security.

With Flex-Fit™ technology, the connection bars flex laterally with the latch and lock units to create a custom fit into many profile designs. Sash fabrication for the entire system is also very simple, requiring a basic one-step route operation for both the latch and lock. www.ashlandhardware.com

Hoppe Locks it Up
The HLS™ 7 Series stainless steel multipoint locking system is the latest hardware offered by HOPPE North America Inc. in Fort Atkinson, Wis.

A simultaneous retraction function enables all of the locking point to be retracted by pushing down on the handle with one simple motion. An exterior handle lock-out feature enables the user to activate the multiple locking points from the exterior of the door by lifting up on the handle.

The new hardware also incorporates many new performance improvements, including an anti-back drive feature that prevents locking points from disengaging with excessive pressure changes or forced entry attempts. www.us.hoppe.com 

A Smooth Move by Truth
Truth Hardware in Owatonna, Minn., has come out with a stylish new look to upgrade its EntryGard® window operators. A new nesting cover and folding handle design gives homeowners a smooth and attractive option to the out-dated look of yesterday’s model, according to the company. And with the folding handle option, there is no interference with window treatments such as curtains or blinds. The new operators are available in a wide variety of colors and decorative finishes.  

Also new from the company is new handle designs for the sliding patio door market. The handle sets have an attractive new contoured shape which the company says is long-overdue in the patio door hardware market.  Designed to be easy to grasp and with locking options that include placing the key lock above the handle, these handles are receiving rave reviews.  Available in solid brass, and in the company’s complete palette of decorative and painted finishes, these handle sets also come with optional escutcheon designs and sizes to complement larger doors. www.truth.com


Erdman’s New Machine Has an Arm Up
Erdman Automation in Princeton, Minn., says its Manipulator Arm is the answer to heavy glass lift and placement needs. It can be used with all Erdman equipment to pick and place glass gently and easily. The machine reduces the stress and strain associated with moving and placing large or heavy lites of glass, according to the company. 

The new machine enables one person to do the job more efficiently than two or more people not using the machine, according to the company. www.erdmanautomation.com 

Fast-Cutting Decorative Application System from GED
Door and window manufacturers can now apply lead tape to create unique cut-glass designs at the rate of 200-plus lites per shift with the Decorative Application System from Twinsburg, Ohio-based GED. The system includes an “XY” application table and software.

The company says that the benefits of the Decorative Application System includes fast, automatic application to produce more than 200 leaded lites per shift depending on pattern design.The patent-pending method for two-sided lead panels utilize the same zero point to ensure accurate inside/out application. Precision controllers and components provide professional, consistent unit after unit application.

Exclusive dual-purpose application head provides flexibility to apply 6-, 9- and 12-mm width lead tape. www.gedusa.com

Space is No Problem with Stürtz’s New Machine
Stürtz Machinery Inc. in Solon, Ohio, says its new compact sash line can produce up to 900 welded and cleaned sash per shift with one operator working in less than 1,200 square feet.The new line consists of two horizontal four-point sash welders. Each welder is unloaded via a single tier belt system automatically. The welded sash are then transferred onto a twin tier buffer and transport table which separates the squares and feeds them onto an infeed belt buffer. The buffer conveyor feeds each individual square into the corner cleaner. 

The line’s automated four-head pass-through sash corner cleaner cleans all four corners of the sash simultaneously. www.sturtz.com 

Stiles Offers Solutions for Packaging and Profile-Wrapping
Stiles Machinery Inc. in Grand Rapids, Mich., now offers cost-effective packaging solutions. Available in the United States, CMB’s CoolPack automatic bubble wrap application along with stretch-film packing machine provides protection with the ability to incorporate a variety of packing materials. The CoolPack system increases wrapping performance substantially by offering the possibility to combine layers of multiple wrapping materials quickly. 

Stiles has also announced a quick-change profile wrapping system that allows for profile changes within minutes. Available exclusively from Stiles, Friz profile wrappers feature a modular design and a wide range of configurations to meet all manufacturing requirements.  www.stilesmachinery.com

An “Intelligent” Line of Machinery from Dotul
Pagosa Springs, Colo.-based Dotul Inc. has unveiled its new series of single-sided door stile presses. The stile presses have been designed for shops building custom doors or larger shops needing additional production capacity for special orders.

Company officials say its cold presses are ideal for applying veneers to a substrate or any type of core material.  www.dilco.net

It’s a Wrap: Exterior Laminating Adds Color to the Industry 

Window manufacturers know that in this competitive market, it’s all about differentiation, and suppliers of any product type are clamoring to offer customers ways to differentiate themselves. Though on the market for a few years, one of these technologies is just beginning take shape—exterior laminating (often called wrapping) of window profiles. This process offers manufacturers the ability to offers colors on the exterior of a window. Companies already do this through processes such as painting or co-extruding (or capstocking) but exterior laminating is another option that offers a variety of benefits. DWM has spotlighted this technology that is being embraced by more and more companies as their customers become increasingly interested in color choices. In fact, as vinyl continues to rise, the interest in color variety rises with it. 

The Product and Process
American Renolit’s RENOLIT FAST is a multi-layer film that is resistant to moisture, dryness, heat, cold and ultraviolet (UV) rays, according to David Harris, product manager. The product (which can be used on any material, though is most popular on vinyl) is also dirt repellent, thus easy to clean. Harris says that even graffiti washes off easily.

The double-layer film consists of heavy-duty polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) and acrylic. The product can be bonded using film preheating and hot-melt adhesives (one of which is manufactured by Kleiberit) that are suitable to film and substrate. 

While interior profile laminating has been available for years, Alan Shuey, sales manager for Kleiberit, points out that exterior profile laminating is a new phenomenon. In fact, it is only used currently on approximately 2-4 percent of window products in the United States. However, this percentage is significantly higher in Europe—where 30-40 percent currently use the technology. Harris says this is due to the fact that Europe uses a PVC product that wouldn’t hold up as well in the United States due to more severe weather conditions. He adds that a technology wasn’t available in the United States until the introduction of FAST which is acrylic-, rather than PVC-based says Harris. “This gives it resilience to the elements.” The company also has conducted real weathering and accelerated weathering tests, which is why the company offers a 10-year warranty on this product.

Though it is only used on small percentage of windows in the United States currently, “It’s starting to snowball,” Shuey says.

Competitive Offerings
Exterior laminating is one way to add color to a profile, but there are other ways for manufacturers to get this colorful look. This can be achieved through painting or co-extrusion. (For more on painting, see the March issue of DWM).

 “We realize laminating is just one way,” Shuey says. But he adds that manufacturers can’t get the look of woodgrain from painting that is possible through profile laminating.

Harris says the color won’t fade, chalk or scratch easily as is the case with painting of profiles. The other option, co-extrusion, is expensive and an extremely slow process, he says. 

Working with a Contract Laminator
Once a company decides to offer exterior laminating, several options are available: sending their profiles to a contract laminator; obtaining them from their extruder; or manufacturing the process in house (more on the latter two later).

Premier Profile Lamination in Youngstown, Ohio, is a contract laminator. Its owner, Robert Kingston points out that “lamination is an art.” He adds that there are tight parameters with this process. 

“If you don’t have the right temperatures you will have failures,” he says. “If you don’t know what you are doing you can create a lot of scrap and go out of business.”

Luckily, American Renolit has faith in Premiere Profile. 

“Renolit came to me because they know the way I run my process. They know how we test/monitor on a day-to-day basis,” says Kingston. 

Kingston also talks about the advantages of laminating over other methods. To illustrate this point he tells the story of a brickmould product that he was given to laminate recently and admits that he was skeptical as it has lots of curvatures.

“It came out beautiful,” he says. “The president of this company is now saying to me, ‘Why am I doing capstocking when I can do this?’”

“With this process you don’t have to worry about tooling costs,” he says. “You don’t have expensive equipment sitting on a shelf that you don’t use, should demand ease or if the product doesn’t take off as you anticipated.”

He does admit that even working with a contract laminator is a significant expense for manufacturers and says this will really take off as demand increases and as the consumer starts asking for this.

“The larger manufacturers can handle the inventory on their floors,” he says. “The smaller ones can’t. The larger manufacturers will get on board initially, the smaller ones will stand back until it takes off.”

He says there is one thing that will definitely cause sales to surge, should this item occur.

“If a large manufacturer introduces this in a big-box store that’s what it will take. Three to four years ago this happened with the interior laminates.”

He thinks this will happen in a few years. “It will take about two years after that for manufacturers to see the full effects of this,” he adds.

Why? If someone sees it in a big-box store they will ask other manufacturers about this when shopping for windows, says Kingston. 

Extruders and Manufacturers are Adding This to Offerings 
Extruders can take this technology and laminate it in house or send it to a contract laminator like Premier Profile then sell it to manufacturers. This is where the majority of Kingston’s business is now—with extruders.

One extruder that offers exterior laminating is Deceuninck North America. The company laminates their own profiles in house. Sales technology manager Lori LePera says the company has been offering Renolit’s Exterior FAST product for five years. She says that 20 percent of Deceunick’s customers use the exterior laminate. It started with one color, brown, and now they offer green, clay and earthtone as well. 

“We started offering the brown as an alternative to extruded brown,” says LePera. “There were problems with extruded dark colors due to UV fading.” 

She says that customers started purchasing the exterior laminate as an alternative to extruded brown because of its excellent UV resistance but then “fell in love with the durability and finish.”

LePera also sees tremendous growth potential for this product. 

“The United States traditionally follows Europe where color is very popular, so we anticipate that there so there will be a big expansion of this product in the U.S. market. This is especially true since the market has flattened. This gives manufacturers another way to differentiate themselves,” she says. 

Although many extruders are offering this product to their manufacturer customers, manufacturers can also do this in-house as is the case at Heartland Windows in Aplington, Iowa. Larry Ricke, president, says the company has offered exterior laminating for two to three years. It offers three colors currently—bronze, cocoa and green.

The company has offered a woodgrain on the interior for years. “We then tried exterior painting but didn’t like the process,” says Ricke. “We already offered interior wrapping [laminating] so adding this to the exterior was a natural extension.”

Though currently dominating a small portion of the market, the growth possibilities are endless. 

“If it is used in 5-10 percent of vinyl windows in the next few years, that’s phenomenal,” says Harris. “And, it has even more potential than that … This is gathering momentum as many of the top vinyl manufacturers are exploring this option.”

“Almost everyone offers this process in the interior. Give it a little time and you’ll be there with the exterior also,” says Kingston. “In a few years it will catch on fire.” www.kleiberit.com or www.americanrenolit.com


Edgetech Places Grids Accurately
Edgetech I.G. Inc. in Cambridge, Ohio, recently unveiled its IntelliClip™ targeted grid placement system for exclusive use with the company’s Super Spacer® products. The IntelliClip system is software driven—removing the opportunity for operator error when installing grids. With the new system, the muntin bar location slit is produced automatically as the spacer is applied robotically to the glass accurately.

Currently, the IntelliClip system is available as an option on Lisec, For.El and Billco automated Super Spacer lines and as an upgrade to some existing Super Spacer automated lines.

Additionally, Edgetech I.G. and Nupro Products Inc. in Selah, Wash., have partnered to develop the EZ RAD grid placement system, which reduces production time by assisting in the assembly, transportation and placement of grids on washed or unwashed glass.

The EZ RAD system is made up of an upright easel/table and D-ring.  www.edgetechig.com  www.nuproproductsinc.com

Nordson Keeps it Consistent
DuraDrum™ IG bulk melters from Nordson Corp. in Westlake, Ohio, deliver consistent dispensing of sealants, mastics or adhesives to insulating glass production. The gear pump and metering capability provide positive displacement even for high viscosity materials and eliminate the need for regulators or compensators. The all-electric, seal-less pump offers easy operation and eliminates maintenance associated with seals wearing, according to the company. DuraDrum IG melters install on linear extruders and most edge sealers quickly and easily, or manual systems for fourth corner patch or handgun use. www.nordson.com


ClimaGuard 55/27 Cuts Down on the Glare
Guardian Industries in Orlando, Fla., has introduced ClimaGuard 55/27, a low-E glass for residential windows. The glass offers enhanced solar control, as well as improved interior light quality and a non-reflective, neutral appearance. According to the company, ClimaGuard 55/27 provides a complete glass solution for regions that experience variable heat and light conditions. 

The product’s energy efficiency is accomplished through a reduction in solar heat gain and lowering glass temperature during the cooling season. Guardian says it also offers low U-factor and warmer glass surfaces. www.guardian.com

Pilkington Launches New Architectural Product Guide
Pilkington North America in Toledo, Ohio, has released an enhanced architectural product guide. The Pilkington Architectural Product Guide is a manual that encompasses all of the company’s building glass products. It is a 52-page, gloss-finish guide that is double the size from previous product brochures. Pilkington’s products are featured in this user-friendly and aesthetically-pleasing layout that is categorized by product performance. 

A brief company history as well as tips for selecting the right glass introduces the guide. The bulk of the brochure comprises details of all products and beautiful project photos. Lastly, the booklet closes with performance data and technical information. www.pilkington.com


VHB Tape Provides a Bonding Experience
Frank Lowe Rubber and Gasket Co. Inc. in Farmingdale, N.Y., has been appointed by 3M as the sole converter for VHB™ door and window tape for the fenestration industry. Specifically designed to withstand the application stresses and environmental conditions, the tape provides long-term performance bonding wood, aluminum, vinyl or composite muntin bars to glass in simulated divided lite applications.

Available in gray or black, with a paper or film liner, VHB™ window tape is precision slit to meet custom requirements.  www.franklowe.com


Simpson Looks to French Designs
Simpson Door Co. in McCleary, Wash., has introduced eight new French door designs that combine the ageless look of classic French styles with modern wood door technology. The new designs range from simple configurations for clean lines to multiple glass lites.

Simpson has also added a media room door to its collection of interior decorative doors. The new door style features a glass design depicting a classic movie camera and director’s chair sculpted on a dark gray frosted glass background- lending an artistic, enduring image to the contemporary trend of dedicated home media spaces. www.simpsondoor.com


Invisible Balance’s Benefits Can be Seen
Strybuc Industries in Sharon Hill, Pa., manufactures a variety of jambliners using both spring and block and tackle balances.  The company also produces the Invisible Balance, and several specialty overhead balances. Strybuc says it can custom make small quantities of most obsolete or specialty items for the door and window industry. www.strybuc.com

A Smart Solution to Fire-Rated Louvers
The Advantage Door Louver from Advantage Lites and Louvers in Bronx, N.Y., has a 90-minute UL10C fire-rating for positive pressure with intumescent strips applied to the fins. The new product is listed for sizes up to 24- by 24 inches. Twenty-gauge cold-rolled steel frame and blades, the louvers are grey powder-coated, with other colors available. A cost-effective alternative to standard fusible-link fire louvers, the Advantage louver also has an inverted Y, vision-proof design.  www.a-ll.com


Pollard Windows Upgrades to Solarban® 60 
Solarban® 60 from PPG is now the only glass used in Pollard Windows’s low-E glass offerings. The low-E units also use Intercept® spacer units that improve heat retention, while reducing condensation and the build up of mold. The dual-sealed units are argon enhanced and come with Pollard’s exclusive, non-prorated 25-year warranty against seal failure.

Although it has the appearance of clear glass, Solarban 60’s microscopic metallic coatings also reduce the transmission of ultraviolet rays.  www.pollardwindows.com

Simonton Has the Right Retrofit
Available in seven standard sizes, the PD08 retrofit sliding patio door by Simonton Windows of Parkersburg, W.Va., features a sculpted exterior on the sash and frame, matching picture frames for sidelites and transoms, and a one-inch thick insulating glass unit with an Intercept® Spacer System.Other features include a welded sash that controls a multi-point locking system, a standard heavy-duty sliding screen, a mechanical knock-down frame and an assembly option. Glass options include clear, Prosolar, bronze, gray and obscure. Colonial and Prairie grid styles may be ordered in a variety of patterns. www.simonton.com 



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