Volume 8, Issue 10 - November 2007

Machinery Madness
Atlanta Show Displays Latest in Machinery

In a world that is becoming more and more automated, most door and window manufacturers depend on machinery to keep things running smoothly, efficiently and economically. Visitors to this year’s GlassBuild America show in Atlanta found many new machinery options available to add new functions to their plants, new options on their products and to upgrade their current set-ups. Following are the details on some of the industry’s newest offerings in this area.

Bystronic Upgrades Automatic Super Spacer® Line
Bystronic Inc. brought its Automatic Super Spacer insulating glass manufacturing line to the show floor. The company focused on the advancements made for the line since its 2005 debut. Among these, the line is able to provide simultaneous assembly, gas-filling and pressing of insulating glass units, short filling times, minimized gas loss due to program controlled filling parameters and adjustable, precise press plate movement. In addition, it provides tandem operation with or without separated press plates, additional equipment for gas filling with Krypton, as well as gas mixtures, one- or two-chamber filling of triple insulating glass units and integrated supervision of the gas-filling process. www.bystronic-glass.com

Get Express Screens with Formtek’s Latest
The Screen Express from Cleveland-based Winpro Formtek is designed to eliminate the costly, labor-intensive manual process with automatic spline insertion. The machine can produce an average of 90 screens per hour, according to the company, and provides consistent, quality with a programmable machine motion, which Formtek says eliminates hourglass effects.

Screen sizes can be downloaded from either an optional infrared bar code scanner or FTP download from your existing network with the Screen Express. In addition, the company says the machine requires only minimal operator training. www.winproformtek.com

Syn-Tech Offers EZ-Bending with the Omega Series
Syn-TEC in Beamsville, Ontario, has a new Omega EZ-Bend Series II, which includes a CNC radius table for high-volume quality production, a Model 6000 heating chamber and a segment table. The CNC radius table can change size in seconds, has a universal tool set that ensures consistent accuracy, offers symmetry and repeatability, eliminates glass templates, stores up to 50 profiles and discounts so the operator enters a finished radius, is equipped with lasers to mark center and both pivot points and has a heated press and table surface to prevent thermal shock. In addition, the table is equipped with side clamps and an extended press for bending continuous straight legs and has a surface of 96 by 144 inches.

The Model 6000 heating chamber offers dual-zone heat control, multiple profile lanes (up to 8 simultaneously), curtains at each end to accept profiles longer than 14 feet and a pneumatic hood with foot pedal.

Finally, the segment table is equipped with a pneumatic pressing plate, pneumatic clamping of setting tools, a 60- by 120-inch table surface, a compass scaled to 120 inches and casters for easy relocation. www.syn-tec.info

Nordson Offers DuraDrum™
Nordson Corp. of Duluth, Ga., displayed its latest offering, the DuraDrum Bulk Meter, which it said improves the product quality of insulating glass units. The system is designed to help control costs and improve quality, by going away from a pressure-based system, according to Nordson’s John Schnarr. In addition, the company offered the AD41 handgun, which offers the same function but is designed for smaller companies. It produces 50 to 100 units a day. www.nordson.com

In the “Quad” with Spadix
Spadix Technologies Inc. of Middlesex, N.J., offers the Quad Seal I.G. Sealing System, a fully automated system capable of sealing up to 1,200 units per 8-hour shift. The system has automatic size detection and requires no operator input. In addition, it can be operated as a stand-alone unit and is designed to apply a hot or cold sealant to dual- or triple-glaze flexible spacer units, as well as apply a secondary seal to dual- or triple-glaze metal spacer bar units. The company says the system’s unique design ensures no cold joints in any corner. www.spadixtechnologies.com


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