Volume 8, Issue 9 - October 2007

Machinery-of-the-Year Awards       

Attention Manufacturers: Tell Us Which Machines 
Should Receive
DWMís First Annual Machinery-of-the-Year Awards

Nominate a machine that has been introduced in the past three years. Manufacturers can nominate a machine currently being used in the plant or one that you have seen very recently that has caught your interest. Itís easy. All you have to do is give us the following information. You may fill out the form below and fax it to 540/720-5687 or you can e-mail the information to ttaffera@glass.com.

For Machines Currently Used in your Plant
Name of machine 

Supplier of above machine

 How long has your company been using this machine? 

In a few sentences, please let us know why you are nominating this machine. For example, how has it helped improve productivity at your plant? 

What are the features of the machine that you find most interesting? 

For Machines Not Yet Purchased (These can be products seen in magazines, researched on the Internet, seen at trade shows, etc.)
Name of machine Supplier of above machine 

Why you are interested in this machine? 

Features of machine that you find most interesting. 

Why would you like to purchase this machine for your plant? 

How will you decide, ultimately, if youíre going to purchase the machine? 

What factors will come into play? 

Responses are confidential. However, if we can contact you for more information for this article, please write your name and number here. 


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