Volume 8, Issue 8 - September 2007

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The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) has approved and released six updated documents, covering the following subjects: PVC exterior profiles, exterior walls, thermal cycling, pressure equalized rain screen wall cladding systems, sash balances and sliding glass door roller assemblies …

National Adhesives has published a brochure that explains how the company’s 14 adhesive technology platforms can be tailored to meet the needs of 39 discrete markets. National Adhesives calls this broad set of adhesive capabilities and solutions the 14x39 Technology Solutions Matrix … 

Mayes Brothers Tool Manufacturing Co. in Mineola, N.Y., has launched its new catalog, a comprehensive four-color, 25-page book. … Charles G. G. Schmidt and Co. released its new catalog, Number 900. Packed with new ideas and tooling, the catalog is a resource for tooling and machinery for all woodworking shops.  Insert cutters, router tooling, diamond bits, band saws and new knife profiles are just a few of the new items contained inside the 52-page book


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