Volume 9, Issue 2 - February 2008

Heavy Equipment
A Look at the Latest in Fabrication Equipment and Machinery

Urban’s Latest Machines Designed to be Flexible
Urban Machinery in Port Townsend, Wash., has several new machines to help window manufacturers run more efficiently.

The SV-410 is a single-head CNC cleaner designed to provide complete cleaning flexibility for all areas of any frame or sash profile. The machine comes standard with programmable disk cutter, top and bottom horizontal scarfing knives, vertical inside scarfing knives, top and bottom vertical drilling/routing units, automatic profile recognition and precision CNC motion control. Additional options include a wide array of standard and custom cleaning tools including Urban’s double pocket knife, an inside cleaning saw blade, custom angle knives, custom radius knives and tiltable horizontal drills. Also standard are high-speed drive components, a Windows® user interface, comprehensive self-diagnostics and oversized profile support table with integrated safety fencing.

The SV-722 is a twin-head, flexible, high-capability, high-throughput and cost-effective cleaner designed specifically for PVC sash manufacturing, the company says. The SV-722 offers complete servo-driven sash cleaning and features two high-speed servo axes per head (four axes total), Omron PLC-based control with quick start and shutdown, HMI Industrial touch-pad interface with Urban’s standard SV user menu structure, easy maintenance access and a self-diagnostic alarm system designed to provide quick and accurate troubleshooting. 

The machine has a lightweight movable head for ergonomic operation and Urban says its small footprint provides optimal output per square foot. Other features include standard automatic profile identification and optional tilt latch and pivot bar processing. www.u-r-b-a-n.com

RTM from Joseph Offers Variety
The RTM from Joseph Machine Co. in Dillsburg, Pa., is equipped with two adjustable angle saws and an adjustable perpendicular support arm, which the company says is ideal for cutting a variety of geometric window shapes. In addition, all of its clamping and fixtures are top-mounted for ease of adjustment and its multi-angle saws stroke up from the bottom for safe, efficient cuts. Options for servo-controlled width, height and cut angle adjustments also are available for the RTM. www.josephmachineco.com

GED Gets Smart with i-3™ Line
Twinsburg, Ohio-based GED Integrated Solutions has a new line of vinyl equipment and software designed to save labor, manage materials and improve cost efficiencies. The SmartVinyl i-3 line includes the SmartWeld i-3 and the SmartClean i-3.The SmartWeld i-3 is an automated vinyl welder with flexibility, speed and accuracy, according to the company. Using the SmartLoad i-3 module, the operator uploads the schedule and pre-loads vinyl profiles. The profiles then run continuously through a system that requires only one operator.

The SmartClean i-3 two-headed corner cleaner features an easy-to-use SmartLaser™ profile recognition system. The laser measures and automatically adjusts tool paths for high-quality corner cleaning, according to the company. By measuring the profile dimensions as they are loaded into the corner cleaner, the tool path is adjusted to handle vinyl’s unique variations automatically with precision. 

This eliminates the manual system tweaks normally required everyday with current corner cleaners due to variations in the profiles or the welding process. The system features include an on-screen touch interface for real-time data and monitoring, as well as remote programming and CAD profile importation, which that saves time, labor and eliminates confusion. www.gedusa.com 

Erdman® IG Secondary Sealer Available
Erdman says its IG Secondary Sealer, coupled with the Erdman® Fluid Metering System, provides consistent results at speeds up to 20 inches per second. The machine is available for purchase as either a stand-alone unit or as part of a complete line. Erdman’s sealant application systems are available to perform hot, cold and two-part applications. Likewise, it is equipped with an EAC positive displacement metering system to ensure seal at corners and start/stop position and an adjustable sealant fill via positive displacement pump and offers automatic sizing and sealant application. www.erdmanautomation.com

Multi-Task with SFM-Series
Window manufacturers can produce both screen frames and muntins in a just-in-time scenario with the SFM-Series Roll Former from Winpro. The company, which has offices in both Bedford, Ohio, and Cleveland, says the system can manufacture up to four unique shaped screen frames or muntins without changing the roll tooling.

Production files are sent from a central office computer to the roll former’s control, allowing the machine to manufacture screens in a production format. This technology reduces scrap, inventory levels, floor space and labor while providing a fabricator with the security to control production levels and quality, according to the company. The SFM-Series is equipped with a welded steel base and a 2-inch-thick solid steel center. www.winproformtek.com

Stiles Offers Kentwood™ Moulders
Stiles Machinery Inc. in Grand Rapids, Mich., now offers Kentwood moulders. The company says the moulders ensure accuracy and performance, and that each series in the Kentwood line is tailored specifically to meet unique production requirements. The Professional Series, the Kentwood M409, M509 and M609, is designed for first-time moulder buyers, while the Advanced Series is designed for companies with existing moulders who wish to upgrade. The Elite Series (the Kentwood M609HD and M612HD) is designed specifically for entry door manufacturers and industrial applications requiring heavy stock removal. www.stilesmachinery.com

CMS Launches ARES Series Machining Centers
The ARES Series CNC machining centers from Caledonia, Mich.-based CMS North America (a division of CMS Industries of Zogno (BG) Italy) are equipped with a five- axis liquid-cooled 8- or 16-horsepower working unit for machining entry doors and windows. Work areas from range from 12 x 4.5 x 4 feet up to 19.5 x 7.7 x 4 feet with single or multiple work zones and twin shuttle tables available. In addition, the centers are equipped with automatic front doors with enclosed sides and back for maximum safety and dust containment. Both OSAI and FANUC numerical controls with Microsoft® Office are available. The system also has quick positioning speeds, up to 3,150 inches per minute. www.cmsna.com 

Glass Washers from Carlson Available in Three Sizes
Carlson Systems Engineering (CSE) in Omaha, Neb., offers a new line of horizontal glass washers available in three different maximum glass width sizes, 60 inches, 84 inches and 96 inches. The HGW-2150 is the 84-inch model and features stainless steel construction in all water contact areas, Allen-Bradley controls, an integrated dryer and eight brushes for either standard or low-E glass. www.carlsonengineering.com

Ruvo Introduces New Hinge and Strike Jamb Mortising Machine 
Ruvo of Alda, Neb., has developed a new product for door jamb prep—the Ruvo 9808A hinge and strike jamb mortising machine. The machine was designed to have one operator machine both the strike jamb and the hinge jamb in one process. The Ruvo 9808A is designed for use in conjunction with the machining and preparation for exterior door assembly.

The 9808A will mortise for two, three or four hinges and will cut for the strike hole and rectangular faceplate. It is adjustable for length and width of jambs, location and number of hinges, size of hinges, size of strike hole and face plate.

The Ruvo 9808A will work with split or flat jambs, as well as with or without the applied stop. www.triadruvo.com

Billco’s Titan Washer Now Available
The Titan glass washing system is Billco Manufacturing’s newest machine. The Zelienople, Pa.-based company says its Titan delivers a premium level of performance and that it is equipped with advanced, maintenance-saving features to reduce and simplify daily maintenance requirements. Among these are configurable cleaning zones, reformulated roll coverings and an enhanced air knife design. The new low-profile, stainless steel design also minimizes floor space and reduces residual contaminants, say the company. The Titan also features various energy-efficient components to reduce energy consumption for optimal return on investment. www.billco-mfg.com 


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