Volume 9, Issue 7 - July-August 2008

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Join the Debate or Stay Silent
by Tara Taffera

This truly is a time when door and window manufacturers are faced with a myriad of difficult issues. Forget the fact that the housing market is at a record low, and in the minds of many, still not at the bottom, or the fact that the big R word—recession—still looms as a near reality. The door and window industry also faces other fears that will mean major changes for manufacturers. 

The general public may not know what S141 is; heck, some in the door industry might not even know, but they better. And if you’re a wood manufacturer and you’re not keeping up with the formaldehyde issue, you’re in trouble. And then there’s the biggest issue facing manufacturers that may change their manufacturing processes drastically–Energy Star®. It’s best to keep up with that one—your business depends on it. 

I’m not going to get into specifics regarding these topics, as all of these are covered within these pages, and in previous issues as well. 

How involved are you in shaping these debates? Are you fighting these changes, or are you joining the debate to become part of the solution?

The reviews of proposed changes to Energy Star are mixed. Some may gripe about what the Department of Energy is aiming to do, but they don’t submit their comments, or attend stakeholder meetings, or get involved in industry associations to make sure their input is heard.

If manufacturers haven’t been listening, they better start. 

Regarding the side-hinged door issue (see related story on page 16), many associations are taking a lead within their individual memberships to find a solution, but there is bickering among all these associations as to what solution may be the right one. 

Now back to my original question. How involved are you in shaping the debate? Are you like the state of California, which, in the case of environmental issues, has truly emerged as a leader in taking a stance on formaldehyde emissions, and PVC packaging (see page 12 for that story)? Or are you on the sidelines, waiting until a regulation has been passed before you decide to fight it? With some major changes on the horizon it might be in your best interest to join the debate now instead of staying silent until it’s too late.


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