Volume 9, Issue 3 - March 2008


Can You Fix It? 
Yes, you can, with the KNOT-TEC™ Wood Repair System. The system from Power Adhesives in Charlotte, N.C., allows manufacturers of wood doors and windows to repair knots and fill wooden surfaces before painting or finishing.

The system is available in a compact starter kit, which includes a TEC™ 250 high-temperature glue gun, three of each the company’s glue sticks in black, light-beige, amber and cola, a silicon release mat, two metal sink blocks and an instructional DVD. Starter Kit contents are packed in a sturdy, easy-to-carry metal case and the entire kit is available for under $100.

To use the system, a manufacturer simply fills the wood or knot with the molten adhesive and places one of the heat sink blocks over the repaired area. 

The heat sink block pushes the adhesive into the area being filled and forms a flat smooth finish on the board surface. Additionally, the stainless steel block rapidly transfers the heat from the adhesives and allows it to set almost instantly. Any surplus glue then is removed easily with a chisel or a cutting tool. After removal, the wood surface can be treated or painted as usual.  www.knottec.com

TruStile was Green When Green Wasn’t Cool
Some may think that the idea of “green” is a new concept, but for Denver-based TruStile® Doors, it’s been a way of life for quite a while, particularly with the company’s MDF door line.

“TruStile’s MDF doors have been green since our company started back in 1995,” says vice president of marketing Chuck Tamblyn. 

TruStile’s MDF interior and exterior doors are built with stile-and-rail construction, but are environmentally friendly—from the recycled MDF content to the low-emitting binders and no-added formaldehyde option. The company also offers several standard designs, with options for customization—including various glass and resin options. www.trustile.com

On a Roll with Simonton’s New StormBreaker Plus®
Simonton Windows has added the Horizontal Roller window to its line of impact-resistant StormBreaker Plus 300VL series for coastal area applications. The single-roller-style window meets American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) specifications for coastal areas and has received statewide approval for use in Florida through the Florida Building Code (FBC), according to the Parkersburg, W.Va.-based company.

The vinyl-framed windows have a standard DP50 rating and can be ordered with Solar E glass as an upgrade option to make the windows Energy Star®-qualified. Simonton offers the Horizontal Roller in a variety of sizes with a minimum of 25 inches wide by 19 inches high up to a maximum unit size of 73 inches wide by 62 inches high. www.simonton.com

Medite® FR: The Trilogy
SierraPine has re-introduced Medite FR, a Class 1 certified, flame-retardant, medium-density fiberboard (MDF) produced with a free binder system. The product was introduced originally in 1995, but was reformulated in 2003 (then, it was named Medite FR2) and now has been re-constructed again by the Roseville, Calif.-based company.

Information from the company says the latest MDF also has superior machinability and surface characteristics to its predecessors. www.sierrapine.com

New LoVo Paint Available in 496 Colors
C2 Paint has a new non-toxic, low-VOC paint, available in 496 handcrafted colors. The company plans to launch the environmentally friendly product, aptly named “LoVo,” on Earth Day on April 22.In addition to offering a large palette of 496 colors, the Amherst, N.Y.-based company is able to create the low-VOC paint in custom colors as well.

If you’re just looking to try out the new LoVo paint, C2 offers 16-ounce samplers, in an effort to cut down on unnecessary waste (and to make the product truly green). For those who would prefer not even to chance the 16-ounce samplers, the company offers Ultimate Paint Chips, which are 18- by 24-inch chips painted with real paint to provide you with a true sampling of the product’s capabilities. www.c2paint.com

EDL Offers Unit Load Systems
Green Bay, Wis.-based EDL Packaging Engineers Inc. offers its unit load systems, which it says allows manufacturers to enclose large, variable-sized products for transit. The manufacturer says the translucent low-density polyethylene film provides both product and handling point visibility during transit, at a significant cost reduction over corrugated based packaging, according to the company. In addition, the company says opaque film protects the enclosed products from ultraviolet radiation exposure during extended periods of outdoor storage. www.edlpackaging.com 

Isn’t This Grand(eur)?
Ritescreen’s newest deluxe out-swing screen door, the GranDeur, is designed to complement the most elegant patio doors and homes. It features an ultra-heavy, 4-inch-wide by 1 ¼-inch-thick extruded aluminum frame, and is available as a single- or double-French door unit.

The Elizabethville, Pa.-based company offers stylish mortise handle options in five finishes, black, white, brass, satin nickel or oil-rubbed bronze with a deadbolt lock. In addition, a full-view tempered glass panel is available as an upgrade option. www.ritescreen.com

Now You See It, Now You Don’t
Sliding and pocket doors have long been the architectural solution for small spaces where a swinging door would be in the way. Now, manufacturers have another option by using the latest hardware technology from L.E. Johnson Products Inc. This hardware is capable of moving multiple 300-pound panels, allowing homebuilders to incorporate moving wall surfaces to increase floor plan flexibility.

Johnson’s Series 200MD Multi Pass Hardware offers a track system that will accommodate individual door panels up to 48 inches each and come prepackaged in a set of three. The hardware also can be ordered to accommodate four panels side-by-side in a space, accommodating track lengths of up to 192 inches. www.johnsonhardware.com

Take It E-Z with Edgetech’s Latest 
Creating flawless grid patterns for shaped glass might have just gotten easier. Edgetech I.G. recently introduced enhancements to Nupro Product’s patent-pending E-Z RAD™ grid placement system. The latest features enable users to create up to 60 different patterns easily, including the most popular starburst, sunburst and combination patterns.

“One of the new features is a measurement indicator for the radius line, which eliminates the need to use pre-cut glass as a template. This is a huge time saver,” says Rob Miller, product manager for Edgetech I.G. E-Z RAD is a vertical workstation developed through a partnership between Cambridge, Ohio-based Edgetech I.G. and Monroe, Wash.-based Nupro. 

The system was designed to reduce time and material waste, reduce application time and provide precise muntin placement. www.edgetech360.com 


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