Volume 9, Issue 3 - March 2008

Opening Up

Reader Says Data is Unsubstantiated
Dear DWM,
The article “A Better Barometer” by Paul Bush that appears on page 44 of the January 2008 edition of Door and Window Manufacturer Magazine does a disservice to your readers by making a claim without appropriate substantiation. 

The author states that “... glass products manufactured with tinted and low-E coatings have damage weighted transmittance comparable to laminated glasses, which typically have zero ultraviolet (UV) transmittance.”  

From a technical perspective this claim should have been accompanied by one or more sets of data in his table that showed the measured UV transmission and Tdw-ISO for comparable glazing make-ups with and without laminated glass. With such data the reader would better be able to determine how “comparable” the two products actually are.

Mark P. Gold 
Applications Manager 
Solutia Inc.

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