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Get the Scoop on the Newest Products in DWM’s Fourth Annual New Products  

The day of a door and window manufacturer is a busy one, so there isn’t much time to research the latest new products and services. That’s where DWM’s New Products Guide comes in. We’ve requested information from suppliers in all facets of the industry and their submissions on the latest products are found in the pages below. Keep this guide for reference. It will save you time when you’re next looking for a new lock or a new software package. 

HARDWARE Latch, Lock and Go 
Ashland Hardware Systems has a new hardware that integrates the tilt and lock function of hung-style vinyl windows, making operation smooth and simple for the homeowner. Central to this integration technology is DualTech™, a simple intuitive operation with a clean lock rail appearance, according to the company.

For smooth and quick system integration into existing window designs, DualTech adapts automatically to a large range of profile designs and offsets in the industry. Sash fabrication for the entire system is also very simple, requiring a basic one-step route operation for both the latch and lock. The installation also is simple for window manufacturers, as it is offered in three sub-assemblies. Three different extension bar lengths may be chosen, and the entire system can be installed in less than 30 seconds, according to the company. DualTech holds up to 400 pounds of static load, and allows maximum profile strength at critical areas of the window sash, according to the company. Additionally, DualTech passed more than 16,000 cycles, which a company representative says is more than four times the industry standard.  www.ashlandhardware.com

SCREENS RiteScreen at Right Price
RiteScreen has added a new patio door screen to its offerings and says the product provides premium quality at a non-premium price. The “148Ext” aluminum frame is a 2-inch wide profile that features an attractive contoured design, according to the company. The “148Ext” is available with RiteScreen’s AdvanEdge side adjust roller system, which delivers stability and rolling performance. With this addition, the company says it is possible to “upgrade to a premium door without the premium price.” www.ritescreen.com

HOPPE Handles Gets Bronzed
The newest line of handles for swing and sliding multipoint locking patio doors is now available in bronze, according to the Fort Atkinson, Wis.-based HOPPE North America. The new HOPPE Bronze hardware line offers handle set selections for swing and sliding patio doors that operate with the HLS™ 9000 multipoint hardware systems from HOPPE.

The HOPPE Bronze line is produced using an investment casting process. According to literature from the company, the Patina finish is designed such that it will change in color and texture over time subtly. www.hoppe.com 

G-U’s New e-Lockbolt is Easy
The new BKS e-Lockbolt is the only bolt of its kind available in a multi-point construction, according to G-U Hardware representative Dan Alexander. The motorized sliding door system has an integrated deadbolt and latch, requires no key and works as a burglar alarm as well. In addition, according to information from the company, it is easily programmable and is re-keyable with an emergency key override. The system, which requires no wiring, is available in six finishes and has a panic exit function. www.g-u.com

Vent It with New Stop from Vision
Vision Industries Group has a new, innovative vent stop. The 1760 vent stop has two new features: it is equipped with a uniquely designed toggle-action tumbler that’s activation is said to be as simple to use as a light switch; and, it has the ability to secure itself into any wall thickness ranging from .055 to .120 with a single SKU. The patent-pending device is coupled with a completely enclosed rear housing to prevent air infiltration. www.visionhardware.com

DECORATIVE GLASS Stained Glass Meets Metal 
Kenyon’s Stained Glass Factory Inc. says it has enhanced the look of its current product line by blending traditional stained glass with its metalist designs. Metalist pieces are treated like cut glass and inserted into caming. The metalist designs simulate the look of forged ironwork, but with intricate detail that cannot be matched with traditional wrought iron. “Over the past year, we’ve seen wrought iron as a popular design choice for doors and windows,” says Chris Kenyon, president. “By incorporating glass or metalist accents to doors or windows, homeowners can add value and curb appeal to their homes.”The company specializes in custom shapes, sizes, colors and designs with lead times of less than 10 days. www.kenyonglass.com

Manhattan Makes its Big Debut 
Inspired by its East Coast customers, The “Manhattan” is a new handle designed to work with the TITAN™ sliding patio door locking system from Roto Frank of America. The handle features an ergonomic design and inside mounting screws that are side-mounted for a clean appearance. It is available in interior and exterior lock assemblies (locking and non-locking), and customers can choose from 2-, 4- and 6-point options. 

The 2-point version has two opposing hooks to prevent the door panel from being lifted off the track and out of the frame. All lock assemblies have a heavy-duty mishandling device to prevent damage to the locking hooks when closing the door and a locking/unlocking detent feature that indicates positive-lock or unlock status. 

Other components in the TITAN system include exterior pulls in locking or non-locking configurations, a latch lever, a mounting base, strikers (2-point, 4-point, extruded with flange), and cylinders that are available keyed alike or keyed random, with either a chrome face or brass face finish. www.rotohardware.com

SOFTWAREFeneVision® Web Center Helps Improve Business Flow
According to FeneTech, it’s commonsense: “The easier it is for your clients to generate quotations and place orders the more likely they are to buy from you.”

The company says its FeneVision Web Center allows manufacturers to in turn provide their customers with round the clock access to real-time pricing and scaled graphical representation of the quoted product. This shortens the lead time of the quoting process and transmits the order electronically to a facility, eliminating the need to enter an order manually.

The company says that customers will also have access to on-demand pricing, delivery time and real-time confirmation that what they are asking for can actually be manufactured. They also have the capability to check the status of existing orders along with their purchase history. An added benefit to manufacturers is they can promote different specials or messages to customers each time they log in to the system. www.fenetech.com

OPERATOR SYSTEMS Make Windows “Marvel™”-ous with Truth System
Truth Hardware’s latest Marvel™ Power Operator system for windows and skylights is comprised of a small and sleek motorized system that the company says is simple to install and easy to operate. The system is rated to lift skylight sashes weighing up to 90 pounds, and operates from a standard 110-volt household current, with no transformer required. Company officials say that this system for windows and skylights proves that simpler can be better. www.truth.com

i-Sight Gives Eyesight to Plant Staff
The new i-Sight software from GED Integrated solutions enables machinery to report actual material usage, cycle times and throughput instantly and in real time. Part of the Twinsburg, Ohio-based company’s LeanNET® software line, the new addition is designed to give financial and management personnel a virtual view of the production floor, making it easy for them to analyze detailed, to-the-minute production costs, including unplanned manufacturing due to remakes, material problems, quality issues or mistakes, according to information from GED.

i-Sight also enables window machinery to e-mail key personnel when emergency, preventive or predictive maintenance is needed.GED provides complete installation, training and customization of i-Sight software. www.gedusa.com

Windflite Offers Double the Solutions 
Windflite Computer Systems Inc. offers two different software systems for door and window manufacturers, Winsys Lite and Winsys Lite Eye.

Winsys Lite allows remote entry of orders and estimates, works as a stand-alone program on a personal computer, laptop or internal network, uses encrypted Winsys data for product information and allows dealers to e-mail order to the factor for import into Winsys so that no re-keying is needed. In addition, Winsys Lite allows for the addition of dealer charges, such as installs, measures, etc. 

Winsys Lite Eye, however, runs as an online program and offers all of the features of Winsys Lite, along with a backlog inquiry tool. All of the data for the system is stored on secure web servers at Winsys headquarters, and dealers can check the status of orders online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, order-entry can be disabled, making the system simply an order inquiry tool. www.windflite.com

It’s the New Frontier (ERP) from Friedman
Friedman Corp.’s Frontier ERP suite offers all types of services for coordinating the manufacture and sale of your products. The system includes solutions for advanced order promising, purchasing order control, inventory control, materials optimization, purchasing and receiving, advanced manufacturing execution, business unit security, customer data management, license plate control, product costing, real-time reporting, configuration management, accounting, materials planning, product data management and production scheduling and matching.

In addition to the product suite, the Deerfield, Ill.-based company also offers an e-business product that enables customers and sales representatives to generate quotes and orders directly, using the Internet and a Java-enabled browser. yyä www.friedmancorp.com

PACKAGINGA Packaging Essentia
The bottom skid by Doorframer Inc. of Lincoln, Calif., is designed to protect the jamb from chipping and to make the door easier to slide, according to company officials. It’s intended for use with both interior and exterior doors from the point of manufacture to the point of installation. The bottom skid is secured by stapling to the jamb.According to a company release, it is easy to install and its design reduces the chance of a part being dislodged by rough floors or wire racks. In addition, the bottom skid can be installed on the head jamb for easy movement when the door is inverted.yyä www.doorframer.com 

FILMSRenolit Offers FAST Solutions
American Renolit Corp. has announced an expansion of its FAST exterior film range to include new commercial colors. These new color selections, the “Euras” colors, are designed to allow PVC and fiberglass windows to have the popular metallic finishes of anodized metals, according to information from the Swedesboro, N.J.-based company. The films are designed to be compatible with both the interior and exterior of the window profile.The films carry 10-year warranty in the United States and Canada. The Euras line includes one silver and two metallic anodized finishes. The FAST range also now includes a true black color laminate film. www.renolit.com

Manage Your Projects with SureFire
The project management software system from SureFire Systems Inc. comes fully loaded with product and manufacturing data, so that manufacturers can begin using it immediately. In addition, the company sends its team members out to tour manufacturing plants in an effort to understand manufacturers’ needs for the software system.The system will combine a company’s price book, engineering bills of material, plant flowcharts and work centers to provide a total project management solution. www.surefiresys.com

HANDLESLife and Slide with FFI
The latest handles from Function Fenestration Inc. (FFI) not only lift, but they slide, too, in an effort to complement the company’s stainless steel lift slide system hardware.

FFI’s handles all are high quality and designed to resist corrosion, according to the Hawthorne, Calif.-based company. FFI custom brass handles are made of hot-forged brass with a choice of oil-rubbed bronze, satin nickel or a polished brass finish. They also have low-profile plates and come with a 5-year warranty. The handles are available in numerous configurations, including removable, fixed and double handles for cylinders—with matching pulls for exteriors or screen doors. Other handles options include stainless steel and handles. yyä www.fenestration.net

CMS North America, a division of CMS Industries of Zogno (BG) Italy, now has available the ARES Series CNC machining centers. The centers are equipped with a five- axis, liquid-cooled 8-HP or 16-HP working unit machining entry doors and windows. Work areas range from 12 by 4.5 by 4 feet, up to 19.5 by 7.7 by 4 feet with single or multiple work zones and twin shuttle tables are available. The centers have automatic front doors with enclosed sides and back for maximum safety and dust containment, according to the company. www.cmsna.com

DOOR COMPONENTS Increase Your (Doors’) Iron Intake
Kits Glass is now offering custom wrought iron for doors, sidelites, transoms and many other applications. Regardless of design, size or shape required, the company can fabricate wrought iron insulating tempered units to complement any architectural style. All units can be sealed with one of several obscure glass options where privacy is required, according to information from the company. www.kitsglass.ca

Corner Cleaners Aplenty from Urban
The two newest corner cleaners from Urban Machinery in Port Townsend, Wash., were designed to meet a variety of corner-cleaning needs for manufacturers.

The SV-410 is a single-head CNC cleaner designed to provide complete cleaning flexibility for all areas of any frame or sash profile. The machine comes standard with programmable disk cutter, top and bottom horizontal scarfing knives, vertical inside scarfing knives, top and bottom vertical drilling/routing units, automatic profile recognition and precision CNC motion control. Additional options include a wide array of standard and custom cleaning tools, including Urban’s double pocketknife, an inside cleaning saw blade, custom angle knives, custom radius knives and tiltable horizontal drills. Also standard are high-speed drive components, Windows® user interface, comprehensive self-diagnostics and oversized profile support table with integrated safety fencing.

The SV-722 is a twin-head, flexible, high-capability, high-throughput cleaner designed specifically for PVC sash manufacturing, according to the company. The SV-722 offers complete servo-driven sash cleaning and features two high-speed servo axes per head (four axes total). It also features Omron PLC-based control with quick start and shutdown, HMI Industrial touch pad interface with Urban’s standard SV user menu structure, easy maintenance access and a self-diagnostic alarm system that company officials say provides quick and accurate troubleshooting. Other features include standard automatic profile identification and optional tilt latch and pivot bar processing.yyä www.u-r-b-a-n.com

Erdman® Offers Automated Glazer at Affordable Price 
Erdman is introducing a new automated glazer, the 2000 Series. According to the company, this new automated glazer was developed as an economical alternative to its 3000 and 5000 Series Automated Glazers. The new machine is equipped with a stepper control system utilizing Erdman’s fluid-metering technologies to provide a consistent bead of sealant and maintain accurate and reliable production.

Like Erdman’s other machines, the new glazer is electronically speed-controlled and utilizes its sealant-metering system to provide a consistent, uniform bead of sealant, according to information from the company. The machine can dispense both ambient and heated sealants and is suitable for aluminum, wood, vinyl and composites.yyä www.erdmanautomation.com 

DISPLAYS New EDTM Tool Provides Multiple Values All at Once
The latest tool from Electronic Design to Market Inc. (EDTM) displays solar heat gain coefficients and ultraviolet and visible light transmission values simultaneously. The WE2500 window energy meter is simple and fast, according to the Toledo-based company, and is an effective sales tool when demonstrating the qualities of a piece of glass. The system is portable and self-contained, does not require any additional light sources and is powered by a 9-volt battery. www.edtm.com

DAC Allows you to Stow-N-GoThe Stow-N-Go 
display addresses the age-old dilemma of showing a full-size product while keeping a display transportable, according to its manufacturer, DAC Products. The latest display set-up from the East Bend, N.C.-based company includes trade show pop-up walls, table-top display panels, banner stands and accessories. In addition, DAC produces wide-format digital printing to make your trade-show booth stand out.The company also offers custom designs to meet your individual requirements.yyä www.dacproducts.com

Pre-Hang Doors from Start to Finish with Dotul’s System
Dotul Inc. now offers a complete system for pre-hanging doors. The system from Pagosa Springs, Colo.-based company includes a loader, machining center, unloader and assembly table used in sequence provide safe and efficient door handling operations. Company officials say the heavy-duty design of each machine is well-built, reliable and affordable. The newest addition to the line is the DT-525 automatic loader. The operator no longer has to lift the door into the machine, speeding production and reducing the risk of injury. All Dotul pre-hanging machinery carries a 2-year parts warranty.

The Dotul system is available from its distributor, Global Sales Group. www.globalsalesgroupllc.com or www.dilco.net


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