Volume 9, Issue 10 - November 2008


Stow and Go with DAC
DAC Products, a manufacturer of sample and display materials for the door and window industry, has designed a new display concept. Showing a full size product while keeping the display transportable has been an issue for window merchandisers in the past, so now, DAC offers the Stow-N-Go, which allows for a full-size window with a retractable feature that protects it and supplies a low center of gravity for stable transporting. In addition, company representatives say the large, heavy-duty casters provide easy mobility. Optional top sign mounts and printed top and bottom sign panels as well as other graphics can be added to display company logos and detail product features. An optional protective cover can also be purchased for use during transport.

PPG Adds New
Option to Glass
PPG Industries is introducing its most popular tinted glasses with Solarban 70XL or Solarban 60 solar control, low-emissivity coatings on the second surface of the glass. All PPG tints from the Oceans of Color collection, including Atlantica, Azuria, Caribia and Solexia glasses, as well as Solargray and Solarbronze tinted glasses, are now offered with Solarban 70XL or Solarban 60 solar control, low-E coating on the second surface of the glass. ❙❙➤ www.ppgideascapes.com

Keep the Moisture Out
Handi-Seal door and window sealant is a patented closed cell, low-pressure door and window foam from Fomo. According to the company, Handi- Seal complies with AAMA 812-04, and will not bow or distort doors or windows. The sealant uses a patented Dry Seal technolo-gy designed to prevent moisture and mold problems by repelling water. Handi-Seal is applied with a straw applicator or a professional dispensing unit and is formulated with a distinct gray color. ❙❙➤ www.fomo.com

Adhesive Has
High “Initial Grab”
The new FFVSA acrylic adhesive from Pres-On is designed to have high “initial grab” to provide a quick seal. The adhesive is available in standard rolls of 180 yards in length and is .005 inches thick. It comes in widths from 3⁄16 to 54 inches. ❙❙➤ www.pres-on.com

Adchem Introduces HF Series The new HF series of hybrid glazing tapes for door and window manufacturers provide a highstrength, ultraviolet-resistant acrylic adhesive bond to glass and a rubber-based adhesive bond to the vinyl lineal coated on a crosslinked, closed-cell polyolefin foam, according to their manufacturer, Adchem Corp. The foam, which has a 338 percent modulus of elasticity and less than .4 percent water absorption, creates a strong, flexible and moisture-resistant barrier. Likewise, the tapes offer an easyrelease, high-density blue polyethylene release liner. ❙❙➤ www.adchem.com.

DuPont Expands
SentryGlas® Offerings
DuPont is expanding its range of DuPont™ SentryGlas® interlayers to meet a broader range of needs for protective doors, windows and safety-glazed building elements. The newest SentryGlas® is available in thinner sheets that provide protection while replacing thicker traditional interlayers. ❙❙➤ www.dupontelastomers.com

Astro Plastics Offers Bendable Flashing Astro Plastics has created ASTROflashing, a bendable head flashing for use on circular, elliptical or straight trim. ASTROflashing channels water outside, which the company says limits water intrusion and helps prevent rot and mold.

ASTROflashing installs easily on the job site, according to the company, and can be measured and cut to length with a scissor or snips and install the adhesive-backed flashing. The material is available in 2 ¾- and 3 ½-inch widths and is sold in 50-foot reels. ❙❙➤ www.astroplastics.com

Work Smart with SmartLoad GED’s new SmartLoad Welding System i-3™ is an automated vinyl profile welder that delivers speed and accuracy and increased productivity of 400+ cycles per shift, according to the company. The i-3 module features controlled-pace operation allowing the operator to simply upload the schedule and pre-load vinyl profiles, with no stopping or interruptions. The profiles then run through the SmartWeld i-3 continuously. GED representatives say this non-stop operation and quick changeover boost throughput by up to 70 percent.

The machine’s multi-level fixturing with independent referenced weld fixtures allow for strong, consistent welds and cleaning, plus accurate sizing within each tier. The SmartLoad Welding System i-3 is part of the company’s SmartPlant™ vision, designed to integrate glass and vinyl production with its LeanNET® software solutions to help door and window manufacturers eliminate confusion on the production floor. ❙❙➤ www.gedusa.com

ISC Makes Bow/Bay
Installation Easy Industrial Sales Corp. (ISC) is marketing a new tool to assist with the installation of bay/bow windows, the Deluxe Model 4000 Grip-Tite cable support kit. The Deluxe Model 4000 kit features the same benefits and quality parts as the original series from the Westport, Conn.- based company, but includes new innovations such as a “No Twist– Never Twist” lock washer and cable stud, and a patented Grip-Tite cleat for quick and easy installations, according to the company.

ISC’s “No Twist–Never Twist” locking mechanism utilizes a specially designed stud and lock washer combination, which holds each cable in place, preventing twisting when tightening the cable and performing final leveling and installation. Each kit also includes the patented Grip- Tite cleat with original easy lace, a permanent locking system and a new tag end control device. ❙❙➤ www.iscamerica.com

Woodgrain Provides Sashes and Frames in Three Different Woods Woodgrain Millwork in Fruitland, Idaho, offers window sashes and frames in a variety of woods, including Radiata pine from New Zealand, Ponderosa and Knotty alder.

Among Woodgrain’s options for its sash products are those that they can be treated with a coating from Kop-Coat Inc., have precision endwork, are drilled and routed for hardware, include weatherstrip applications and priming.

The company’s frames include the same options as available on its sashes, along with optional PVC blind stops and brickmolds.

Company officials say the company ships more than ten trucks of finished window parts per week throughout the country, and currently has lead times of five weeks from purchase order to delivery. Woodgrain also provides patio door rails and stiles, assembled Atrium patio doors, mouldings and interior pine doors. ❙❙➤ www.woodgrain.com


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