Volume 9, Issue 10 - November 2008

Win-door World Industry Displays Latest Products in Toronto

The fenestration industry will again gather this year for the annual Win-door North America show in Toronto November 11-13. The event, which will be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Center North Building, Halls A and B, is sponsored by the Canadian Window and Door Manufacturers Association. More than 100 exhibitors will be traveling to the show to display their latest products. Read on for some of the highlights.

RiteScreen Adds New Patio
Door Screen to Offering RiteScreen has a new patio door screen available, which company officials say offers premium quality at a non-premium price. The 148Ext aluminum frame is a 2-inch wide profile with a contoured design and is available with the company’s AdvanEdge side adjust roller system. ❙❙➤ www.ritescreen.com

Technoform Goes 24/7 with Spacer Production Technoform recently established 24/7 manufacturing operations for its TGI® warmedge spacer and is planning significant capital expansion to keep pace with market demand. The TGI warm-edge spacer features a hybrid design and offers warm-edge performance as measured by independent laboratory testing, according to the company. Additional performance benefits include: exceptional argon retention; easy integration with current insulating glass manufacturing equipment; machine-controlled muntin locations; corner connectors that incorporate argon-filling holes; and aesthetically pleasing sightlines. Several color options are available for a variety of market needs. ❙❙➤ www.technoform.us

Resiver Adds New
Features to Several Series Resiver has expanded both its 300 and 400 Series by adding two new features to each. Both new have available the new “FR” version, a patio door with a 12-inch kick panel, and three options for laminated wood grain interior finishes.

The company also will display its 500 Series and HybridexMC R850, which are available with exclusive V-grooved glass patterns. ❙❙➤ www.resiver.com

WTS System Designed for Efficient Business The software package from WTS Paradigm® offers several features to make manufacturing run smoothly. The system maintains real-time information through dashboard reporting, provides operational control and creates a structure for growth, according to the company. In addition, it allows for reporting and sales force management, along with direct sales capabilities. It also can integrate into your company’s current accounting program, eliminating the need for double entry of information.

Along with these benefits, the system allows you to send accurate information to the plant, provides order process management, efficiency reporting and barcode scanning.

“WTS CenterPoint module has allowed Eagle to realize significant gains in our sales volume without having to add support staff to handle the growth,” says one WTS user, Dave Beeken, president of Eagle Window and Door. ❙❙➤ www.wtsparadigm.com

Check Out Schlegel’s
New Magnetic Seals S c h l e g e l S y s t e m s , based in Rochester, N.Y., is introducing its new TPE extruded m a g n e t i c seals at the show. The extruded thermoplastic elastomer magnetic (TPE) seal combines thermoplastic flexibility with the functional performance of thermoplastic rubber. Schlegel’s new engineering and development capabilities can produce a TPE bulb to meet almost any application requirement, according to the company. With extruded TPE, the flexible bulb acts as a mechanical seal with little resistance; conforms to the shape of the sealing surface better than rigid materials; and is available in a range of sizes and colors. ❙❙➤ www.schlegel.com

New Patio Door is Royally Improved Royalplast, a division of Royal Window and Door Profiles, has improved its Performer patio door just in time for the show. The door is a vinyl/wood-clad fused frame system designed with a sleek appearance and quality craftsmanship designed for extreme weather conditions, according to the company.

The Performer patio door is available with a 5 ½-inch or a 7 ¼-inch jamb depth and is offered with a standard 1-inch glass package to provide energy efficiency and reliability. A new high-performance sill is also part of the new design which achieves a DP-50 rating for enhanced performance, improved water tightness and extreme rigidity. The product is contour grids. The door is also equipped with a heavy-duty aluminum extruded screen system. ❙❙➤ www.royalplast.ca

Renolit Introduces New
Opportunities for PVC and Fiberglass Window Systems American Renolit Corp. has extended its FAST exterior film range to include new colors, known as “Euras.” These new color selections are designed to allow PVC and fiberglass windows to have the popular metallic finishes of anodized metals. Suitable for both the interior and exterior of the window profile, company officials say these products stand up to the elements exceptionally well in all North American climates. The films carry a 10-year exterior warranty in the United States and Canada.

The Euras range offers a silver and two metallic anodized finishes. American Renolit’s FAST range also now includes a true black color exterior laminate film as well. ❙❙➤ www.renolit.com

Fenzi Offers Desiccant for Both Manual and Auto Filling Fenzi North America has added Fenzi Molver desiccant to its product line. Available for both manual and auto filling stations, Fenzi Molver 3A Desiccant will provide water adsorption for insulating glass (IG) production, according to the company.

In addition, Fenzi North America currently manufactures and distributes Thiover Polysulphide, Butylver PIB along with Alu Pro and Roll Tech spacer profiles for the IG market. ❙❙➤ www.fenzi-na.com

Finishes Galore
Available from Superior Superior Finishes Inc. offers several finishes for doors and windows. Among the Winnipeg, Manitobabased company’s offerings are the S e q u o i a ® Series VI fluoropolymer made with KYNAR Aquatec™ Emulsion, air dry, force dry and bake formulations, which the company says has a durability of 40 years. In addition, the company offers its Sequoia® 444 and 888 Series water-base formulations. ❙❙➤ www.superiorfinishesinc.com


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