Volume 9, Issue 9 - October 2008

Glitz, Glamour & Great Products

All Can Be Found
in Las Vegas
Is it the time of year when you’re thinking of upgrading your machinery or equipment? Or, perhaps you’d like to add some new options to your products, and are shopping for the components to make this possible. If so, the following pages include a preview of the latest products available. These will be on display at the GlassBuild America Show, October 5-8, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Even if you don’t make it to Las Vegas, save this as a reference when you’re searching for a new component or piece of equipment to incorporate in your operations.

Achieve High Speed with Stürtz Linear Pro
Booth #837
The new Linear Pro Series frame and sash process centers from Stürtz features the fast, smooth and accurate positioning of the latest linear motor technology to feed profiles into the sawing and fabrication area, according to the company. The system is equipped with carbide-tipped saw blades that make 45-degree cuts as the parts are being fabricated. Fabrication is available from above, below and sides, and fabrication tools are mounted to allow concurrent fabrication of several features.

Other benefits of the system cited by the company include the following:

• Fabrication tools are easily accessible above the tabletop;

• The lower tools are mounted on a tilting carriage inside the saw head;

• When in the maintenance mode, the tooling carriage can be unlocked and tilted for easy access for tool changes and maintenance; and

• Tool breakage sensors are available on smaller cutters to alert the operator if a fabrication tool has become damaged. ❙❙➤ www.sturtz.com

Saw Aluminum Extrusions Easily
Booth #2580
If you’re strolling the halls in Las Vegas in need of a saw specifically for aluminum extrusions, check out the offerings at Pat Mooney Inc. The company says its up-cut saws saw aluminum extrusions with a burr-free mirror finish quickly and accurately. The upcut design of the saw blade, where the saw is housed under the worktable and travels up through the workpiece, promotes safe operation, as well as easy chip removal and a longer blade life, according to the company.

The saws are equipped with strong drive systems (5 – 7.5 HP saw motors) that enable maximum cutting force and chip removal. For extreme precision, the saws include pneumatic clamping systems with adjustable clamping pressure to prevent distortion of thin wall profiles.

The saw blade feed is also pneumatically controlled. Full control of the feed rate results in accurate cuts and a long blade life, while control of the saw blade travel allows for fast cycle times. ❙❙➤ www.patmooneysaws.com

Stiles Offers Quick
Profile Changes
Booth #2310
Stiles Machinery Inc. will showcase a variety of machines at the show, one of which is a quickchange profile wrapping system that allows for profile changes within minutes. The company says this is very important given current market conditions that require the ability to change product quickly at minimum cost with no loss of quality.

The Friz Optimat PUM series are standard machines, designed using modular construction with highquality technology at a very attractive price, and capable of wrapping complex profiles with paper, foil, laminate or veneer. The PUM machines are designed to wrap profiles 10 to 450 mm wide with a feed speed of at least 40 meters per minute. Many options are available to customize Friz profile wrappers to customers’ specific needs including varying combinations of aggregates and stations, automatic infeed/outfeed, profile changeover and material splicing.❙❙➤ www.stilesmachinery.com

Graco® Gets Its New Motor Going
Booth #2564
Graco’s sealant and adhesive supply systems now is available with NXT™ air motor technology—what the Minneapolis-based company calls “the new standard in air motor durability,” as the system lasts ten times longer than the King air motor.

According to the company, the system’s modular design of the Check- Mate® pump and its cartridge packings make maintenance easy. The optional DataTrak™ electronic user interface tracks material usage and flow, provides pump runaway protection and supports preventative maintenance strategies. ❙❙➤ www.graco.com

Dispense Easily
with Nordson Equipment
Booth #1664
Nordson Corp. is unveiling its AG-900+ dispensing applicator at the show. The company says the applicator is ideal for backbedding. This zerocavity style automatic applicator has been redesigned to provide clean cutoff while working with a wide range of materials and temperature settings. Accurate material flow and positive shutoff help eliminate clogs or drips. ❙❙➤ www.nordson.com

New Patio Door is Royally Improved
Booth #1326
Royalplast, a division of Royal Window and Door Profiles, has improved its Performer patio door just in time for the show. The door is a vinyl/wood-clad fused frame system that was engineered and designed with a sleek appearance and quality craftsmanship  designed for extreme weather conditions, according to the company.

Weiss USA entered the U.S. door and window market approximately 18 months ago, though it’s Germanbased parent company has been in existence for 200 years, 35 of which it has served door and window manufacturers. The company offers adhesives, cleaners and sealants for the industry and is exhibiting at GlassBuild America for the second time this year.

DWM interviewed sales manager Stephen Kirkpatrick to talk about the company’s entrance into the U.S. market and how it has fared thus far in the midst of a housing downturn. Kirkpatrick says many manufacturers in the United States were aware of the company’s products overseas prior to its entrance into the U.S. market and were excited about having Weiss here.

So what makes Weiss’ products different? According to Kirkpatrick, it’s the fact that the company has a polyurethane adhesive, which is designed to cure faster than traditional adhesives. He adds that Weiss is more than an adhesive supplier, though.

“Manufacturers look at adhesives to solve a particular problem,” he says. For example, maybe the sealant isn’t bonding properly. “But our adhesive will do two things. It will bond properly but it will also help manufacturers build a tighter window to make it more energy efficient.” He illustrates the point further by saying that Weiss helps companies with other issues, such as helping them solve a quality control issue in the plant.

So does the company regret entering the market, when shortly thereafter, it dipped further? Kirkpatrick says that in a way the downturn has been a benefit as manufacturers are now in the research and development process.

“With the downturn customers are looking at better ways to build their windows,” he says.

The Performer patio door is available with a 5½-inch or a 7 ¼-inch jamb depth and is offered with a standard 1-inch glass package to offer energy efficiency and reliability. A new high-performance sill is also part of the new design which achieves a DP-50 rating for enhanced performance, improved water tightness and extreme rigidity. The product is contour grids. The door is also equipped with a heavy-duty aluminum extruded screen system. ❙❙➤ www.royalplast.ca

Sharing the
Sustainability Message
Booth #1934
Edgetech kicked off its ‘Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Tour’ with a bang this year at Fensterbau in Nuremberg, Germany, and the company will bring the tour to Las Vegas as well—energy efficiency and sustainability will be the main attraction at the Edgetech booth.

As part of Edgetech University, the company will welcome representatives from the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Association and the National Fenestration Rating Council, among others, into its booth to provide information on energy efficiency and sustainability. Expert resources for ENERGY STAR® updates in the United States and Canada also will be on-hand.

“It won’t be long before the [National Fenestration Rating Council], in conjunction with the [Department of Energy], requires IG certification for ENERGY STAR labeling in the U.S. and Canada. It is estimated that fewer than 30 percent of IG manufacturers currently certify. Edgetech University will serve as an educational forum at GlassBuild to help customers prepare now for the upcoming mandates,” says Edgetech executive vice president Larry Johnson.

Edgetech will also feature its Super Spacer SustainaView™ Window Technology at GlassBuild. ❙❙➤ www.edgetechig.com

Truseal Makes Green
More than a Color
Booth #2174
Truseal Technologies Inc. in Solon, Ohio, is going green in several ways at GlassBuild. For starters, the company will spotlight its Envirosealed Windows™ campaign, which is intended to simplify the environmental messaging for window manufacturers by highlighting the benefits of thermally efficient spacers. It is available to any window manufacturer using the energy efficient
Dura Platform spacer system, consisting of Duralite™ and Duraseal™.

The company also invites attendees to stop by the seminar it is sponsoring, “World Going Green: What Do Homeowners Want in Environmentally Responsible Windows?” The seminar will feature video clips from a pre-taped homeowner focus group, followed by an onsite panel discussion.

Of course, if that isn’t enough of a draw, visitors to the booth can also stop by to register to win a two-year lease on a 2008 Toyota Prius hybrid vehicle and other prizes. ❙❙➤ www.truseal.com

Technoform Offers
Round-the-Clock Performance
Booth #1026
As insulating glass (IG) and window manufacturers prepare for tighter energy codes, Technoform in Twinsburg, Ohio, has established around the clock manufacturing operations for its TGI warm-edge spacer, with expansions planned to keep pace with market demand. The TGI warm-edge spacer features a hybrid design and performance benefits such as strong argon retention; easy integration with current IG manufacturing equipment; machine-controlled muntin locations; corner connectors that incorporate argon-filling holes; and aesthetic sightlines. ❙❙➤ www.technoform.us

Glasslam Combines Thermal
and Hurricane Protection
Booth #226
For fabricators looking to offer insulating glass that is able to meet hurricane impact codes, the patent pending Air-Tight Sudden Impact IG System from Glasslam N.G.I. Inc. in Pompano Beach, Fla., was designed to do so quickly and efficiently.

The system uses a layer of crystal clear resin that is applied with a proprietary process, bonding one interior glass surface with the spacer, to rapidly create a hurricane impact unit with one lite less than a typical unit. ❙❙➤ www.glasslam.com

Get the RiteScreen
for your Needs
Booth #626
If you’re looking to add a new patio door screen to your line of high quality, but not a high price, RiteScreen says it has such a product. The company has introduced the “148Ext” aluminum frame, a 2-inch wide profile that features an attractive contoured design. It is available with the company’s AdvanEdge side adjust roller system. ❙❙➤ www.ritescreen.com

Get Clear Vision with
FeneVision® Software
Booth #254 and 438
If you’re a manufacturer looking for integrated solutions for all aspects of your business, check out FeneTech’s FeneVision family of software products. From quotation to invoicing, the company says that if offers a complete integrated solution that will improve the flow of your business. The modularity of FeneVision allows customers of all sizes to enjoy the benefits of a software package that was designed specifically for the fenestration industry.

“Setting” An Example
Booth #422
Frank Lowe Rubber & Gasket Co. Inc. in Shirley, N.Y., has introduced its Neogreen® recycled rubber setting blocks. According to the company, these setting blocks don’t only help preserve the environment, but also save money.

The recycled rubber setting blocks are available from 1⁄16- to ¼-inch thick in all widths and lengths. These blocks are available with or without adhesive kiss-cut or bulk packaged. ❙❙➤ www.franklowe.com

Varying Levels of Protection
Booth #2113
St. Paul, Minn.-based 3M now offers three levels of protection from impacts. The company’s impact protection adhesive is applied around the frame and bonds glass, window film and frame together, improving protection. Those seeking the highest level of protection should consider the impact protection profile, a flexible gasket-style attachment that bonds the filmed window and frame by incorporating 3M’s VHB tape. According to company officials, this high-performance tape utilizes a strong, pressure-sensitive adhesive and lends a clean, finished appearance to a window. ❙❙➤ www.3m.com

FeneTech is also the exclusive supplier of both MAX-Opt, the new approach to lineal optimization, and NotchWare™, the integrated software of Vinyl Link’s Notch Above production system. ❙❙➤ www.fenevision.com

Get New “Insights” with
New Product from TDCI
Booth #2004
TDCI Inc., a provider of configurator-based software solutions, just launched BuyDesign Insights, a new sales activity analysis application, along with Release 6.0 of the BuyDesign guided selling and configuration solution suite. BuyDesign Insights extends the BuyDesign suite to provide sales management with visibility and analysis of quoting and ordering activity across all indirect and direct sales channels, according to the company.

In addition to BuyDesign Insights, BuyDesign 6.0 delivers a number productivity and performance enhancements to the product configurator, quoting and ordering, and distributed system management components of the suite.

“With BuyDesign Insights, sales managers and other executives now have the ability to track and analyze all stages of the sales process from quote to order—even for dealers and distributors,” says Dan DeMuth, TDCI president. “This greatly extends the manufacturer’s visibility of the pipeline since they typically have not had access to indirect channel activity until an order is placed. This increased visibility helps manufacturers improve dealer collaboration, sales forecasting, and production planning.” ❙❙➤ www.tdci.com

These Tapes
Stick on Both Sides
Booth #2207
Adhesives Research Inc. in Glen Rock, Pa., has introduced new double-coated foam tapes for window glazing and SDL attachment. According to the manufacturer, ARclad® 8416 and 8516 glazing products allow manufacturers to achieve higher DP ratings than most standard glazing tapes. ARclad® 8626 and 8645 SDL attachment tapes incorporate an ultrasmooth adhesive coating that allows for maximum wet out of the muntin bar to the glass surface. These new adhesives provide a wide range of temperature resistance, resistance to high levels of relative humidity and UV resistance. ❙❙➤ www.adhesivesresearch.com

Give Your Windows
a Super Boost
Booth #1518
Amesbury Window Hardware has a new offering of its Super Boost balances from BSI – Balance Systems. The product is an AAMA certified class 5 balance that offers a new opportunity to balance sash weights above 45 pounds that could not be handled previously by a traditional balance. It takes only a screwdriver to adjust and offers a half inch more travel than other balances on the market, according to the company. All of the balances are pre-tensioned for ease of installation and tested to more than 20,000 cycles.

Additionally, the
Fastek Products division of Amesbury Window Hardware now offers a Sweep Lock and Cam Lock made of a specially formulated composite material. These locks are available in three standard colors as well as custom colors. ❙❙➤ www.amesbury.com

Get Optimal Results
with New Optima Hardware
Booth #2336
If you’re a looking for a hardware product to achieve premium water resistance, stop by Ashland Hardware to learn about its Optima™ - Casement System for vinyl windows. The product has a water-tight, patent pending o-ring seal technology integrated within the operator. Additionally, the high-performance steel construction incorporates a new advanced composite assembly that thermally insulates the operator, and reduces transfer of heat and cold into the home significantly, according to the company.

The tough multi-point lock offers a lock-up mechanism that delivers 30 percent more vertical motion for maximum sash pull-in to close the window, and allow for easy consumer operation. The operator passes AAMA Commercial Grade 901-96 cycle test, and meets AAMA 101 hardware load rating. The interlocking points will withstand 450 pounds of pulling force to help pass up to AAMA DP 70, as well as Dade County Impact and cycle testing.

The company says that the visual design of this product was preferred over competition in consumer market research, and is offered in a choice of new finishes that includes oil-rubbed bronze and satin nickel. The system includes a detent in the lock and operator handles to indicate that the system is in the open and closed positions. It also includes a fold-away crank handle that blends within the operator cover to eliminate interference with window covering. Additionally, the product is designed for easy integration into current window systems. ❙❙➤ www.ashlandhardware.com

Mecal SPA Celebrates 30th Anniversary
Booth #1174
Mecal SPA, supplier of door and window machinery, is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, and will celebrate this milestone at the show. Located in a 260,000 square foot facility in Frascarolo, Italy, the company says its experience as a machine tool builder has allowed it to  deliver more than 28,000 machines worldwide. Stop by the company’s booth to learn about its standard, CNC or custom machines to fit your application. ❙❙➤ www.jrminternational.com

Check Out Schlegel’s
New Magnetic Seals
Booth #1518
Schlegel Systems, based in Rochester, N.Y., is introducing its new TPE extruded magnetic seals at the show. The extruded thermoplastic elastomer magnetic (TPE) seal combines thermoplastic flexibility with the functional performance of thermoplastic rubber. Schlegel’s new engineering and development capabilities can produce a TPE bulb to meet almost any application requirement, according to the company. With extruded TPE, the flexible bulb acts as a mechanical seal with little resistance; conforms to the shape of the sealing surface better than rigid materials; and is available in a range of sizes and colors. ❙❙➤ www.schlegel.com

Glaston Holds a Full House
Booth #1246
The Glaston Corp. will have experts from each of its segments demonstrating its latest innovations in the glass processing field. Among those offerings is Bavelloni’s VT 1301 T CN numerical control vertical drilling/milling machine, which has been updated with brushless motorizations, sliding on ball guides and Siemens control equipment.

The PowerSeam family of glass grinding equipment is able to handle different glass thickness and sizes. Once the glass is supplied, PowerSeam automatically calibrates, measures the sheet dimensions and adapts to its thickness. PowerSeam, ideal for applications that need seaming to be done before tempering, was designed for the production of insulating glass and structural glazing, solar panels and doors.

Tamglass’ continuous flat tempering CHF has a new model. CHF Pro was developed for the high tolerance necessary of solar and architectural glass tempering. It is capable of heat-treating glass with improved distortion characteristics while reducing power consumption. High speed and high production rates are coupled with ease of system integration. Representatives from Albat+Wirsam will also be at the booth. The company links glass processing machinery with software for companies seeking to achieve lean manufacturing. ❙❙➤ www.glaston.net

Interlock Helps
Tie It All Together
Booth #2736
Interlock USA, based in Reno, Nev., introducing a new and complete hardware package for aluminum, wood and vinyl folding doors. This system uses precision bearing roller gear and concealed multi-point locking systems engineered to combine interior living areas with the outdoors. With extensive use of architectural-grade stainless steel for all exposed components, the hardware solution maintains high corrosion resistance even in harsh coastal environments. This hardware is available in a range of durable finishes to complement all furniture styles.

The company also will showcase numerous new designs throughout its product line of automatic sash locks, magnetic locking solutions, multi-point sliding door hardware, stainless-steel casement systems and multi-point swing door solutions. ❙❙➤ www.interlockna.com

Truth Offers TwinLatches™
Booth #1436
If you’re looking for a tilt latch that is competitively priced, the new TwinLatch™ by Truth Hardware may just be the answer. The company says its newest product is a high-strength composite tilt latch which is simple to install as it does not require any t-shaped routes as the window profile is being prepped for hardware installation. The company adds that vinyl and fiberglass window manufacturers will like the unique push-down installation, and will see how easy it is to snap these flush-mounted latches into the window’s profile.

The product is available in a variety of colors, and the company adds that it is an easy upgrade for window manufacturers as it’s a direct replacement for competitive models. ❙❙➤ www.truth.com

Mikron Helps
Companies Add Color
Booth #936
Mikron Industries will tell door and window manufacturers how they can add some color by promoting the availability of the company’s patent-pending color technology for exterior vinyl doors and windows. The SuperCapSR™ color system provides darker exterior colors that have excellent solar heat-reflective performance and offers superior scratch-resistance, according to the company.

SuperCapSR is a patent-pending technology that creates a molecularly- fused color layer that becomes an integral part of the profile. Unlike painted vinyl, the tough acrylic color layer is highly scratchresistant and extremely durable during delivery and installation.

With vinyl windows now being installed in million dollar homes, “upscale homeowners want both color choice and the value that vinyl offers,” says Rich Anton, Mikron director of marketing.

SuperCapSR™ exterior colors include bronze, hunter green, sand, brick red and eggshell. Colors have been chosen to match popular clad wood window colors, enabling builders to combine vinyl windows with premium clad-wood products— thus creating lower-cost house packages. “We believe this new break-through technology gives builders flexibility to ‘value-engineer’ house packages, with durable colors that shouldn’t require job site touch-up. SuperCapSR also offers manufacturers another way to differentiate their brand,” says Anton. ❙❙➤ www.mikronvinyl.com

Complete IG Solutions Available from Fenzi
Booth #246
Fenzi North America will be displaying its new Molver IG desiccant. According to the company, the product is combined with its Alu Pro and Roll Tech spacer profiles to provide a complete insulating glass (IG) solution. The company also manufactures Thiover® IG polysulphide and Fenzi PIB. ❙❙➤ www.fenzi-na.com

Make a First Impression
Booth #3116
The brand-new Natures Collection of acrylic pulls from First Impressions International in Coconut Creek, Fla., offers manufacturers any themed piece imaginable for glass or entry doors. Door pulls range in size from 4 inches to 10 feet and are available in nickel, aluminum, chrome, bronze, stainless steel and other options. ❙❙➤ www.firstimpressionsint.com

PPG Celebrates 125 Years with New Tints Booth #2526
PPG Industries is introducing its most popular tinted glasses with Solarban 70XL or Solarban 60 solar control, low-emissivity coatings on the second surface of the glass. The announcement coincides with the 125th anniversary of the company.

All PPG tints from the Oceans of Color collection,including Atlantica, Azuria, Caribia and Solexia glasses, as well as Solargray and Solarbronze tinted glasses, are now offered with Solarban 70XL or Solarban 60 solar control, low-e coating on the second surface of the glass. In addition to providing improved environmental performance, the availability of second-surface coated tints expands aesthetic options for its customers, according to the company. ❙❙➤ www.ppgideascapes.com

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