Volume 10, Issue 4 - April 2009


Repackage Your Adhesives with Profill
Graco’s Profill material repackaging service offers manufacturers a dependable cartridge-repackaging service for one- and two-component materials. The system provides users with a way to meter, mix and dispense resins.

“Graco engineering expertise enables high-quality solutions that provide consistent, dependable filling,” says Doug Brady, manager of worldwide product marketing, sealant and adhesive equipment, Graco. “You can expect an exceptional level of customer service, high-quality products and services, fast turnaround times and more than 20 years of packaging experience.”  www.profill.com 


Ready in 60 Seconds: Bystronic Roller Laminators
The latest roller laminators from Bystronic Armatec GmbH Glass Technology Center are designed to wash individual glass sheets, positioned them and then apply PVB film automatically—all within 60 seconds. In addition to its speed, Bystronic officials say the new system also requires a smaller amount of floor space and energy than a traditional station.

During application, the film is unwound directly from the roll, which, according to the company, eliminates the time-consuming storage of pre-cut film for relaxation. Once film and glass cover have been placed on the substrate and the film overhang is trimmed, the module is conveyed into the pre-nip for laminating treatment.

All heating zone parameters, such as conveyor speed, pressures or heater settings, can be programmed individually to ensure the highest level of consistent production quality. Every minute, one module leaves the pre-nip.While modules rest for three to four hours, the next load of 240 pre-laminated modules is prepared to ensure a smooth, uninterrupted production flow.

Phantom Adds Retractable Screens for Oversized Openings
Phantom Screens has added two manual screen solutions for oversized openings such as large doorways and folding wall systems. The Phantom Infinity Retractable Screen Solutions™ use a series of pleated screening panels that fold away when they aren’t required. In addition to providing protection from insects and shade from the sun, any of the 3-foot panels can be designated as an entry or exit point along the screening span for seamless and convenient indoor/outdoor living.  “Blending indoor and outdoor spaces and creating multi-purpose areas continue to be major design trends in both residential and commercial design projects,” says Ron Somers, vice president of sales and marketing for Phantom Screens. yyä www.phantomscreens.com 

DuPont Launches New Flashing Product
Weatherization Partners Ltd. (WPL) now offers DuPont™ FlexWrap™ RW (recessed windows), an innovative flashing solution. The product, which is designed specifically to help prevent moisture from penetrating around recessed windows, is easy to install and is compatible with the company’s existing weatherization productions, according to officials from WPL. 

“As industry leaders, we recognize the difficulties associated with installing and flashing recessed windows, which is why DuPont has developed a product solely for this end-use application,” says Mark Ludwig, regional sales director, DuPont™ Building Innovations™. 

DuPont FlexWrap RW offers a solution for flashing recessed windows in numerous kinds of wall assemblies, including single- and double-stud as well as open-stud construction, according to the company. The product is butyl-based and performs well in various climates. www.construction.tyvek.com 

Super Spacer® Cushion Edge™ Ideal for Triple-Glazed IG Units
With the forthcoming new Energy Star® criteria for doors and windows, many have predicted that triple-glazed insulating glass (IG) units may be in high demand. Officials from Edgetech IG say the cushion edge spacer makes meeting these new requirements a cinch and which eliminates the need for oven roll presses.

“When you use oven roll presses to produce triples you risk under-heating the center-lite seal, which can lead to premature seal failure in the unit,” says Larry Johnson, executive vice president of Edgetech I.G. “Super Spacer Cushion Edge features desiccant-filled, pre-applied side and channel adhesives, eliminating the need to apply sealant into two cavities and dramatically reducing the likelihood of seal failures.”

Super Spacer Cushion Edge is a flexible, U-shaped silicone foam spacer system that features a multi-layer vapor barrier backing and dual-seal design for enhanced thermal performance and improved argon gas retention in triple-glazed IG units. With chambered corners for increased sealant depth, Cushion Edge must be used in combination with conventional IG sealants, including hot melt butyl, polyurethane and solvent-free polysulfide.

In addition, Edgetech officials say the pre-applied U-channel assembly provides fast wrap-around, simplified production of shaped units, elimination of desiccant filling and corner key assembly for high-volume production with a small labor force.

Weiss Offers Two-Component Polyurethane Adhesive
Weiss USA offers COSMOFEN Duo, a polyurethane adhesive for bonding corner angles into anodized, powder-coated and foil wrapped profiles for aluminum door and window manufacturing. The company says this product will help build a stronger more energy-efficient door and window. The easy to handle twin cartridge with static mixing tube provides an accurate mixing ratio at the point of injecting into the profile. The company adds that is a VOC and solvent-free product.


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