Volume 10, Issue 2 - February 2009


RiteScreen Offers Extruded
Latching Window Screen

RiteScreen Co. has introduced a new, extruded latching window screen. Designed for double-hung windows, the screen securely latches into place upon closing. The screen has a wall thickness of 0.040 inches and features the company’s staked corners to build strength and eliminate gaps at the miters. Shapes with an integral stop leg, latch and interior wool pile are available.

Magnolia Corner Keys Equipped 
with Pull Tab and Safety Warning

The latest corner keys from Magnolia Metal and Products are designed to be both easy to use and to incorporate the industry-recognized safety warning. The corner keys are equipped with an integrated pull/lift tab. The company says that the use of the Safety Warning/Tab Corner eliminates the need  for adhesive safety warning labels and the secondary application pull/lift tabs found on most door and window insect screens. The Safety Warning/Tab Corner also can be inverted for a top of screen application if needed.
Specifically, the pull tab corners also eliminate the need for a separate pull tab that is splined in track.

Phifer’s BetterVue Protects
the View—Without the Bugs 

Phifer’s new BetterVue Insect Screening is designed to maximize visibility while also keeping bugs from entering through the screen. The screen can be used in both window screen and patio screen door applications.
BetterVue, a flame-retardant insect screen, is woven from small yarns (smaller than those used in traditional screens, according to the company). The combination of the screen’s increased openness and the smaller yarn diameters enhances the view, allows better light transmittance, improves airflow and increases protection against small insects, according to company officials.
BetterVue Insect Screening is certified by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute for superior indoor air quality performance.


New Window Screen: It’s in There

A new window screen being launched nationally this spring by W.L. Gore and Associates is so clear that its makers say some customers have questioned whether or not the screen is present at all.
The product is currently being used in some of Pella’s high-end wood windows and Pella’s Kathy Krafka-Harkema says, “People call us and say you forgot to put the screen in. We tell them it is in there.”
According to W.L. Gore’s Maria Smith, the screen allows 50 percent more light into the home, and three times more airflow than a conventional screen.
“It’s not just an insect screen but provides a better view,” she says.
Smith says this screen, designed for high-end windows, is made of a completely different material than traditional screens. She describes it as an innovative ultra-fine material, and says that screens have the same size hole to keep insects out the fibers are only half the size. She adds that the highly elastic polymer feels different than conventional screens and has a “memory” to prevent denting and sagging over time.
“There are competitive products, but they use fiberglass so the benefit is not as dramatic,” adds Smith.

United Kingdom-based Paddack Fabrications has opened for business in North America. The company offers the Lockmaster and Millenco locks for both the United Kingdom and European markets www.paddockfabrications.co.uk … Chicago-based Sietto Inc. manufacturers glass knobs and pulls by hand. The knobs and pulls can be used in a variety of modes www.sietto.com … Dove Vinyl Windows in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., is now manufacturing, promoting and selling “Envirosealed Windows™” as part of Truseal Technologies’ Envirosealed Windows campaign … Greenstone Holdings Inc. has introduced the new GreenShield™ product, Sillpro™, which can be brushed onto wooden windows, door sills and other components to protect them from moisture and water penetration www.greenstone.com

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