Volume 10, Issue 1 - January 2009


Up Your Capacity with Upcut

The automatic upcut mitre saw, now available from Ameri-Can Machinery, is a single-head saw with automatic raising of the blade. The machine comes with a 2-horsepower, three-phase motor, and can perform trimming operations as well. It is equipped with a vertical pneumatic clamping set, a trimming fence, spray mist lubrication, an air filter, air gun and service spanners, and the blade is fully protected. Horizontal pneumatic clams are available as an option, as is a singl-hase motor, TCT saw blade 400 mm in diameter, and a laser for scoring.

Protective Films Available in Array of Options

Surface Guard™ has a line of surface protection films designed to protect critical surfaces from scratching, marring and abrasions. The films are coated with a pressure-sensitive clean-peel adhesive and can be used during fabrication, assembly, shipping and storage.
The films are available in clear, colored, white (opaque) black/white and silver/white, and custom colors upon request. The products are available in a range of types, including polyethylene, polypropylene, PET, co-extruded, blended, low-gel and ultraviolet protective. In addition, other types, such as anti-static and fire-retardant, are available upon request.

Lauren Offers New iDea™

Lauren Manufacturing says door and window manufacturers can save money by using its new iDea Seal to reduce labor and manufacturing costs while providing a high-quality seal. This is due to the seal’s rigid base, which allows for easy installation during assembly, according to the company. Additionally, the EPDM bulb, offered in dense or sponge, provides outstanding sealing properties including excellent compression set, abrasion resistance and a broad temperature range.

It’s Magic!

The new FLowe Magic Separator Pads® from Frank Lowe Rubber & Gasket Co. Inc. are firm and easily removable from glass and aluminum. The company says there is no film or adhesive residue left behind, and no delamination, “just magic.
”The company also offers nail fin gaskets designed to complete open corners on non-welded doors and windows; stop leaks on open corners, stop damage to house wrap; and conceal nail fin damage.
The nail fink gaskets can be applied during the manufacturing process or can be provided in screw packs. They’re available in white, black, almond and custom colors to match extrusions.

SolidWorks—Solid as a Rock

There is now a program available for door and window manufacturers designing products in hurricane-prone areas: SolidWorks® 3D CAD software and SolidWorks Simulation software. The program develops the drawings required by agencies in these areas automatically.
“Once the parametric product models are set up, we simply type in two numbers, length and width, and SolidWorks does the rest of the work with its parametric evaluation of the model equations and configuration tables,” says Thomas Sotos, engineering manager for Lawson Industries, one manufacturer already using the system. “The program develops a new set of drawings instantly, cut sheets for the factory floor, raw material quantities for cost calculations, and visuals the marketing folks love. It’s a great feeling, because we know the SolidWorks model is a mathematically accurate representation of what we are actually building on the floor.” The software, developed by Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp., also provides stress analysis. www.solidworks.com

Seal It with SealMAX™: 

Now Available from UltraFabUltrafab Inc. is now distributing SealMAX’s line of urethane foam tapes in the United States. The line of urethane foam seals will be marketed under the name of PRO-LON®. Both companies have said they will work closely to expand and enhance the PRO-LON® product line as applications in the United States require.
The newly formed alliance will expand the reach of SealMAX’s foam seal technology through the use of Ultrafab’s sales force, application engineering/testing facility, distribution channels, and regional warehouses within the United States, according to the companies. 


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