Volume 10, Issue 3 - March 2009

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Mergers, Energy and Test Methods Discussed at IGMA Meeting

During the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance’s (IGMA) annual meeting in early February in San Diego, attendees were treated to a number of technical presentations and several working group meetings.

Technical consultant Bill Lingnell of Lingnell Consulting Services presented an update on his thermal stress research pertaining to insulating glass (IG). “We need to understand why you don’t just jump from monolithic to IG,” Lingnell said. “There is a pre-stress in the IG unit due solely to the temperature difference from outside to inside without the influence of solar intensity,” said Lingnell in his presentation.

After walking his listeners through the basics of thermal stress considerations for monolithic glass-ranging from frame type and size to interior and exterior building conditions—he proceeded to describe his analyses for addressing the differences that IG gap has on thermal stress reactions. Next to take the floor was David Bailey of Bodycote Testing Group and Bruce Virnelson of PRC DeSoto International. The pair discussed ASTM E 2190, asking, “Has the Bar Been Raised?”

In providing some background on the various IG test methods in use (ASTM E 773/E 774, CAN/CGSB 12.8 and the new ASTM E2190 endorsed by IGMA and the Insulating Glass Certification Council), Bailey said that there had been much discussion during working group meetings earlier in the week about the volatile fog test. While Bailey provided information about how his laboratory follows the test methods, he did comment in regard to E2190, “I think it would be to the industry’s benefit and the laboratory’s benefit to have the light source and the distance and the angle to be very specifically defined.”

Virnelson went further by comparing some of the differences among the tests, before providing several charts on failure rates for each test method. 

Virnleson, who serves as outgoing chair of the Gas Permeability Working Group, summarized the status of the IGMA research project evaluating the gas permeability of edge seal assemblies. He noted that the request for proposal had been signed and now the laboratory is preparing to begin work. The group recruited volunteers during the annual meeting to supply sealants and spacers for use in the samples that will be tested. 

Mergers also were a popular topic during the meeting. IGMA president Roger Skluzacek and Ray Wakefield, president of the Insulating Glass Certification Council (IGCC), signed the licensing agreement that officially brought the two groups together under a single certification process. Likewise, discussions about a potential merger with the Glass Association of North America (GANA) continued. If such a merger is approved, IGMA would essentially take over GANA’s IG division, according to IGMA executive director Margaret Webb. To maintain the Canada/U.S. balance, the IGMA board of directors would remain to oversee all activities; the current technical services committee also would be maintained. The IGMA division of GANA would be strictly technical and focused on research, Webb stressed; anything educational or marketing in nature would go to those specific GANA committees—essentially focusing on those items in which IGMA currently specializes.

The two groups hope to have a ballot vote about the merger around November 2010.

Bystronic Glass Group Renames Glass Technology Centers

Both of Bystronic’s German glass technology centers have been renamed. Armatec Vierhaus GmbH is now Bystronic Armatec GmbH, and Lenhardt Maschinenbau GmbH is Bystronic Lenhardt GmbH. The changes were effective on January 1.

“… We have been in existence as an internal unit for almost six years,” says Richard Jakob, Bystronic glass group chief executive officer. “We are the Bystronic glass group and communicate as well as trade under this corporate brand.”

Company officials say customers will not be affected by the name change and all contracts will remain the same. The technology center Bystronic Maschinen AG located in Bützberg, Switzerland, will retain its current name.

Roto Frank AG Opens Production Facility in Naginsk, Russia

Roto Frank AG, parent company of Roto Frank of America, has opened a new fully integrated 75,000-square-foot production plant in Noginsk, Russia. The facility will become fully operational in the spring of 2009.

“This milestone comes at a time when the worldwide economic environment is less than desirable, but clearly further demonstrates our company’s commitment to global success and leadership in the fenestration industry,” says Dan Gray, 

Roto Frank of America’s director of sales and marketing.Roto Frank of America Inc. also is celebrating 30 years in North America this year. 

Jordan Closes Doors; Other Manufacturers Make Layoffs

Jordan Windows and Doors has closed its doors, according to a notation on the company’s website. It is not noted when the message, which reads, “We are sorry for the inconvenience but Jordan Company (Jordan Windows and Doors) is no longer in business,” was posted.

Jordan is just one of many manufacturers to close in recent months. Visit www.dwmmag.com daily for the latest updates on the latest changes in company status.

In addition, several companies have laid off employees in the last several months (see chart below).


Windowmaker Software finished 2008 with sales up 5 percent from 2007. The company attributes the strong year to its attention to cutting overhead down for door and window manufacturers … Genius Retractable Screen Systems added Screenco Manufacturing Ltd. as a distributor of Genius products. Screenco Manufacturing distributes to door and window manufacturers throughout Canada … Homeshield, a division of Quanex Building Products Corp., is expanding its plant in Chatsworth, Ill. Company officials say the $1.5 million plant expansion is part of a consolidation of two facilities, both located in Chatsworth, into one facility, in an effort to increase efficiency … Edgetech I.G. has announced that its production operations have been certified to the ISO 9001:2000 International Quality Standard. The company’s entire quality system for the manufacture of Super Spacer® products was audited and certified effective July 3, 2008 ... Stern & Co. will now represent FEN-TECH Inc. products in Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New York … Officials at Hiawatha Inc. recently announced that the company will now be represented by the Claire H. Cusick Co., in the states of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming 

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