Volume 10, Issue 5 - May/June 2009

The Latest Launches

Despite the lagging economy, there has been no shortage of new possible components, glass options, machinery and more for door and window manufacturers. DWM has compiled an overview of the latest launches, available in the following pages.

TAPE MT1500 IG Increases Throughput
Besten Equipment Inc. says its new IG production line, TAPE MT1500, enables IG fabricators to produce between 1,400 and 1,600 units per shift on a single line. The new equipment layout in Besten’s Totally Automated Production Equipment offering pairs two applicators in a single line. It also features parallel processing with two applicators, which adds efficiency and prepares fabricators for possible higher-volume triple-pane IG unit production.

Having a second complete in-line horizontal applicator allows operators to run the line at full capacity using both applicators or to run the line from either side using a single applicator. In addition, one side of the line can continue production during spacer roll changes. The equipment is compatible with Truseal Technologies’ Dura Platform flexible spacer systems, which include both Duralite® and Duraseal™ spacers. 

Nordson Offers Two Bulk Melters
Nordson Corp. officials say their new VersaPail™ and VersaDrum™ bulk melters deliver consistent dispensing of adhesives and sealants for a wide variety of residential fenestration applications, including insulated glass sealing, back bedding and corner joining. The systems featuring hydraulic passages designed to eliminate dead spaces and are optimized for use with reactive materials, such as moisture-cure polyurethanes. Both are equipped with a user-friendly, graphical, touch-screen control system for visibility and monitoring of all operations and status conditions. 

QComp Offers Automatic Solution
The new insulating glass (IG) automatic loading/unloading system fro QComp Technologies Inc. uses a six-axis ABB robot to unload IG unites from the production line and place them into slotted glass racks. The company also provides a system that can pick single lites from slotted racks and load them onto the IG production line.
The system can be calibrated for various glass and unit thicknesses, and is capable of handling a large range of glass sizes as well. The company says the system integrates easily with line controls. 

Graco Introduces New Warm-Melt Supply Systems 
Graco’s new line of warm-melt supply systems are designed to increase the temperature of one-component materials, and reliably deliver them from drums to metering and dispensing systems. The systems are designed for sealants or adhesives that need to be warmed up to 100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees Fahrenheit), and company officials say they are ideal for temperature conditioning applications in cooler climates.

“The new warm-melt system fills the gap between Graco’s Therm-O-Flow hot melt and ambient ram supply systems,” says Dave Behrens, worldwide product marketing manager, advanced fluid dispensing, Graco. “Rather than modifying an ambient or hot-melt system, or investing in an expensive customized solution, end-users can be assured that they have a reasonably priced system that is designed specifically for warm-melt applications.”

Other benefits include an easy-to-use electronic display and a system that can be configured for a variety of specific materials and applications. 

Stürtz Introduces Automated Door Fabrication Center
The new SMI LinearPro 3D-Fab automated door fabrication center from Sturtz Machinery Inc. is designed specifically for North American PVC door products. The system is designed to accept pre-cut door components and automatically fabricates all the required hardware applications, including hinges, handles, lock pockets, striker plates, shoot bolts, etc., in a one-piece-flow system. The machine is flexible and fully programmable to work with multiple product families and a wide variety of profile sizes. The CNC machining center work area can carry multiple fabrication tools mounted from above, beside or below the work piece depending on the application required. In addition, the LinearPro 3D-Fab has the ability to attach and fabricate the aluminum extrusion reinforcement required in door products to avoid off-line manual fabrication. 

Truth Has Two New Locks
Truth Hardware has introduced two new lock systems, the Nexus lock system and the Positive Action Lock (PAL).The Nexus system is a lockset option designed for patio doors, in both two- and multi-point options. It is available in flush-mount, face-mount or recessed configurations.

The Nexus two-point locking system utilizes two opposing locking points that offer a single point of horizontal adjustment for the reach of the lock hooks. While the two-point version is available in steel or stainless steel, the multi-point model, with three locking points, is offered in stainless steel as standard. The system is designed to help manufacturers meet American Architectural Manufacturers Association and the California Association of Window Manufacturers forced-entry requirements.

Truth’s new PAL lock is a versatile and easy-to-operate locking system that is available in a “push-button” design and a new “slide tab” design. The lock systems, designed for sliding windows, automatically lock, securing the window without having to manipulate the lock again. The PAL lock also offers a snap-on cover.  

New Vision Stop Offers Options, Control
Vision Industries’ new patented 1760 vent stop is designed to give the fabricator a solid and secure installation into multiple or varying wall thicknesses. When properly installed, the window opening control device conforms to the ASTM F 2090-2008 specification for Window Fall Prevention Devices with Emergency Escape (Egress) Release Mechanisms. The device is available in a variety of different colors with a red bolt option.

The company also has a new handle design for sliding patio doors, the patent-pending PD1520 and the PD1530, which are lightweight and made from aluminum. The handles are designed to provide room to grasp on the inside, while also offering a slim exterior handle.

It’s Electric
The new e-Bolt from BKS, a division of G-U Hardware, is equipped with an easily programmable push-button keypad with up to 20 user codes so that its operator can operate the lock at a distance. It is available in six finishes and with two different handle styles. As an added bonus, it also has a burglar alarm and fire-rated latch.The system doesn’t require any wiring and uses only a small amount of battery power, according to information from G-U. 

Fenzi Offers Warmedge Spacer
Fenzi North America now offers the Fenzi Warmedge spacer. Fenzi Warmedge is available in white, grey and black finish. In addition, the company has available the Chromatech Ultra—a stainless spacer, manufactured by Roll Tech A/S—an AluPro company and part of the Fenzi Group. Chromatech Ultra is made of a combination of polycarbonate and stainless steel, providing warm-edge temperatures and spacer workability.

Truseal Offers Duralite® No-Metal Spacer
Truseal Technologies has debuted Duralite®, a third-generation warm-edge spacer system. The high-performance spacer offers a U-value rating and features a unique composite laminating technology without the use of metal, resulting in high thermal and durability performance. Company officials say use of the Duralite spacer system results in condensation resistance, a smooth surface appearance and long-lasting argon gas retention.

“Duralite is a premium spacer product that appeals to feature-oriented insulating glass producers whose brand images have been shaped by a track record of quality and performance,” says Ric Jackson, director of marketing and business development. “Duralite’s technical performance in terms of low conductivity, argon permeability and U-value is unparalleled. At the same time, Duralite is simple to incorporate into existing automatic or manual application platforms and its flexibility enables it to be adaptable to any window design.”

NEXGEN Spacer Designed for Aluminum Windows
TRACO has announced that it has a new spacer, the NEXGEN Technology Energy Spacer™, a butyl-based material with integrated desiccant. According to the company, the spacer reduces U-values in standard insulating glass units up to 15 percent when compared to conventional units with a metallic spacer. The spacer also provides condensation resistance and gas retention, according to information from the company. 

The spacer is part of the NEXGEN technology energy package, which also includes the NEXGEN Thermal Barrier System™. 

“The TRACO NEXGEN™ technology with the Energy Spacer and Thermal Barrier System offer breakthrough energy performance for aluminum windows and doors that is comparable to wood,” says Bob Randall, president and chief executive officer of TRACO. “This technology is about the future and innovations in enhanced energy efficiency and design.”

Intercept Spacer Will Help Meet .30/.30 
Officials from GED Integrated Solutions say manufacturers looking to meet the .30/.30 U-value and solar heat gain coefficient requirements in the economic stimulus bill should try the company’s Intercept ULTRA Stainless Steel Spacer, which is designed to achieve these numbers. Intercept ULTRA Stainless Steel carries a conductivity rating of 13.63 W/mK, as verified by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). GED says the Intercept family of spacers also is cost-effective, reliable and requires little labor and training.

Lauren Introduces New Low-Density EPDM Sponge 
Lauren Manufacturing has developed a new low-density closed-cell EPDM sponge product for continuously extruded profiles. The compound is capable of maintaining a 6 to 8 pounds per cubic foot density, according to the company. It can be processed through both LCM salt bath and microwave/hot air extrusion lines. 

Company officials say this new material provides high performance for applications requiring ultraviolet and ozone resistance. 

“Profiles extruded from this material not only have a reduction in overall weight compared to other similar ASTM D1056 2A2 sponge compounds, but also have a great cosmetic surface and cell structure,” says Lauren president Lisa Huntsman. 

Edgetech Enhances Super Spacer® Premium Silicone Products
Edgetech I.G. now offers enhanced versions of its Super Spacer® Premium and Premium Plus silicone warm-edge spacer systems. The improved Premium and Premium Plus Super Spacer products will be rolled out in phases from April until June 2009, helping customers achieve lower U-Values and improve condensation resistance.

“Improved energy efficiency continues to be a driving force in the industry with the upcoming Energy Star® changes and the passing of the economic stimulus bill,” says executive vice president Larry Johnson. “We are happy to offer these improvements at a time when customers are doing everything they can to be a part of the flurry of activity surrounding the economic stimulus package. Lowering U-values to .30 or less is certainly a large part of that.” 

According to Edgetech, the revised spacer products offer 30 percent lower thermal conductivity numbers over the originals.

Veneer-Wrapped Components Open Options
Contact Industries officials say their new veneer-wrapped components offer manufacturers an opportunity to expand their array of options. The components come in cherry, alder, sapele, teak and other options (200 in total). In addition, manufacturers can customize their orders, so they receive a variety of veneers in one shipment—as long as all the components are the same profile.

The components can be engineered to each OEM’s proprietary designs using a wide range of substrates including finger-jointed pine, aluminum, extruded vinyl, LVL, MDF, fiberglass or just about any combination of these materials, according to the company.“Our goal is to work with the OEM’s product design team to engineer components that will work seamlessly with the OEM’s existing assembly system,” says Peter Himes, sales manager.

Get a Lift
The newest lift from Erdman, the EAC, is an end effector/manipulator mounted on a jib crane. The company says the lift increases productivity while decreasing product damage and operator injuries. The system is designed to integrate with the company’s hand assists, glass lay-ins, tilt/tip equipment and automated glazers.

Pat Mooney’s Saws: Designed to be Fast and Accurate
Pat Mooney Inc.’s new upcut saws work quickly and accurately to saw aluminum extrusions with a burr-free mirror finish, according to the company. The upcut design of the saw blade, in which the saw is housed under the worktable and travels up through the work piece, promotes safe operation, as well as easy chip removal and a long blade life. 

PMI Saws are equipped with 5- to 7.5-hp drive systems that enable maximum cutting force and chip removal. This additional power also extends the life of the saw blade between regrinds, company officials say.

The saws also include pneumatic clamping systems with adjustable clamping pressure to prevent distortion of thin wall profiles. The top clamp holds the work piece on each side of the saw blade to deliver a burr-free cutoff part. This clamp is controlled by its own cylinder and is adjustable according to the size of the work piece. 

Kolbe Adds Windquest Series Windows to 3-D Models
Kolbe now includes its Windquest® Series hurricane-impact-rated windows in its collection of two- and three-dimensional door and window models. The 3-D files are located on the portion of Kolbe’s website designed for architects, located at http://www.kolbe-kolbe.com/architect/index.cfm?logintype=architect. The models also are available in the Google™ 3D Warehouse, in the SmartBIM Library™ and at RevitCity.

Get the Latest Adhesives from Franklin
Titebond 50 wood adhesive from Franklin Adhesives & Polymers, a division of Franklin International, now is available in high-viscosity formulations. The company says its new versions of the product are three to five times thicker than the original product. The adhesive is designed for edge and face-gluing as well as general assembly. 

Titebond 50 HV has a high viscosity of 12,000 to 15,000 cps—triple the thickness of the original adhesive. This viscosity resists running, ensures neater glue-ups and reduce time spent in cleaning machinery and the work area. The new Titebond 50 HHV has an even higher viscosity of 19,000 to 21,000 cps and is drip-free, eliminating glue dribble during assembly of wood products, according to the company.

LAMATEK Announces New Color-Coded PVC Eco-Blocks™ 
LAMATEK Inc. is introducing an addition to the company’s green line of Eco-Blocks™: post-consumer, color-coded setting blocks. The setting clocks are made from a proprietary 85 Durometer PVC blend and have been tested to be compatible with glazing and insulating glass sealants, according to the company. 

WTS Offers Two New Software Solutions
WTS Paradigm has extended its software offerings to include Renovation and DealerPoint software.The Renovations solution from WTS is designed to help manufacturers organize their contacts through seamless integration into the company’s CRM systems. Likewise, the system is set up to schedule installations, manage quotes and monitor cash flow.DealerPoint was created to empower resellers to efficiently manage their sales processes and resources.

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