Volume 10, Issue 9 - November/December 2009

Welcome, Win-door
See the Latest to Come to Toronto

This November, fenestration industry company representatives and suppliers will travel to Toronto for the annual Win-door North America Show, November 17-19. The event, which will be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Center, South Building Hall E, this year, is sponsored by the Canadian Window and Door Manufacturers Association.

Following is a sneak peek of the products that will be displayed there.


Booth #1809:
Get an Advantage

Franklin Adhesives & Polymers, a division of Franklin International, has assembled a special line of adhesives for wood window manufacturers—the Advantage® Trio. The Advantage Trio includes three adhesives, the Advantage 415, Advantage 425 and Advantage EP.

Advantage 415 is a water-resistant, two-part cross-linking polyvinyl acetate emulsion adhesive that can be used for finger-jointing, edge-gluing and hot-pressing. The second Advantage product in the line is Advantage 425, which also is water-resistant. The two-part cross-linking PVA emulsion adhesive is easy to extrude, provides good finger coverage and also features a low minimum use temperature, according to the company. Finally, the Trio also includes Advantage EP-925, a two-component emulsion polymer isocyanate (EPI) adhesive that can be used with conventional cold press or hot press equipment.


Booth #1603:
Truseal Highlights Envirosealed Windows™ Advantage Program

Truseal’s new Envirosealed Windows Advantage program gives manufacturers choices among pre-certified packages that the company says exceed Energy Star® 2010 and American Recovery and Reinvestment Act .30/.30 tax credit requirements, as well as packages that exceed future standards proposed for 2016. Through the program, producers are able to create windows with ratings as high as R-6 (0.17 U-value) economically. This is 50 percent better than Energy Star 2010 criteria, according to the company.

The Envirosealed Windows Advantage program includes three components: the spacer, the glass and the frame. Windows rated as Envirosealed Windows Advantage feature Duralite® spacers by Truseal, one of several premium glass options from the Envirolite™ glass pack program, and EnergyCore™ frames by Mikron. Truseal has pre-certified multiple window designs using combinations of these components in conjunction with optional argon gas filling.

“By packaging these three components together, Truseal is able take the burden of certification away from manufacturers, giving them more resources to focus on window sales, which we also support through the Envirosealed Windows Advantage marketing program,” says Gus Coppola, Truseal president.

Booth #1717:
Edgetech to Promote SustainaBLOCK™ Setting Blocks

The newest setting blocks from Edgetech I.G. were designed to help meet the need for total system compatibility and are available in a wide variety of material options, including the latest in stable silicone technology. The SustainaBLOCK line of setting blocks can be used to position, cushion and support glass in a window frame or opening, and are compatible with most sealant types. In addition to their sustainable attributes, SustainaBLOCKs are available in variety of sizes, profiles and materials, including silicone rubber, EPDM and plastics. With a minimum order, Edgetech also can customize SustainaBLOCKs based on color, material, packaging and self-adhesion needs.

The company also recently upgraded its Super Spacer® Premium and Premium Plus silicone warm-edge spacer systems. Company officials say that these new systems have been tested to show that they can improve U-values and condensation resistance and have low thermal conductivity numbers.


Booth #2031/2033:
New PVC Door Jambs and Venting Sidelights from Aribell
Aribell Products Limited now offers door jambs in PVC (both pre-finished white and stainable to match fiberglass doors) with a metal reinforcing bar already installed in the back of the jamb. The jambs are designed to provide rigidity while offering both low-maintenance properties as well as ease of use, according to the company.

The company also has available pre-made venting sidelights in half, three-quarters and and full vent. The venting units come with a pre-installed insect screen, and are available with varying jamb widths in both steel and fiberglass panels.

Booth #1931/1933:
John Evans’ Sons Offers New Side Load Balance System

John Evans’ Sons Inc.’s new side load constant force balance system is a new option for side load windows that offers a low price, requires little operating force and require less space for storage, according to the company. John Evans’ Sons officials say the new patent-pending system also allows for a quiet and tight-fitting sash, utilizes AAMA-qualified springs and provides for a simple conversion from block and tackle.


Booth #1323:
More Options from Truth

Truth Hardware will display several new hardware options, including the Marvel™ power operator system, new Encore® handle/cover options and its new positive-action lock (PAL).

The brand-new Marvel power operator system has a sleek design that it says is simple to install, easy to operate and is reliable and affordable, according to the company. It can lift skylight sashes weighing up to 90 pounds and operates from a standard 110-volt household current. An optional RF remote control and roof mount rain sensor also are available.

Truth’s new Encore cover and handle designs include a full-flip folding handle that recesses in the operator cover and a snap-fit cover, which removes easily for painting and staining of window frames.

The new PAL also will be on display. The company’s new lock is versatile and easy to operate, and is available in the original “push button” design and now the new “slide tab” design, both of which lock automatically upon closure. The PAL also offers a snap-on cover, which provides for aesthetic possibilities and reduced material costs.  


Booth #1753:
Get a GreenStar™

MaxValue Doors will be displaying its new GreenStar™ hybrid entry doors, which feature a smooth fiberglass and real wood interior. The company says the doors are durable, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. In addition, customers can stain the interior with a clear stain—or can finish it to match other items in the home.


Booth #1843:
Do It All with Joseph Line

Joseph Machine Co. has a new line of custom and standard fabrication machines. The company says the machine can work with both aluminum and PVC and provide both a high yield and low scrap for the production floor.
Its customizable machines offer customer-specific innovative processes and machine optimizations; access to the company’s engineers and designers; and support from Joseph.


Booth #1749/1751:
Get Centered with WTS Paradigm

WTS Paradigm will feature its CenterPoint software system, which is used to generate quick, accurate and professional-looking quotes for your customers. Quotes include to-scale drawings of each door or window, and the system acts as the central repository for cataloging options and pricing. Dealers also can manage their own sales forces through margin control, permissions and other features included in CenterPoint.

The Middleton, Wis.-based company also offers software solutions for companies that provide renovation options to customers. The solution includes tools to help manufacturers manage contacts, schedule installations and track and manage workflow.


Booth #1341/1343/1345:
Screen is Retractable and Flexible

Eclipse Architectural’s new retractable screening system from Centor is available in a number of sizes up to 24 feet wide and 10 feet high. The screen systems are available in custom colors and real-wood veneer finishes. In addition, the screen’s hardware is integrated into the door frame itself and features patent-pending Load Balancing Technology™ that allows for effortless fingertip control. The retractable screens also feature the company’s TIGht Technology™, which ensures control of the horizontal edges of the screen, according to the company, and a shock absorption system.



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