Volume 10, Issue 9 - November/December 2009


Ease of Squeeze
The ease of squeeze: that’s what company officials at Power Adhesives Ltd. say tops the offerings of its new TEC 810™ stick gun. In addition, the TEC 810 has a compact, ergonomic design and a full-hand lever trigger that allows for adhesive flow control. It heats up to 380 degrees Fahrenheit in just three minutes, according to the company, and features an illuminated on/off switch and an easy-to-change thermostat that adjusts the gun’s temperature for dispensing various types of hot-melt and low-melt adhesives.

The TEC 810 also features an accurate dispensing system, which allows the user to regulate the amount and rate of adhesive flow by using a set screw in the back of the gun.

Need an Alternative to Liquid Sealants? Try Pres-On
Pres-On®’s new PF-1400 low-density, closed-cell polyethylene foam tape is a clean, waste-free alternative to liquid sealant. The tape is designed to offer excellent weatherability in a wide temperature range.

Pres-On says the new PF-1400 resists wear, is easy to apply and is available in a variety of thicknesses, widths and roll lengths. It is coated on one side with a high-tack rubber adhesive, protected by a paper release liner. It will bond to virtually any clean substrate, including irregular surfaces where it conforms to shape a positive seal. Functional temperature for the adhesive is 0 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.


Off to See the Wizard
Perfect Technology Center’s latest addition to its line of computer controlled glass cutting systems is the Aculite Wizard, a full-shape-cutting line that cuts more than 25 shapes and scores special shapes entered as DXF files. The line consists of a CNC cutting table, break-out table, break-out sorting monitor system and licensed optimization shape cutting software.

The company also has introduced a semi-automatic two-axis low-E edge deletion machine. The machine is laser dimension-controlled.


Tooling Along
Charles G. G. Schmidt & Co. Inc. now offers insert tooling for all phases of door and window production. Tenon heads, groovers, surfacing heads, stile and rail cutters, panel raising cutters and router bits are available and are manufactured to strict tolerances. Custom tools also are available.


Get the E-Look
SIEGENIA-AUBI is offering a new environmentally friendly, high corrosion-resistant hardware finish called the E-Look. Featuring high wear resistance, E-Look solutions have passed more than 1,000 hours in salt spray testing, making them ideal for even the most extreme applications, including harsh coastal environments, according to the company. Interlock USA is in the process of offering E-Look as standard on all of its European hardware solutions.

“Offering superior corrosion resistance adds significant value to our solutions,” says Axel Husen, president and chief executive officer of Interlock USA. “We’re excited to combine efforts with SIEGENIA-AUBI and KFV, not just in terms of distribution, but also in the area of new product development. This partnership allows us to expand and improve our product offering to our North American customers by incorporating the most advanced technology in the world.”

Interlock USA also has a new all-stainless-steel product that is engineered to optimize security, ease of operation and flexibility. The casement window hardware system is equipped with a removable cover and handle, allowing for quick and easy installation while decreasing the potential for shipping damage. The removable components are offered separately to minimize inventory costs. They are available in both metal and composite options.

The system also incorporates a self-locating guide, designed to simplify installation and utilize the window structure to maximize support.


Invisible Hardware
Häfele America Co.’s new HAWA-Puro is a hardware system for all-glass sliding doors that integrates its top tracks in both sheetrock and suspended ceilings, thus making the hardware system invisible. The runner-bearing technology allows doors up to 330 pounds to move quietly and effortlessly, according to the company, and a new patent-pending wedge suspension provides rapid height adjustment and easy installation.


Adhesive Applications has a new line of acrylic transfer adhesive tapes. This new line of acrylic transfer pressure-sensitive adhesives is available in a variety of coat weights, mil thicknesses, pigmented colors and liner options.


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