Volume 10, Issue 8 - October 2009

Ones to Watch

Bohle Checks Tin
Charlotte, N.C.-based Bohle America Inc. has introduced its new TinCheck tin side detector. According to the company, the compact device allows glass finishers and manufacturers of insulated glass to quickly identify the tin side of float glass. Features include color-coded detection notifications of the tin and atmospheric sides as well as an optional acoustic signal for color-blind customers.

The detector can even make comparison measurements from both sides on a reference pane of glass to define a threshold value and store it in the tool. The tool also includes an automatic switch-off after 90 seconds to minimize energy consumption.

Pat Mooney Takes Flight with Pegasus
Pat Mooney Inc. – The Saw Co., based in Addison, Ill., has introduced its Pro Pegasus DS mitre semi-automatic saws, which feature 1 ¼-inch wide saw blades and an electronic display of the cutting angle. The machine performs semi-automatic operations, including positive hydraulic cutting control, hydraulic clamping and auto return of the saw head after the cutting cycle. According to the company, the tool’s swivel saw head mitre cuts up to 60 degrees both left and right. The saw also has precision carbide blade guides with roller guides and case hardened and ground helical gears.



Schlegel Systems Announces New Replacement Door Seal
Schlegel Systems, based in Rochester, N.Y., has introduced the Q-LON® replacement door seal. According to the company, the rigid extruded polypropylene insert provides a “one-piece” design that eliminates the need to cut and install multiple separate parts. The high-impact plastic carrier is supplied with pre-punched slotted holes and color-matched painted fasteners. The Q-LON replacement door seal is available in bronze or white.

Make Green Easy

The Envirosealed Windows™ campaign from Truseal Technologies was designed to simplify environmental messaging for window manufacturers by highlighting the thermal efficiency benefits of top-performing spacer systems. Program participants will have available consumer-ready educational tools such as literature, point-of-sale pieces and a dedicated website for promoting green benefits. Marketing pieces tout benefits such as lower energy consumption and reduced CO2 emissions that are made possible by using Truseal’s Dura Platform spacers.

The Envirosealed Windows campaign is built around the Dura Platform spacer system, which consists of Truseal’s Duralite® and Duraseal™ warm-edge spacers. Duralite is a no-metal, high-performance spacer offering a low U-value rating. Duraseal is designed to be more cost-effective while still offering high thermal efficiency, according to the company. www.envirosealedwindows.com

Champagne, Anyone?
Technoform Glass Insulation (TGI) now offers its warm-edge insulating glass spacer in a Champagne color. This new color is designed for wood window frames and beige and brown windows of any material. Standard colors also include white, light gray, black and bronze. TGI’s warm-edge spacer is made up of a hybrid of stainless steel and advanced polymers. www.technoform.us


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