Volume 10, Issue 7 - September 2009


Put It in Neutral
Guardian Industries now offers Neutral 70, an easy-to-process, fabricator-friendly low-E glass. The product is designed for both light-commercial and residential applications, and it offers U-value ratings as low as 0.33 and solar heat gain coefficient ratings as low as 0.40. In addition, Guardian Neutral 70’s color neutrality provides clarity along with low haze and reflectivity.

“Guardian Neutral 70 represents a new standard in durable, high-performance low-E,” says Michael Mooney, residential segment director for Guardian Industries. “It combines performance and aesthetics of a sputter-coated low-E coating with the durability and ease of use typically seen only with a pyrolytic low-E coating.”

Other benefits of the product include mechanical and chemical durability; it requires no edge deletion; it can be used in both annealed and tempered applications; and no certification is required. www.guardian.com

Mighton’s Angel Rises to New Standard
Orlando-based Mighton Products has announced that its Angel Ventlock, a window-opening control device, has met the requirements of ASTM F2090-08. Company officials say the product is the first device certified under the revised safety standard to be available in the United States. www.angel-ventlock.com

Bystronic glass Welcomes New Frame Bending RobotZ
Bystronic glass has introduced the new spacerbender MULTI robot. The new frame-bending system includes a height-adjustable transport rail that allows for the bending of stainless steel, steel and aluminum, as well as plastic spacers. According to the company, a vertically traveling functional rail on the robot can lower the working level and prevent the Thermix profile from colliding with the transport rail. www.bystronic-glass.com

Graco Launches New Electric Proportioning System
Minneapolis-based Graco has introduced the ProMix® 2KS, a two-component electronic proportioner. According to the company, the new product offers integrated color change capabilities for both automatic and manual applications and is designed to handle a wide range of materials. The ProMix® 2KS is available in multiple configurations, including an EasyKey display and a Smart Fluid Panel, and includes new safeguards such as a self-flushing component to shorten clean-up and color-change time. www.graco.com

Repel the Heat with Polane®
The new Polane solar-reflective polyurethane enamel from Sherwin-Williams is a heat-repelling finish designed for vinyl products. The enamel also is designed to be durable, so that it can resist warping and bowing caused by solar heat. It is comprised of a two-component technology and comes in a full range of colors, including some dark shades.

The new HAPS-free, low-VOC Polane solar reflective polyurethane meets American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) 613 and offers color and gloss retention, according to the company. It also is designed to be resistant to marring, abrasion and chemicals. http://oem.sherwin-williams.com/us/eng/

Genius Unveils the Incognito Retractable Screen
Genius Retractable Screen Systems, based in Northport, Ala., has introduced the Incognito retractable screen. The concealed wood window screens are available in a wide side rail for deep-framed windows subject to windy conditions or a narrower variation for most wood window applications. Both versions use thin pieces of wood to hide the screen cassettes and side rails and are installed using the same procedure. www.geniusscreens.com

New Window Screen: It’s in There
A new window screen launched nationally this year by W.L. Gore and Associates is so clear that its makers say some customers have questioned whether the screen is present at all.

The product is currently being used in some of Pella’s high-end wood windows and Pella’s Kathy Krafka-Harkema says, “People call us and say you forgot to put the screen in. We tell them it is in there.”

According to W.L. Gore’s Maria Smith, the screen allows 50 percent more light into the home, and three times more airflow than a conventional screen.

“It’s not just an insect screen but provides a better view,” she says.

Smith says this screen, designed for high-end windows, is made of a completely different material than traditional screens. She describes it as an innovative ultra-fine material, and says that screens have the same size hole to keep insects out the fibers are only half the size. She adds that the highly elastic polymer feels different than conventional screens and has a “memory” to prevent denting and sagging over time.

“There are competitive products, but they use fiberglass so the benefit is not as dramatic,” adds Smith. www.inlightenscreens.com

Veneer-Wrapped Components Open Options
Contact Industries officials say the company’s new veneer-wrapped components offer manufacturers an opportunity to expand their array of options. The components come in Cherry, Alder, Sapele, Teak and other options (200 in total). In addition, manufacturers can customize their orders, so they receive a variety of veneers in one shipment—as long as all the components are the same profile.

The components can be engineered to each OEM’s proprietary designs using a wide range of substrates including finger-jointed pine, aluminum, extruded vinyl, LVL, MDF, fiberglass or just about any combination of these materials, according to the company.

“Our goal is to work with the OEM’s product design team to engineer components that will work seamlessly with the OEM’s existing assembly system,” says Peter Himes, sales manager. www.contactind.com

Bostik Launches GlazStik H™ 9208 Backbedding Sealant
Bostik Inc. has a new backbedding sealant, GlazStik H™ 9208. GlazStik H is a solventless ambient-applied moisture cure sealant that is suitable for high-performance backbedding applications, including impact-resistant windows.

The company says the sealant is UV-resistant, but also retains a balance of strength and flexibility. In addition, it adheres to a variety of substrates, which allows for a primerless application.

GlazStik H also has high viscosity and high green strength, according to the company. www.bostik-us.com

RavenBrick Announces New Dynamic Window Glazing Film
RavenBrick, based in Denver, has announced a new energy-saving thermo-reflective film. According to the company, the film manages solar heat gain in windows and works without benefit of wires or external controls. The glazing film, adhered to surface two, works in conjunction with a highly transparent low-E coating on surface three to allow solar heat when desired and to reflect heat when necessary. www.ravenbrick.com

It’s the Ultimate™
The Ultimate™ Lock System from Millennium Lock Inc. is designed to withstand up to 4,000 pounds of force, and has a specially engineered steel strike plate. In addition, the lock is equipped with a specially engineered steel strike plate, a super-hardened steel security bar, a patented lockout feature and a high-security six-pin anti-bump keylock. www.theultimatelock.com

Add Hurricane Protection with New Storm Stud
The Muhler Co. Inc. has a new integral mounting system for hurricane protection, Storm Stud™ Attachment Systems. The system is designed so that it is both aesthetically pleasing and is built into the window to provide resistance to storms. It also is easy to install and has been tested to ASTM E 1996003, ASTM E 1886-02 and ASTM E330-02, according to the company.


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