Volume 10, Issue 7 - September 2009


It's Showtime
Even in Down Economy, Atlanta Event Promises to Bring Some New Innovations to Market

If you’re investing in new machinery or equipment for the future, preparing for when the economy and housing market inevitably turn around, then look no further than these pages. The upcoming GlassBuild America event, September 30-October 2 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, promises to bring some new innovations to the market. Even if you can’t get away for the show, the next few pages offer an overview of what’s expected to be on display.

Visit DWM Magazine in Booth #2902
The staff of DWM magazine will be on-hand at the upcoming GlassBuild America show. Be sure to stop by Booth #2902 to say hello and see the latest from DWM magazine and, DWM’s sister publication, USGlass magazine. Also be sure to visit www.dwmmag.com during the event for the latest news and updates from the trade show floor.

Speed Up and Reduce Waste with Erdman Systems
The new Erdman® IG Secondary Sealer includes an advanced controls system. When coupled with the Erdman® Fluid Metering System, officials say it provides consistent results at speeds up to 20 inches per second. Sealant application systems are also available to perform hot, cold and two-part applications. These systems offer both dual- and triple-glazed unit capability; automatic sizing and sealant application; reduction of waste and clean-up; reduction of rework; adjustable sealant fill via positive displacement pump; mechanical drives and electronic controls; dispensing capability of hot, cold or two-part sealant; and custom models and sizes.

The machines are available both stand-alone and as complete lines.

The company also has a new hand-assist glazing table, which features a servo control system utilizing Erdman’s Fluid Metering technologies. This provides a consistent diameter bead of sealant to products at speeds up to 30 inches per second. This machine control allows any operator to apply a properly proportion-ed bead of sealant, according to the company. Hand Assists are available to perform hot, cold or two-part glazing and can be setup for bead sizes from .060 inches up to 1 inch in diameter. www.erdmanautomation.com

J&S Extends Machinery Offerings
J&S Machine is introducing the CR148 RIMW, a PC-based CNC double-pinch storefront material roll bender utilizing the CNW333 control. The CNW333 control is a Windows XP-embedded CNC consisting of an industrial PC with a 40GB hard drive, USB ports, 17-inch color monitor, wired mouse and keyboard. The CNW333 can be operated manually by push button or programmed to run automatically.

The CNCHW version is recommended for bending single radius parts or multiple bend parts with large radii. Because of its ability to change rotation speeds during the bending process, the IMW allows for smoother transitions from one radius to another, resulting in a better overall appearance, according to the company.

The CNW333 features DXF importing software allowing users to download information directly from a DXF drawing file to create a new program. The CNW333 also allows the user to create a network connection with other PCs. Additional features include animated visualization of the bend data; quick view of material spring-back archive; click-and-store operation settings; and import and store tooling data for fast set-up times. www.jsmachine.com

Machine Four Materials with One System
The new “R” series vertical spindle machining center from Ameri-Can Machinery features four-axis CNC controls and is capable of machining extruded aluminum, light alloys, PVC and steel. The machine is fitted with a 5.5-horsepower, 18,000-rpm spindle, and features an ISO 30 taper and automatic tool changer.

The machine’s tool magazine can store six tools to drill, mill and thread, plus one 6-inch slitter blade. The unit is equipped with a total of four clamps, which company officials say ensures precise clamping. The system also utilizes a pneumatic spray mist cooling system to lubricate both its work piece and tooling, in an effort to ensure a long tooling life and to clean low burr cuts.

The machine’s rotation axis can be infinitely variable to any position electronically within 180 degrees, by using a rotating table.

Billco Introduces New Storage System and IG Line
Billco Manufacturing has introduced its new Remnant Storage System, which stores then re-distributes unused glass leftover from the glass cutting process in an effort to optimize and reduce waste. The company has a new vertical insulating glass line that features multiple zones that can be interchanged to accommodate each manufacturer’s unique processing needs. The line is capable of performing a range of processes including washing, edge deleting, gas filling and secondary sealing.

Bystronic Partners with Sashlite: Companies Look to Make a Splash at the Show SPACERS
Sashlite made its first introduction to door and window manufacturers in November 2003 at the interGlassmetal (iGm) show. You couldn’t walk the event without hearing comments about Sashlite—many of them skeptical. Many suspected the technology couldn’t work.

Now, almost six years later, Sashlite president Bob Hornung is gearing up for GlassBuild America, and once again, the company is looking to gain significant attention. But this time, things are different. The technology isn’t new anymore so people aren’t as dubious as they were then. Secondly, Sashlite has partnered with machinery supplier Bystronic glass, which has developed a fully automated vertical manufacturing line for the fabrication of the Sashlite technology. Sashlite technology is an insulating glass (IG) system that eliminates the separate IG unit by integrating the spacer directly into the window sash. The result is a single, solid unit.

The Bystronic line, capable of making both dual- and triple-glazed insulating glass units, will require only four to five workers to operate and has a throughput of up to 800 integrated sash windows per shift. Other features include the simultaneous assembly, gas-filling, and pressing of a unit, and the automated, precision driven application of all sealants and desiccants. The new line will allow for any production sequence of rectangular sash formats and is capable of producing a wide variety of sash sizes, shapes and designs.

DWM editor Tara Taffera interviewed Hornung, as well as Scott Knisely, vice president of sales and marketing for Bystronic, regarding plans for both the show and the future of the technology.

DWM: I’ll start with you, Scott. How familiar were you with Sashlite when it debuted almost six years ago?
The first I ever heard of Sashlite was at its launch at iGm. People said there was no possibility it would ever work. That was my first real experience and to be honest it was very negative off the bat.

DWM: How did Bystronic and Sashlite decide to partner on this project?
Knisely: Two years ago Bob was trying to get ahead of Michael Glover to see about working together with Intra. (Editor’s Note: Intra was another technology that made a big splash at that iGm show. Intra has been described by partners Stephen Field and Michael Glover as a rapid means of joining thermoplastic profiles. Bystronic Glass Group acquired Intra in 2006.) …. Initially we had an applicator machine to do some test applications and that’s how it started. Over the course of the next 18 months we worked on some equipment to work with the Sashlite technology. We supply every IG platform irrespective of the spacer that goes into it. We’re proud to say we now supply all of them.

We want to support everyone equally. Obviously there are some intrinsic benefits when you don’t have to produce a separate IG unit and this provides numerous benefits to the fabricator. We feel the technology is poised to grow.

If you look at Super Spacer®, they didn’t really experience their growth until they partnered with a big machinery supplier.

Hornung: Since we started we’ve been evolving. We started with a manual line and one casement profile then we went to a horizontal line, then a semi-automated line, then a vertical line. Now for the first time we have a level of sophistication by partnering with a real global player. That’s what we lacked before. The fundamentals of the technology were always strong, but we didn’t have a clear path to make a lot of units in a high-volume atmosphere and now we have that.

Knisely: This is an interesting case study if you look at it from its early infancy. There are not too many products where you can see it from the beginning to where it is today. There is a benefit to the fabricator, and we did a lot of due diligence to make sure that was the case.

Because the spacer is integrated into the sash it goes in line with what we’ve promoting over the last few years in terms of eco-efficiency. If you take a look as to what that encompasses, for example, a decrease in carbon footprint, etc., then you’ll see that this fits in line with our corporate strategy, which is very important to us.

DWM: Is this equipment something a manufacturer of any size would be interested in purchasing?
Knisely: We do see it as a high-end, high-quality manufacturing solution. Bystronic prides itself on high-quality equipment. This equipment is expensive and there is an entry-level requirement. It wouldn’t be cost-effective for a manufacturer producing fewer than 50,000 units, etc.

DWM: But, to clarify, prior to this new equipment, manufacturers could use machines from Sash Systems and Erdman Automation that can be used to produce the technology. Is that still the case?
Hornung: Absolutely. These are still being used every day and frankly [this] is a growing part of our market.

DWM: So really, manufacturers of all sizes can use the technology?
Hornung: Yes. Before we never had solution for the high end of the marketplace and now we do.

DWM: Can you explain to me how the technology fits into companies interested in producing energy-efficient products?
Hornung: Our technology wins on a variety of fronts—performance characteristic, best warm-edge rating and the best DP rating. I think we also have best aesthetics on marketplace and the greenest technology.
Knisely: As we start looking to 2013 and the next phase of Energy Star® changes, I think the companies that are looking ahead will plan their strategy early next year. It will take them six to eight months to get extrusions complete, etc. The window designers don’t want to make the same platform being produced all over the market. We just want to give them another option to consider.

DWM: We all know we’re in a economic downturn, so why is now the right time to make this introduction?
Knisely: As margins whittle away, manufacturers have significant cash flow problems and they can’t produce their products and make money. It’s simply a right marketplace to offer something new.
Hornung: We see this as a niche technology …. There is a lot of aging equipment out there …. If people want a clear path to profitability they have to at least consider Sashlite.

DWM: So now that the technology has been around for several years and you’re now partnering with Bystronic, do you have a goal of how many fabricators you’d like to adopt the technology?
Hornung: We have a lot more credibility now that we have partnered with Bystronic—an extremely sophisticated company. If Bystronic does what it did to TPS then our technology will do really well.
For the first time our technology has a fully automated turn key system from the washer all the way through to the gas filling process to applying the glazing beads.

The manufacturers that are making Sashlite windows are having a lot of success. But they couldn’t make a lot of them and now that is possible. www.sashlite.com

Edgetech to Promote SustainaBLOCK™ Setting Blocks
The newest setting blocks from Edgetech I.G. were designed to help meet the need for total system compatibility and are available in a wide variety of material options, including the latest in stable silicone technology. The SustainaBLOCK line of setting blocks can be used to position, cushion and support glass in a window frame or opening, and are compatible with most sealant types. In addition to their sustainable attributes, SustainaBLOCKs are available in variety of sizes, profiles and materials, including silicone rubber, EPDM and plastics. With a minimum order, Edgetech also can customize SustainaBLOCKs based on color, material, packaging and self-adhesion needs.

The company also recently upgraded its Super Spacer® Premium and Premium Plus silicone warm-edge spacer systems. Company officials say that these new systems have been tested to show that they can improve U-values and condensation resistance and have low thermal conductivity numbers.

In addition to displaying the new setting blocks during the show, the company also will educate customers about the upcoming Energy Star® changes, insulating glass certification and best practices for meeting the stimulus bill’s .30/.30 requirements. All of the education will be part of the company’s continuing Edgetech University theme, which was launched at last year’s GlassBuild event. www.edgetech360.com

Truseal Focuses on Energy Efficiency
Energy efficiency tops the bill for the Truseal Technologies Inc. booth. The company will highlight a number of products and programs focused on providing thermal efficiency and promoting enerenergy-saving solutions. The company will focus on two technologies in particular, both of which are designed to help windows meet and exceed Energy Star® Phase 1 criteria for 2010 as well as American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 .30/.30 tax credit requirements.

The first of these, Duralite®, is the company’s third-generation warm-edge spacer system. Company officials say the no-metal, high-performance spacer enables window manufacturers to meet and exceed energy efficiency requirements.

Likewise, the company’s latest developments to its Envirosealed Windows™ program will be revealed during the event. The current campaign includes consumer-ready educational tools for promoting energy-efficient windows such as literature, point-of-sale pieces and a dedicated website.

“With initiatives like the new Energy Star requirements and the .30/.30 tax credits driving up demand for better windows, it is clear that the future of the window industry is all about energy efficiency,” says Ric Jackson, director of marketing and business development. www.truseal.com

New PVC Eco-Blocks™ are Color-Coded
The newest PVC setting blocks from LAMATEK Inc. are not only color-coded, but they’re also eco-friendly, according to their manufacturer. The Eco-Blocks are part of the company’s Greensteps™ product line and are designed to serve as a drop-in replacement for current setting blocks. The blocks are made from a proprietary 85 Durometer PVC blend.

LAMATEK officials say the Eco-Blocks have been tested and proven to be compatible with glazing and IG sealants and are available with or without a time-tested acrylic adhesive. www.lamatek.com.


Truth Hardware to Introduce PAL and Encore
Owatonna, Minn.-based Truth Hardware will display its new Positive Action Lock (PAL) and Encore® handle and cover designs.

The PAL, a lock system for sliding windows, is available in the original “push button” design as well as the new “slide tab” design and offers a snap-on cover. Officials say the PAL system requires minimal effort to trigger the lock.

The new Encore designs’ full-flip folding handle recesses in the operator cover and eliminates interference with curtains and blinds. The snap-fit cover also removes easily for painting and staining window frames. www.truth.com

Interlock USA to Feature Concealed Tilt-and-Turn Hardware and More
Interlock USA will feature concealed tilt-and-turn hardware from SIEGENIA-AUBI, among several new products at its booth. Company officials say the concealed hinge allows for more glass area due to frames as narrow as 10 mm and it’s flexible and designed to meet a wide range of specifications. The new hinge can be fitted in profile applications with both 9- and 13-mm axes and features three-way adjustment and an integral adjustable turn restrictor.

In addition, the company’s new non-corrosive, stainless-steel HEMISPHERE™ folding door mortise hinges feature a flush mount application, providing a maximum level of movement. Interlock officials say the HEMISPHERE mortise hinges are ideal for 2¼-inch wood flat-panel folding doors with openings in excess of 45 feet wide and up to 10 feet in height, and can accommodate doors that weigh up to 165 pounds per panel. The new folding door hardware is available in a range of durable finishes, from classic to contemporary. www.interlockna.com

Wood’s Powr-Grip Introduces New Low-Profile Vacuum Lifter
Wood’s Powr-Grip’s newest vacuum lifter, the MRTALP611LDCS, features a sleek, low-profile design and manual rotation/tilt capability. This below-the-hook lifter offers several unique benefits for installing doors and windows, according to the company.

The lifter combines a thin vertical profile, mechanically assisted tilt mechanism, reduced lifter weight and high lifting capacity, while also featuring movable/removable pads and extension arms to accommodate a variety of load sizes and shapes. The low-profile design provides ease of use in tight work locations. www.powrgrip.com

SuperCapSR™ Now Available on MikronWood™ Composite Systems
Mikron Industries now is able to offer its patent-pending SuperCapSR color technology on the company’s MikronWood™ composite window system. SuperCapSR is a patent-pending technology that is low-heat absorbing. It is a molecularly fused color layer that creates a durable color surface. Officials say the tough co-extruded acrylic color layer is scratch-resistant and durable to protect windows during delivery and installation. SuperCapSR colors include architectural bronze, hunter green, adobe and brick red. www.mikronvinyl.com

SDL Bars: 65 Colors and Counting
Custom Glass Products has expanded its Decralite line of simulated divided lite (SDL) lineal bars to include a color palette of 65 colors. Its dark color coatings are designed so they are heat-reflective.

In addition, the company has added a variety of laminated wood grain bars to its offering. Laminates of oak, cherry, pine and mahogany are readily available for interior applications. Stainable laminates are available on any bar width of 5/8 inches through 4 inches. All coatings and laminates are available as 8-inch lineal bars or cut and notched kits for custom applications. A wide variety of profiles is available with coatings and laminates to include OG and beveled. www.cgpglass.com

Renolit Expands FAST Exterior Laminate Colors
American Renolit Corp. has expanded its FAST exterior film range to include several new colors and woodgrain designs. The newest available colors are clay and ivory, which join other earth tones to fit the latest construction trends. Irish oak, a woodgrain design, along with Shadow Black and two new silver colors, are also recent additions.

The complete range of films carries a full 10-year exterior warranty in the United States and Canada.

The company also will feature its Cova IN range of interior laminate films for window frames. The Cova IN films include new, modern prints that feature soft finishes and realistic woodgrain designs like natural cherry, hard rock maple, soft walnut and more, according to the company. www.americanrenolit.com

Chelsea Adds New Extrusions, PVC Reinforcement
Chelsea Building Products has new, solid-colored extrusions and painted exteriors available, including an authentic woodgrain appearance option (with three different woodgrain finishes available). In addition, the company has a new composite PVC reinforcement available. The company reports the product has an e-modulus that is four times that of PVC and that it achieves an R-35 rating. www.chelseabuildingproducts.com

Glasslam Launches Patent-Pending Air-Clip™ Muntin Key Program
Glasslam N.G.I. Inc. will exhibit its full line of architectural glass products, along with its new patent pending Air-Clip muntin key program for any and all foam spacer systems. It will have on-hand its Air-Tight™ the Generic EPDM (E-Class) warm-edge foam spacer; Air-Tight Premier Silicone (S-Class) warm-edge foam spacer; Air-Tight SmartEdge™ the One Step Product warm-edge foam spacer with pre-applied HMB; Air-Clip non-metal muntin clip; Colour Cote™ sprayed glass system; Decopane™ decorative doorlites and windows; Bevelpane® decorative glass; and Glasslam laminated glass products including Polylam™, Safety Plus® II and the patent-pending Sudden Impact™ IG System. www.glasslam.com

FeneVision Introduces Three New Products
Aurora, Ohio-based FeneVision has added three new products to its line of automation software.

The line scanner, powered by Softsolution, detects glass defects and can be installed all along the production process in either a vertical or horizontal position and can be operated independently or integrated with a current manufacturing system.

The FeneVision SCAD is a new CAD software application designed for non-standard glass shapes and includes a catalog of standard drill holes and cutouts.

New virtual digitizer software digitizes the shape of a custom shape template using a digital photograph. www.fenetech.com

Preference Launches PrefWeb
Preference North America recently released PrefWeb, a web-based product configuration and order entry software. The system allows dealers to configure and place orders for standard and complex products via their dealer website. Dealers also have the ability to track their orders as well. All database management is done centrally, making maintenance a snap. Web orders are then fed directly into the PrefSuite door and window manufacturing software, driving the order through the plant, including MRP, inventory stock control and product labeling and shipping, even providing truck loading and shipping routes.


Save Both Money and Time with EDTM
Electronic Design to Market (EDTM) will focus on two different tools to help door and window manufacturers save not only time, but also money. Among these is the Glass-Chek Pro (#GC3000), which will be available for the first time during the event. This new digital instrument will measure the glass and air space thickness of single-, double- and triple-pane windows from a single side. The laser device offers numerous improvements and features over EDTM’s previous similar tool, including applications involving tinted and reflective glass plus triple-pane windows.

The Glass-Chek Pro also will incorporate an all-inclusive low-E coating detector, which will allow the user to identify all of the low-E coating surfaces in a window and measure them from a single side. The product also may be able to differentiate hard-coat low-E from soft-coat low-E products. Other improvements include expanded thickness ranges, accuracies and the ability to identify suspended film applications in windows.

In addition, EDTM will highlight its window energy profiler sales kit (#SK1740). The window energy profiler tests already-installed windows for energy performance and will show the window’s estimated solar heat gain coefficient, along with ultraviolet, visible light and near infrared transmission values. The kit also includes heat lamps and surface temperature guns to offer a sensory side to the presentation, allowing customers to feel the energy performance in action. www.edtm.com


Secure It with RiteScreen
The RiteScreen Co. has a new, extruded latching window screen. The new extruded screen for double-hung windows securely latches into place upon closing, according to the company, and has a wall thickness of 0.040 inches. In addition, it features the company’s staked corners to build strength and eliminate gaps at the miters. Shapes with an integral stop leg, latch and interior wool pile are available. www.ritescreen.com


Meter and Mix with Precision
Nordson’s new Cobalt™ GR systems are designed to deliver precise meter/mix capability to window fabrication and insulating glass processes. The systems feature single and tandem spur-gear pumps to simplify adhesive and sealant handling and metering directly from their shipping containers to improve production efficiency and reduce residual waste. In addition, company officials say the system’s intuitive PLC controls with touch-screen interfaces and easily-adjusted mix ratio controls simplify its operation, and configurable systems can handle any combinations of high-, medium- or low-viscosity materials.

H.B. Fuller Introduces Two-Part Urethane Insulating Glass Sealant
H.B. Fuller has a new two-part urethane, PU-810, for use as an insulating glass sealant. PU-810 provides high tensile strength and high modulus and is available in several gel times to match the customer’s manufacturing requirements. Product options exist for both handgun and robotic dispensing equipment. www.hbfuller.com



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