Volume 11, Issue 1 - January/February

From The Publisher

Welcome to DWM/Shelter
by Tara Taffera

Happy New Year. By now most of you may have heard that our sister publication, Shelter, has merged with Door and Window Manufacturer (DWM) magazine. So now DWM/Shelter brings you news for the entire doors, windows, mouldings and millwork market and reaches all parts of the supply chainófrom manufacturers to distributors and dealers.

If you havenít heard about this change yet here is a quick recap of why we made this decision. We all know that the distribution lines in the door and window industry are becoming increasingly blurred. We always said when we purchased Shelter seven years ago that when the lines of the fenestration industry channels to market blurred to the point that they were unrecognizable as separate industries that we would merge the two and that time has come.

So for those Shelter readers new to DWM and those DWM readers wondering what is changing here is a glimpse.

First, a big welcome to our readers from Shelter magazine. You will still have columns written specifically for you (as will DWM readers), including those written by the Association of Millwork Distributors (page 6) and by a door and window dealer (page 10). And the popular Secret Shopper article will continue (page 52).

Our departments, including news, energy, people, and Industry Indices (last page) will have information for all segments of the supply chain.

And all the articles within our pages will be of interest to everyone who want to keep up with all facets of the industry. I encourage window manufactures to make the Secret Shopper a must read. It will enlighten you as to how your dealers are selling your productsóthe results may surprise you.

As Secret Shopper is a popular feature in Shelter, so are the plant tours in DWM. Distributors who now have access to these tours will be interested to know how different manufacturers produce their door and window products.

And our cover features will interest all, particularly our cover story this month about the new lead paint regulations (page 34.
Although a huge change is coming in the industry, it is one of which many dealers are unaware.

DWM/Shelter details all the changes in this in-depth article and talks to both manufacturers to find out how they are educating their dealers, and dealers to learn how they are preparing for the change.

Of course, for all the latest news affecting the entire industry, check out our website at www.dwmmag.com. And if you donít get the weekly DWM/Shelter newsletter sign up for that on the website.

As an editor who has covered the door and window market for almost ten years (we launched DWM in November 2000), Iíve enjoyed covering this industry, and Iím now excited about the fact that our magazine will serve all sides of the supply chain. Together with our associate publisher Brian Welsh and our entire staff, we look forward to hearing from you.


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