Volume 11, Issue 5 - June 2010


Edgetech Offers Gasglass Trade-In Program
Edgetech I.G. in Cambridge, Ohio, the exclusive Gasglass distributor, is offering a trade-in program that makes it easy and cost-effective to upgrade to the enhanced Gasglass Handheld v2. The program, which will run through August 31, provides a $6,300 trade-in value for older Gasglass models, including 1002 and V-1, that are in working condition.

According to the company, the updated product features improved optical filters and updated operating software that allows the device to measure with greater accuracy and repeatability. Its user-friendly design and non-invasive methods are intended to help prevent operator error and ensure improved quality in the manufacture of gas-filled IG.

Bystronic and Sashlite Team Up to Provide Automated Integrated Sash Glazing Line
The sashline, developed by Bystronic glass, eliminates the need for a separate insulating glass (IG) unit by incorporating the latest Sashlite™ technology. The sashline integrates glass washing and inspection in-line with the sash-sealing process. As a result it offers consistent quality while maximizing unit throughput. The sashline is a fully automatic vertical manufacturing line for the production of up to 800 integrated sash units per shift.

“Built on a modular platform sashline can be adapted into any manufacturing process according to the customer’s specific requirements,” says Scott Knisely, Bystronic Glass Inc. vice president of sales.

Erdman Automation Offers New Horizontal Super Spacer® Line
Erdman Automation Corp. has developed a new Super Spacer solution made in the United States that can be assimilated into existing lines easily. Available in manual, semi-automated and fully automated versions, the new Super Spacer line is available either modularly or as a full production line.

With a fully automated, horizontal Erdman Super Spacer production line, manufacturers can achieve a 25-second cycle time per unit with no increase in personnel, according to Erdman officials.

Nordson Offers VersaDrum®
Nordson Corp.’s VersaDrum bulk melters provide adhesive and sealant dispensing for a wide variety of residential and commercial fenestration applications, including insulating glass sealing, back bedding and corner joining. Featuring hydraulic passages designed to eliminate dead spaces, VersaDrum bulk melters can be used with reactive materials, such as moisture-cure polyurethanes. They feature easy installation, operation and maintenance facilitated by a user-friendly, graphical, touch-screen control system for visibility and monitoring of all operations and status conditions.

Franklin Introduces Versatile Wood Adhesive
Franklin Adhesives & Polymers, a division of Franklin International, has introduced Woodbond® 1920, a versatile adhesive that can be used as is for dry-use applications or can be converted easily for wet use.

Woodbond 1920 is a one-component polyvinyl acetate (PVA) emulsion adhesive that meets the ASTM D-5572-99 dry use standard for finger jointing of interior wood products, such as trim molding. However, manufacturers can simply mix the adhesive with an aluminum chloride catalyst to create a water-resistant adhesive that surpasses the ASTM D-5572 wet use standard for non-structural lumber products, to be exposed to outdoor elements, according to the company.

Bavarian Launches New System
Bavarian Polymers in Dickinson, Tenn., has introduced the Polymeric Reinforcement System (PRES), a lightweight material with high insulating properties, that results in low U-values. This product can be used to replace aluminum or steel, according to the company.

PRES allows high flexibility with profile design in combination with strength, rigidity and low weight, according to the company.

New Balance Tackles Heavy Loads
Looking for a block and tackle balance for side load applications that can handle weights up to 50 pounds? The APEX, an extended block and tackle balance, is available from Caldwell Manufacturing Co. The balance is designed to handle sash weights of up to 53 pounds per pair and comes in lengths ranging from 7 to 50 inches.

The balance features extended travel, which, according to the company, allows for fewer SKU’s by eliminating an every other inch balance length and provides an increase in the potential sash opening for egress requirements. Other features include a parked mounting hook, an elongated bottom guide for application flexibility in PVC window designs and a hemmed channel.

Make It Fire-Resistant with One Simple Seal
Schlegel Systems now offers a foam door seal that includes a Category G Edge Seal Intumescent, providing for fire resistance. The all-inclusive seal combines the company’s Q-LON® to resist air, water and sound penetration with the fire and smoke protection provided by Category G and H rated gaskets. Company officials say the simple all-in-one seal eliminates the extra installation labor required by a secondary seal application, and that the QFR Fire rated kerf and surface-applied seals can be installed in any residential frame design.

Add an Option: Veneer-Wrapped Components from Contact Industries
Contact Industries’ veneer profile-wrapped components allow innovative door and window manufacturers to offer a broad array of options to its customers.

“We are giving manufacturers the opportunity to aesthetically upgrade their standard products with unique species veneers through the use of profile wrapping, allowing windows to compete for builder and consumer mindshare at a higher level,” says Peter Himes, Contact sales manager.

The company offers its wrapped components in more than 200 different veneer species, as well as a wide range of vinyls, foils and films. The components can be engineered to each OEM’s proprietary designs using a wide range of substrates including finger-jointed pine, aluminum, extruded vinyl, LVL, MDF, fiberglass or just about any combination of these materials, according to the company.

GP Extends FireDefender Line
Georgia-Pacific Gypsum in Atlanta has expanded its FireDefender Protection Components family with the temperature rise mineral core, which is designed for use in steel-covered, composite-type fire doors. The product carriers a 3-hour maximum rating for duration to fire and a maximum temperature rise of 250 degrees at 30 minutes, based on fire testing conducted and listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. in accordance with ANSI/UL 10-B, ANSI/UL 10-C and NFPA 252.

Amesbury Adds Product That Bans Mildew
Amesbury Group Sealing Solutions Division, Textile location, now offers an antimicrobial pile and fin product they call EcoBan. The product is resistant to mold, mildew and fungi and meets the current AAMA 701-04 Class A requirements and the performance standard of ASTM G21-96 for determining resistance of synthetic polymeric materials to fungi.

Amesbury offers EcoBan in its woven and extruded products as well as specialty products.

ODL® Launches New Line of Severe Weather® Doorglass
ODL Inc. of Zeeland, Mich., offers an updated line of severe weather doorglass, engineered to withstand weather conditions, specifically hail and hurricane exposure. The product features an aluminum frame with screw plugs that are flush with the door, and the frame allows the doorglass to fit into a standard door cutout.

The frame comes in a standard powder-coated white finish or with an optional tan finish that can be painted or stained. The doorglass does not need a dealer-applied structural sealant. Additionally, since the glass is not permanently bonded to the door with sealant, it can be fully repaired onsite if necessary.

SUNFLEX Unfolds New Sliding Wall Options
The new SF 75 folding-sliding glass wall system from SUNFLEX Wall Systems in Bonita Springs, Fla., features an average U-factor of 0.32 W/m2K and a narrow profile for maximum transparency. The sliding-folding wall offers the advantages of aluminum, including longevity, stability and narrow profiles. The company also offers its SF 75c version, which covers the aluminum base with natural wood materials. Many different wood grains and surface finishes are available, and existing systems can be upgraded with wooden cladding.

The company says the system reaches insulation values of 0.18 to 0.26 W/m2K depending on glazing, courtesy of its specifically developed profile systems. The solid profile features a 75-mm design for added security, as well as concealed fittings and mushroom locks. The patented running gear and track system features stainless steel bearings and running tracks for smooth handling. The system gaskets feature patented hinge sealings and special corner castings that guarantee 100-percent protection from humidity. An installation height of up to 11 feet is possible. SUNFLEX systems feature rounded corners, stainless steel hardware, stylish hinges and a variety of handles.

According to the company, the sliding wall is suitable for residential and commercial applications, and is available in three variations: folding-sliding, slide and turn and horizontal sliding wall systems.

Roto X-DRIVE™ Equals Style Plus Ease
The patented design of the Roto X-DRIVE casement and awning system allows for adjustability and ease of installation, as well as strong two-bar hinges, according to the company. Roto Frank of America offers optional plastic, powder coat and architectural operator covers with the system, along with the X1, X6 and X7 crank handles, allowing the customer flexibility and customization. The patented and symmetrical lock bars also are available with the guides pre-installed to reduce a manufacturer’s need for a large inventory.

Vega Meets Needs of the Pre-Hanger
A pre-hanger may wish to check out the new pre-hanging line from Vega Automation Systems Ltd. of Woodbridge, Ontario. The company says the line is capable of processing steel, fiberglass and wood exterior doors and wood interior doors without mechanical changeover. The line consists of a multi-stack loader, which can process up to 100 door skids, and CNC router. A second CNC machining unit is used to prep the door panel for multi-point locking system.

The line is capable of processing doors from 28 to 36 inches wide and 76 to 96 inches high, with square edge or beveled edge.


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