Volume 11, Issue 2 - March 2010


The Verdict on IBS:
by Tara Taffera

“People come to us everyday. It’s amazing how busy we are given the economy,” said Neven Domenici of Titon Products, who exhibited his ventilation systems at the recent International Builders’ Show (IBS).

Larry Kerscher from FrontLine Building Products concurred, “Business has been great and with our new product we are expecting big things.”

Yes, IBS, held January 19-22 in Las Vegas was all about the products. While the event was markedly smaller than recent years, those in attendance (both exhibitors and attendees) seemed to express optimism going forward in 2010.

Approximately 55,000 builders, remodelers and other members of the home building industry attended the event, according to its organizer–the National Association of Home Builders.

Like Kerscher and Domenici, Sarah Hamlin from Young Manufacturing reported a lot of leads from the show and that a good number of dealers stopped at the booth.

So perhaps this is a sign that companies are looking to differentiate and are looking forward to a better 2010. The products at IBS definitely gave them plenty of opportunity to do just that. Below is just a sampling of some of the products featured at IBS. To find out where to find more products from IBS, see box on page 36.

Window Shopping
When it comes to doors and windows, it’s no surprise that many companies showcased lines that qualify for the window tax credits. PGT Industries unveiled its new PremierVue™ which it describes as a highly-rated vinyl impact product line that provides hurricane protection, energy efficiency and also qualifies for federal tax credits.

“PremierVue is our answer to the market demand for high-end impact-resistant products,” says Debbie LaPinska, vice president of sales and marketing.

The line is a result of the company’s recent acquisition of the operating assets of Hurricane Window and Door Factory of Fort Myers, Fla.

Other companies showcased energy-efficient products as well and company representatives commented on the increased attention the government is giving window products.

“The government has raised the level of awareness for efficiency,” said Dominic Truniger, president of Hurd Windows and Doors. “It’s only after someone moves in that they realize they need to upgrade their windows.”

He added, “A lot of our products meet .30/.30 and we are looking at new technologies.”

Milgard Windows & Doors attracted a great deal of attention at its booth with its demonstrations of its new SmartCase™ installation system. The SmartCase system eliminates concerns about window damage during installation by featuring an efficient and low-risk installation process that changes when and how windows are installed. Rather than placing window units in new homes early in the construction process, a structural frame sill pan and cover are installed that allow installation of finish stucco, siding and trim before windows arrive.

“The SmartCase Installation System absorbs any construction-related bumps and bruises, protecting windows from possible damage,” said Scott Morgan, vice president of sales and marketing for Milgard. “Final windows then can be easily placed in the frame just after interior paint is applied and decorative exterior trim is installed.”

Doors on Display
Anyone walking the aisles of IBS would have found a bevy of entrance systems they would love to have in their home. And wood doors did not garner all the attention. One product garnering interest was the new Premium Door Collection from Taylor Building Products.

“Steel doors are what we do,” said Taylor’s Kevin Bulow. “It is designed to go in and replace wood. It gives steel as an option … The traffic at the booth has been incredible.”

Neuma Doors recently added fire-rated doors to its product offerings, and also added a new chrome color to its hardware.

“We’re a large plastics manufacturer. There is not really another company that can copy what we do,” said Levi Pirir, sales coordinator.

For door protection, DoorSaver featured its DoorSaver II. Its ultra-low-profile design replaces the hinge pin to create bumperless protection for doors and trim, according to the company. The updated product catches both the front and back side of the hinge and can fit all doors and installs in seconds, the company adds.

Comparing Components
Those at IBS looking for a retractable screen may have been interested in a new product from Phantom Screens®: the Small Motorized Executive Retractable Screen. This new smaller motorized screen solution builds upon the company’s Executive Screen with the added convenience, versatility and aesthetics of a smaller footprint, according to the company. With a housing size of only four inches, the screen will fit a wider array of openings and architectural designs than the larger Executive.

The reduced footprint of this newest product will make it easier to blend the screens into the décor of exterior or interior spaces, such as picture windows where the screens are used as solar shades, says the company. The screen also can accommodate smaller cavities in the case of recessed applications, which allows clients to hide the components out of sight in ceiling cavities and column channels. It also offers the benefits of solar shading and insect protection.

Versatex Trimboard displayed a variety of its product offerings, which include trim, facia, soffits and decorative exterior mouldings. According to the company, Versatex is created from cellular PVC and is moisture- and insect-resistant, but still features the look of cedar that many customers desire.

“We’re always trying to bring new products to market,” says Rick Kapres, vice president of sales. “This is what we do.”

Titon was at the show to promote its products that “provide a natural approach to ventilation.” For example, its trickle ventilators improve indoor air quality and reduce the risk of condensation on window glass and frames, according to the company. The ventilator allows a small controlled amount of fresh air to enter a building and allows stagnant, polluted air to exit.

Johnson Hardware introduced a heavy-duty wall-mounted pocket door hardware system. “It mounts right to the wall,” said Michael Myers, marketing director. “There is no special preparation that needs to be done and it can be used for 300-pound doors.”

Preventing Water Damage
Several companies showed products that could help prevent water damage.

MFM Building Products introduced the flexible future flash pan system.

“ASTM 2112 is recommending use of a pan system and we developed one,” said MFM’s Ben Thompson. “It allows the window to weep … And a lot of people are interested in the product.”

He added that the company is working with window companies to make sure products are installed correctly.

“We have all these beautiful products and we need to make sure the windows don’t leak,” said Thompson.
Jamsill showcased Jamsill Guard, its adjustable sill plan flashing for exterior doors. The product is injection molded and extruded from high- impact ABS plastics that do not facilitate thermal transfer and will not deteriorate or corrode over time, according to the company. The company adds that its multiple-piece, telescoping design allows the installer on-site adjustability to fit all rough openings and is bonded together in the field with PVC cement.

Imperial Products by Homeshield featured its IMPERICLAD water impervious door system. The product, a patent-pending integrated door jamb and threshold system is designed to keep the weather out and protect against moisture damage, according to the company.

OSI even held demonstrations at its booth depicting correct installation methods using the sill pan method in order to prevent water intrusion. This is achieved through the company’s WINTeQ™ window installation system. The company offers installation instructions for this method in both new construction and replacement applications.

And some of the window manufacturers in attendance placed an emphasis on preventing water damage as well. Milgard says its new SmartCase System will prevent against water intrusion. According to Hurd, its new CoreGuard system is designed to resist rotting, so even if the product isn’t flashed correctly water damage won’t be a problem.

Letting the Outside In
Products that “let the outside in” have been a mainstay at IBS shows of recent years. 2010 was no exception showing that these products definitely have appeal to the higher-end consumer.

NanaWall Systems launched the NanaWall® VSW65 single track sliding system with center swing doors. The product combines the look and function of French doors with the ability to slide the doors to the side so they disappear out of sight, according to the company. The center swing door is a new feature on the company’s VSW65 single track sliding system introduced in 2009 and offers architects, designers, contractors and homeowners the flexibility to have both a French door style and a large opening glass wall for a seamless transition from inside to outside. With its single track, the custom system is easy to operate and can be designed to slide into a pocket.

Lincoln also introduced a fold-a-way patio door that it says melds indoor and outdoor spaces with ease. Numerous outswing configurations are available anywhere from two-to eight panels in each direction and can include an access panel. The hinge system allows all door panels to be made the same size regardless of the door configuration.

Associations and Services
While products reign supreme at events such as IBS, attendees also use the event to look into industry associations and plenty were on hand to answer questions including the Association of Millwork Distributors (AMD). The association took the time to inform dealers and distributors of its certification program (visit www.simplycertified.org for more information).

The next International Builders’ Show is scheduled for January 12-15, 2011, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla.

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