Volume 11, Issue 2 - March 2010


March Machinery Madness
The Industry’s Guide to the Latest Machinery

If you’re looking to invest in a new machine, but aren’t sure what’s available in today’s market, you’ve come to the right place. In the following pages, DWM/Shelter magazine has compiled the latest available to the door, window, mouldings and millwork industries.

Automate Your Spacer Applications
The Erdman® Automated Spacer Applicator is designed to quickly and precisely apply insulating glass spacers. The system utilizes a protective adhesive film, which automatically is rolled onto the machine for easy removal and disposal. The glass can then feed directly to the Erdman® IG Secondary Sealer or any other work station.

The applicator features automatic sizing and application, a heavy-duty welded steel frame and high-end components, downloadable parameters for multiple spacer sizes, vacuum cups for secure clamping, and a 30-second cycle time for 24- by 36-inch units.

A Four-Bar Lifter from Wood’s
The new Quadra-Tilt MTA4LP6FAC and MTA6LP6FAC vacuum lifters make manual tilting easy, according to the company, and let a balanced load hang in either the upright or the flat position, without using latches. Specially designed for doors and windows, these Quadra-Tilts feature multi-position arms that accommodate a variety of load sizes and shapes. Obstructions on the load surface are easily avoided because vacuum pads can attach to any location on the load. These below-the-hook vacuum lifters can handle loads up to 300 pounds and are equipped with a standard pivoting arm pad frame that offers nearly infinite adjustment between 13 and 39 inches side to side and 9 and 30 inches from top to bottom.

Stiles Offers Solution for Unique Specifications
Stiles Machinery Inc. has a new solution for processing irregular door and window components, Stegherr’s universal KSF-R cross joint milling machine. The machine can be employed for the production of all types of joints, including straight 90-degree joints, diagonal joints from 35 to 90 degrees or jointing straight bars into round and segmented arched frames. In addition, the arc feed attachment allows the manufacturing of profiled, rebated, or curved strips or wooden work pieces on a standard spindle moulding machine with a vertical spindle.

The machine is mounted to the table with a standard support and features flexible feeder rolls. The centrally driven rolls are floating so are able to adapt to the shape of the component and feed the work piece past the tool without distorting the work piece profile.

Profile Your Windows
EDTM Inc. is expanding its line of energy transmission meters with its new Window Energy Profiler for testing windows in-frame. The WP4500 allows users to test the energy performance of operable windows that are already installed in the field.

To operate it, the user simply must open the window and slide the WP4500 over the profile of the window sash. The instrument will simultaneously show the estimated SHGC value of the window, along with the ultraviolet, visible light, and near infrared transmission values.

Norfield Celebrates Big 5-0 with Two New Machines
Norfield Industries recently celebrated its 50th anniversary by unveiling two new additions to its line of automated door machinery and hand-operated jigs. The first is the new 2300ASR auto strike jamb router, which automates the jamb routing process so a single machine operator is able to perform other tasks while the machine works. The 2300ASR features infinitely adjustable jamb stops, foot pedal operation for ease of use, dust collection ready for operator safety and is capable of producing full lip strike mortises that can be adjusted from 21/4 to 3 inches wide.

The company also recently teamed up with G-U Hardware to develop a system that will provide for easy and accurate installation of multi-point hardware. The fixture consists of three independent units attached to a universal bar for indexing. The universal bar has a scale to position the different pocket locations. This system is template-driven so it has the flexibility built in to adapt to different hardware styles and manufacturers.

Go Green with UniCharge
The new UniCharge from Glaston provides an energy-efficient, high-capacity solution for architectural glass tempering. According to the company, the system can temper all glass types. The machine uses a new convection technology called Galaxy, which the company says gives a new control and accuracy for heating with profilable convection, and thus enables uniform heating even with the most difficult glass sizes.

Within the UniCharge system, glass is heated very rapidly; its heating systems incorporate individual turbo-charger units on the top and bottom part of the furnace, thus granting high output levels in a minimum floorspace. The system also features a robust and easy-to-maintain design and a user-friendly control panel and does not require frequent maintenance intervention.

JMC Introduces Standard Line of Machines
Joseph Machine Company (JMC) is launching a new line of machines. The company has formed a partnership with an Italian manufacturer to develop the universal European-style CNC machining centers in 3-, 4- and 5-axes models, designed to complement JMC’s own custom-built high-production machinery. The new standard line of machines offers customers a product that is technically advanced with the price advantages of a standardized component compared to custom design, according to the company.“While JMC will continue to build the highly customized fabrication equipment we are known for, we wanted to offer the same high-quality, innovative solutions in a universal component for customers who don’t necessarily need a custom design,” says Joseph Pigliacampo, founder and president. “However, these new standard machines will offer a wide menu of optimizations so manufacturers will still be able to tailor the machine to their production needs.”

The standard machines can work with aluminum, light alloys and PVC.

Besten Enables High-Capacity Triple Insulating Glass Unit Production
Besten Equipment Inc. has added a triples option to its automated TAPE MT1500 insulating glass (IG) production line, enabling IG fabricators to produce between 650 and 750 triple insulating glass units per shift on a single line. Besten’s TAPE MT1500 enables high-capacity dual-glazed or triple-pane IG unit production via parallel glass processing and spacer application on a horizontal bed. The line features two applicators, which each apply flexible, warm-edge spacers to the inside edge of the outer glass lites of a triple IG unit. The intermediate center lite passes through the application bed, and the three lites are assembled into an IG unit via tilting air float assembly tables. Optional muntin grid placement, made easier by inkjet printing alignment marks on the spacer, is permitted before the assembly. Finally, an optional integrated Quik-Dose™ gas-filling system enables argon filling in process for a complete, ready-to-ship IG unit right off the production line.

Measure Distortion with LiteSentry Solution
LiteSentry has launched the Osprey® HR (high-resolution) distortion measurement system. The tool dynamically measures distortion over the range of –550 to +550 mD millidiopters) with accuracy of +/- 20mDs, a 50 percent increase in accuracy, according to the company. Cardinal Industries is one glass fabricator that recently began using the system, according to LiteSentry

Mecal Offers New High-Speed Four-Axis Machining Center
The new high-speed Mecal MC307 machining center is completely equipped with digital technology and features an innovative control system design, capable of supporting data transfer speeds up to 50Mb/s. The main functions of the machine can be set with parameters, and it offers an acceleration rate of approximately 492 feet/min for “X” axis and speeds up to 131 feet per minute for the “Y” axis. The new fourth-axis table rotates from +135 degrees to -135 degrees, and its 7.3-horsepower electro spindle has a maximum RPM of 18,000.

Stürtz Builds It

Stürtz Machinery offers a full line of cutting and fabrication equipment, the LinearPro series. The series features a high speed, linear motor-driven feed system.

The line includes the SMI-VSM-30/25PDS vertical four-point welder with parallel welding and double stack notch capability and the smaller SMI-VSM-20/19CDS compact vertical four-point sash welder.

The SMI-CNC-2K-30-F twin-head CNC frame corner cleaner, a fully programmable frame or sash corner cleaner as well as the SMI-CNC-2K-18 twin head sash cleaner, also is available.


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