Volume 11, Issue 4 - May 2010

Moulding the Future

Work Begins for New Poly Blends Group
by Kellie A. Schroeder

The Moulding & Millwork Producers Association (MMPA), comprised of manufacturers of wood, MDF and PVC/polyurethane (poly) mouldings and millwork, is gearing up for its latest program directly benefiting its PVC/poly manufacturing members. The MMPA Poly Blends Group is in the midst of moving forward with two important endeavors: a code compliance project and a product certification program.


Getting Involved in Code Compliance
The code compliance project would equate to MMPA members receiving a MMPA group evaluation report for building code compliance purposes. The product certification program would create a marketable product certification program for the MMPA poly members. After one year of meetings, the Poly Group voted to move forward on both task items and now that the decision has been made, resolution to the initial project outlines will be made final during the MMPA’s 47th Summer Business Meeting. This will take place in Asheville, N.C., August 10-14, 2010, at the Grove Park Inn Resort and Spa.

| Building materials on a jobsite are being scrutinized more heavily by building code inspectors than ever before. This is especially true with the advancement of green building products, increased regulations of fire prevention methods and newer technologies in building products materials, among other items. Questions come up often from building code inspectors about these new building products and having a code compliance report takes those questions away as it gives the manufacturers’ finished goods carte blanche access to a jobsite.

The MMPA Poly Blends Group met in a series of face-to-face meetings and teleconferences during the past year, analyzing the best direction to take. It considered the multiple types of poly moulding and millwork manufacturers that have joined the association and would have a vested interest in the projects. The Poly Blends Group has decided to pursue a Code Compliance Research Report (CCRR) from Architectural Testing Institute (ATI). A CCRR is synonymous with an ICC-ESR for exhibiting building code compliance. The CCRR will provide building code compliance for the current versions of the International Building Code and the International Residential Code.


How to Get Involved
The report will be held in the name of the MMPA, and participation is optional for MMPA member companies. The costs of the CCRR, project timeline and outcomes have been identified for the participants. Any MMPA member company opting to take part will have their company name and list of products they desire to be evaluated to code listed on the report. Any MMPA member company that wants to pursue this must give official word of their participation to the association office by June 1, 2010, by calling 530/661-9591.

In addition to the CCRR, the Poly Blends Group will create a product certification program. The key benefit here is the certification achieves allowing the PVC/poly manufacturing member to have its product quality verified by a third-party accredited inspection agency. Once the MMPA PVC/poly manufacturing members have their products certified, then this becomes a marketable trait that consumers will desire. Creating a marketable certification will boost consumer confidence as they will know that an MMPA-certified product is a good one.

The certification program’s initial steps will begin at our meeting this August. The Poly Blends Group will be staging special sessions throughout the meeting solely directed to launching the CCRR and product certification program. There will be several objectives and decisions that need to be made by the PVC/poly members of the association. Participation in this program is optional for MMPA manufacturing members. With the birthing of both projects taking place just weeks away, PVC/poly moulding and millwork manufacturers should not hesitate and move on their decision to be a part of the Poly Blends Group immediately.

It is not hard to expect that any manufacturer participating during the onset of these two projects will be ahead of the curve on so many levels. It is the desire of the MMPA’s Poly Blends Group to begin this project with as many participants as possible so all PVC/poly manufacturing members will have a voice in the final outcome of both tasks.


Kellie Schroeder, CMP, CAE, is executive vice president of the Moulding and Millwork Producers Association. She may be reached at kelli@wmmpa.com. Her opinions are solely her own and do not necessarily reflect those of this magazine


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