Volume 11, Issue 4 - May 2010


The Sixth Annual New Products Guide
Something for Everyone

Are you looking to add a new option to your doors and/or windows, or to expand the types of moulding and millwork you offer? In the following pages, you’ll find an array of new products, tools, equipment and more designed to help you do just that. Read on for the latest innovations available to the industry.

Warranties Made Easy
Louisville, Ky.-based Inst-I-Glass has begun offering a warranty service to manufacturers with its fleet of mobile insulating glass (IG) manufacturing trucks designed to make glass replacement painless for homeowners. Each Inst-I-Glass truck is a self-contained, self-sufficient IG manufacturing facility providing high-quality replacement units using Super Spacer® warm-edge spacer technology and other high-performance components. Most replacements can be completed onsite and installed within 24 to 48 hours of the initial service call, according to information from Edgetech.

“Manufacturers that choose to outsource warranty services to Inst-I-Glass can more easily identify and control costs, which not only saves money and increases efficiency, but also improves the consumer’s perception of the level of ongoing service offered by the manufacturer,” says Larry “Butch” Parrella, Inst-I-Glass founder and chief executive officer.

Outsourcing agreements are varied depending on the manufacturer’s needs and range of services they would like to provide. One agreement might be on an as-needed basis, while others will provide extensive work orders on an ongoing basis, according to the company.

Inst-I-Glass does not sell, distribute or install doors or windows.

Truseal Offers Duralite® No-Metal Spacer
Duralite®, a third-generation warm-edge spacer system from Truseal Technologies, is a no-metal, high-performance spacer designed to enable window manufacturers to meet and exceed current and future Energy Star® as well as .30/.30 tax credit requirements.

The patented Duralite design features a composite laminating technology without the use of metal. The company says the multi-layer spacer also uses components, sealants and desiccants designed to resist condensation, provide a warm edge of glass temperature, a smooth surface appearance and long-lasting argon gas retention.

Truseal officials say Duralite is simple to incorporate into existing automatic or manual application platforms and is adaptable to any window design.

The Constant Force
John Evans’ and Sons Inc. now offers the Side Load Constant Force Balance system. The company says the new patent-pending design allows for a quiet and tight-fitting sash and utilizes AAMA-qualified springs, providing for a simple conversion from block and tackle.

Frontline Now Offers Aluminum-Clad Direct-Set Transom
FrontLine Building Products has launched a new aluminum-clad direct-set transom, available in all the colors of the company’s aluminum clad system. Shapes include rectangular, elliptical, equal-leg, half-round, eyebrow and springline. The company says these will match up to all decorative glass as well as simulated divided lites, grilles between the glass and wood grilles.

Frontline also offers all of the aforementioned products in all-wood unit. All transoms are available with or without glazing,

Mikron Launches EnergyCore™ Window System
Mikron Industries’ new EnergyCore™ window line features the company’s patent-pending, Fusion Insulated System™, which is designed for thermal performance. Company officials say that when the system is combined with high-performance triple-glazing systems such as those using Duralite® spacers by Truseal, windows will exceed current Energy Star® requirements by 50 percent.

The EnergyCore Fusion Insulated System utilizes an air-cell insulating core designed to create a thermal barrier, and features a tri-extrusion manufacturing process. The new tri-extrusion technology also uses material that is corner-weldable and 100 percent recyclable.

GM’s DURA-FRAME™ Designed to Resist Rotting
The DURA-FRAME from GM Wood Products is designed to resist rotting, decay and insect damage. In addition, the company says the system offers quality paint and stain adhesion; long-lasting durability; and is economical. DURA-FRAME is made by finger-jointing Alaskan Yellow Cypress to the bottom of Russion Red Pine frame components; it is then sealed with DURA-SEAL™ and primer-coated with the company’s own DURA-PRIME™.

The company offers its door jambs, brick mould, mull posts, mull casing and custom components all in the DURA-FRAME material.

Truth Offers Three New Systems
Truth Hardware now offers three new hardware systems—the Marvel™ power window and skylight operating system; the new PAL lock; and its push-out hardware.

According to the company, the Marvel power operator has a sleek new design and is simple to install and easy to operate. Rated to lift skylight sashes weighing up to 90 pounds, the Marvel System operates from a standard 110-volt household current (with no transformer required). 

The company’s new Positive Action Lock (PAL) is designed to be versatile and easy to operate. It is available in the original “push button” design and also a new “slide tab” design, so that a sliding window can be shut and automatically locks itself. The PAL also features a snap-on cover.

Truth’s new line of hardware for push-out windows includes a full line of hinges, locks and related push-out hardware. The hardware is available in both “classic” and “retro” looks.

DualTech Expands
Ashland Hardware Systems has added a new top-mount lock to its DualTech™ system, which is designed for vinyl hung windows. The company says the new lock resists picking and includes Force Entry Resistance (FER) lock protection. The top-mount lock is available with an anti-back drive device for TRUE FER pick resistance (per ASTM F588) and is pressure cycle tested for extreme hurricane performance, according to Ashland.

The DualTech system is offered with only two sub-assemblies for quick out-of-the-box installation into a sash corner. No banding, threading, crimping or gearing is required for connecting the system. The system features a choice of three different extension bar lengths that snap quickly into position, and can be installed in less than 30 seconds.

Lawrence Industries Says “Go Lead Free”
Lawrence Industries Inc. has expanded its line of lead-free composite locks, keepers, door handles as replacements for pot metal products. According to the company, its Bio-Maxx Composites will not turn red when tested with lead check test swabs as required under the Environmental Protection Agency’s new lead paint rule (see related story on page 26). Lawrence Composites also are designed to be “child-safe,” according to the company, and contain no lead or phthalates.

Optimize Security and Flexibility with NOVA™
The new NOVA casement locking system from Interlock USA, an ASSA ABLOY company, was designed to optimize security, and be easy to operate and flexible, too. The NOVA™ multi-point locking solution features a removable handle and cover to allow for quick and easy installation while eliminating the potential for shipping damage. The removable components are offered separately to provide flexibility and minimize inventory cost. Components are available in both metal and composite options.

The lock bars feature mushroom-shaped roller pins to minimize contact friction while their adjustability provides seal compression and security, designed to result in smooth, trouble-free operation and safety. The lock bars also incorporate self-locating guides, designed to simplify installation and utilize the window structure to maximize support.

Vision Expands Range of Window Devices
Vision Hardware offers a range of ASTM F 2090 window opening control devices. This includes the 1761 device, a dual-action device which can be used with vinyl, fiberglass and aluminum windows. In addition, the company offers the zinc die cast 1764 and 1765 devices for the wood and composite window manufacturer.

In addition, Vision has available its 1767 device, which is designed with a unique tension-loaded tongue.

PrefSuite Software: A Full Solution
PrefSuite is a fully integrated system that integrates quotations and orders with the entire ERP process. The software solution also provides automated scheduling, purchasing and shipping based on order entry, new product prototyping and costing, just-

in-time streamlining, project management, shipping and more.
In addition, Preference North America offers multiple solutions for a company with a variety of points of sale such as distributors, dealers and in-house mobile agents.

WTS Offers Quick Quotes
WTS Paradigm offers a range of software to meet manufacturers’ needs, including its CenterPoint quoting and order-entry module and its renovation software solution.

CenterPoint was designed to generate quick, accurate, and professional-looking quotes that include to-scale drawings of each door or window. The program acts as a central repository for cataloging options and pricing, and offers reports that allow you to analyze what is quoted versus what is ordered. Dealers using the software also can manage their own sales forces through margin control, permissions and other features.

In addition, the company offers a renovation solution designed to help you organize your contacts through seamless integration to CRM systems, schedule installations and track and manage quote to cash work flow. Some of the features include workflow management, resource scheduling with service and installation, and in-home selling tools.

Profile Stats at Your Fingertips
PLV Systems has developed what company officials say is a quick, easy, accurate and affordable way to measure extruded profile dimensions, angles and colors, the FS200. The FS200 creates dimensional measurements by scanning a profile cross section; then the software helps you to establish a reference plane and measures any feature on the profile. Users also can add angle measurements and print a professional report with a picture of the scanned profile.

ODL Launches Four New Decorative Door Glass Designs
ODL Inc. in Zeeland, Mich., has introduced four new decorative door glass designs—the Mediterranean, Avalon, Prairie Bevel and Teton door glass.

The new Mediterranean door glass has a privacy rating of eight (on a scale of 1 to 10) and features wrought iron contours, arctic glass and antique elegance. The new Avalon door glass has a privacy rating of nine and is reminiscent of a more classic, traditional design. It features satin nickel caming, clear criss-crossed bevels and soft gray wave glass, along with a unique geometric design.

The new Prairie Bevel door glass has a privacy rating of eight and utilizes patina caming, clear bevels and Eaton glass. It is designed to be more artistic and nature-inspired. The new Teton style has a privacy rating of seven and features satin nickel caming and clear bevels. The Teton design was inspired by nature’s beautiful lines and sweeping curvature.

LAMATEK Expands Protek™ Line
LAMATEK is expanding its line of Protek packaging products to include sash shipping corners, lift rail channels and extruded foam fill for lineal chambers. The packaging is made from extruded polyethylene.

BW Makes Rails Simple
BW Creative Wood Industries Ltd. has introduced its new StairSimple™ Axxys™ Railing System. The company says that until this product, stair installation required a high degree of skill making the cost of stair installation as much as four times the cost of materials. With this new product, patented pivoting connectors eliminate complex stair angle calculations and cuts. The company adds that pre-drilled and pre-measured rails speed and simplify installation.

Stiles Has a Solution for Irregular Parts
If you’re been looking for a way to process irregular door and window components, Stiles Machinery Inc. says it has the answer. To meet the needs of customers who are looking for doors and windows with individual design elements such as irregular forms or classical segmented arches, Stiles offers Stegherr’s universal KSF-R cross joint milling machine.

The machine can be employed for the production of all types of joints, according to Stiles. These include straight 90-degree joints, diagonal joints from 35- to 90 degrees or jointing straight bars into round and segmented arched frames. In addition, the arc feed attachment type BV with its new feeding system allows the manufacturing of profiled, rebated, or curved strips or wooden work pieces on a standard spindle moulding machine with a vertical spindle.

Add Flexible Profile Wrapping
Nordson’s PW II profile-wrapping application heads provide application flexibility with a configurable number of modules, exchangeable nozzle assemblies and user-friendly web guides. Company officials say the system’s coating width and position of the application head relative to the substrate can be changed quickly and easily, even during production. The system can handle a wide variety of hot melt adhesives, including reactives such as polyurethanes.

JMC Introduces Standard Line of Machines
Joseph Machine Co. (JMC) is launching what it calls its new “standard” line of machines. The compa
ny recently began working with an Italian manufacturer to develop the universal European-style CNC machining centers in 3-, 4- and 5-axes models, which are designed to complement JMC’s own custom-built high-production machinery. Company officials say the new standard line of machines offers customers a product that is technically advanced with the price advantages of a standardized component compared to custom design.

The new machines are built to JMC’s specifications with features designed for the American market. The standard machines are ideal for working with aluminum, light alloys and PVC materials.

Rev Up with Glaston
Glaston Bavelloni’s Rev Series is a cutting table line designed to offer compact and advanced solutions, along with costs. All the Rev cutting tables and lines are equipped with a lightweight yet sturdy bridge, moved by an electrical axis gantry that can achieve speeds of up to 130 m/minute, according to the company. The bridge, which runs along the short side of the table on guides with a large profile, is designed to maintain a high level of rigidity and to create an accurate cut with any thickness, according to the company.

Erdman IG System is Ready for Triples
Erdman Machinery now offers insulating glass (IG) unit secondary sealers and full IG production lines. The Erdman® fixed head IG secondary sealer is simple and economical, according to the company, and has no gantry movement, giving the operator the ability to apply a professional secondary seal to IG units easily. The system can dispense both hot, cold and two-part sealants; can work with both dual- and triple glazed units; reduces waste and clean up; utilizes high-end components and a steel tube frame; and is available in custom models and sizes.

Weiss Introduces Silicone-Free Adhesive
Weiss USA LLC has introduced COSMOHYBRID 490, a new single-component STP adhesive that is free of silicone and isocyanates. Due to its wide adhesion spectrum, the product can be used for many applications, according to the company.

COSMOHYBRID 490 is used in wood/aluminum door and window manufacturing for bonding aluminum corner angles into the external frames (anodized or powder-coated), as well as bonding sandwich panels and façade elements.

Additionally, the company says the product has an excellent adhesive strength on different metals, wood products, duro- and thermo plastics, glass, and ceramics after the surfaces have been prepared properly; even at low working temperatures from 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Find Your Advantage
Franklin Adhesives and Polymers, a division of Franklin International, has assembled a special line of three adhesives–the Advantage® Trio–for wood window manufacturers. The line includes the Advantage 415, Advantage 425 and Advantage EP-925.

Advantage 415 is a water-resistant, two-part crosslinking polyvinyl acetate emulsion adhesive that can be used for finger-jointing, edge-gluing, hot-pressing and radio frequency gluing. Advantage 425 also is said to be water-resistant. Company officials say the two-part crosslinking PVA emulsion adhesive is ideal for finger-jointing, is extremely easy to extrude, provides good finger coverage and also features a low minimum use temperature.

Wood window manufacturers can look to Advantage EP-925 for applications that require high water, head and solvent resistance, according to Franklin.

Get Your Hot Melt
Fenzi North America has added Fenzi Hotver 2000 Hot Melt Butyl to its product line. The company says the sealant offers a fast flow rate and low application temperatures.

Along with this addition, the company also has begun offering its Fenzi Butylver PIB in gray to pair with its traditional black.

A New Telescopic Door
Merrill Millwork is introducing a new telescopic sliding patio door. The new Park-Vue Patio Door features a pultruded fiber glass sill and incorporates the company’s patented weep system. The new sliding door features two active panels, allowing for a very wide opening, along with a two-track screen system. For even wider openings, the new Park-Vue Telescopic system also is available with four operating panels and four telescopic screens.


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