Volume 11, Issue 8 - October 2010


On Your Mark
AMD Heads to Charlotte, N.C., for Annual Meeting

The Association of Millwork Distributors will hold its 46th Annual Convention and Trade Show in Charlotte, N.C., October 9-14. The event, which originally was scheduled to be held in Nashville, Tenn., and was moved due to damage caused by the recent flooding, will be held at the Charlotte Convention Center.

In addition to a trade show, several informative sessions will be held to help attendees grow their businesses. Among these the following topics will be covered:
• Strategic Selling During Recovery;
• Why Generations Collide at Work; and
• The Housing Outlook.
Several networking opportunities also will be available, including a reception on October 11 from 6 to 7 p.m.
Read on for a sampling of the innovative moulding and millwork products that will be on display.

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Booth #123
Get Streamlined with Ponderosa Software

Want to save money and improve margins? Ponderosa Software says this is possible through use of its Millwork Product Configurator. The product offers a suite of integrated manufacturing tools that the company says is easy to use while simplifying production and maximizing margins on each product component. The product can also be used to enter inventory and schedule ule shop time for virtually any built-up product.

“Our millwork customers have achieved real process improvements, easily measured in terms of percent of on-time and
complete shipments, inventory accuracy and turns and an improved income statement,” says the company.

Booth #618
DMSi Goes Designer
With the goal of enabling its customers to continue to have cutting-edge, flexible technology DMSi has created the myUI Designer. The product allows customers to lay out their transaction screens in the way that makes sense for their businesses, according to the company.

Key features of the product include the ability to add or remove any field, set fields, set the tab stops on fields where customers normally have to enter data, customize information and have access to unlimited layouts.

Booth #213
See Door Testing in Action

Imperial Products will promote its door system design and testing capabilities at AMD, and what better way to do that than through door testing?  The company will set up a test wall to show testing protocols and methodologies.  All doors will be tested utilizing the company’s best in class components such as the 5Y Threshold™, 2-2 Sweep™, and Leading Edge Corner Pads™.  The company says these products provide performance levels in excess of PG45, as proven by third-party certifications. 

The company will also showcase its new MPLS-3™ multi-point locking system. The product is a traditional stainless steel multi-point system that comes with a patent-pending installation system. The new SureFit™ template system provides an installation methodology that requires only 15 minutes to install, according to the company.  An astragal conversion kit is also available that allows a TripleSEAL™ astragal to be converted to an MPLS-3™ compatible in less than five minutes.

Booth #721
Make Your Mouldings Perfect

Perfect! Wood® will be showcasing its Premium Exterior Moldings for the first time at the upcoming AMD show. Perfect! Wood® is an engineered wood composite that the company says will not splinter, twist, or rot. The product accepts nails, staples and screws within one half inch of the edge, maintains strong screw retention, and routes beautifully with little or no chipping or ragged edges. Profiles include exterior door jambs, brick mould, mull posts and more. Available in both smooth and wood grain, the product says the product can work as a complement to fine fiberglass, wood, and steel doors.

Booth #231
FrontLine Features Array of Product Offerings

FrontLine Building Products will feature a variety of products at AMD including its aluminum entry door cladding, a complete line of transom windows, architectural windows, historic replacement windows and wood and aluminum window grilles.
In June of this year, FrontLine, based in Green Bay, Wis., acquired the assets and property of B&B Engineering Corp. in Medford, Wisc. B&B will continue operations as FrontLine Bldg. Products Inc. Medford Division.

The company says that acquisition enhances the product offerings of FrontLine Building Products – Green Bay and Medford Divisions.

Booth #503
Take the Defense

Cascade Wood Products now offers its Total Frame Defense™, which it says it achieves by utilizing a full immersion Woodlife® 111 preservative treating process. Company officials say they treat the entire frame from top to bottom to protect help their door frames resist rotting, decay, splitting, warping, twisting and mold.

Booth #718
Stop Air and Water Infiltration with New Astragal Product

Endura Products will be releasing its performance tested, multi-point locking astragal at the AMD show. The all-in-one multi-point astragal stops air and water infiltration by preventing door deflection inherent in traditional double-bore applications, according to the company. The multi-point locking astragal eliminates the expense and hassle of traditional multi-point hardware and extensive rework required on doors, the company adds.

In conjunction with AMD’s NASCAR theme, Endura plans to hold pit crew races at AMD to demonstrate the minimal machining and simplicity of the multi-point astragal installation. The company says the design and mechanics of this product are unique in that the multi-point lock is operated with the throw action of a standard deadbolt, providing two additional points of engagement between the active and inactive doors at the top and the bottom of the panels.


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