Volume 11, Issue 8 - October 2010


Super Spacer® Chosen for Power*e™ Radiant Glass Windows
Denver-based Radiant Glass Industries (RGI) and sister company Busick Insulated Glass have collaborated to develop Power*e™ Glass—insulating glass units that use safe, low-voltage DC power to warm the inside of a glass lite. The insulating glass units utilize Edgetech’s Super Spacer.

According to third-party testing, Power*e Glass uses up to 40 percent less power than conventional heating systems and is practically 100 percent efficient because of its combined insulating value and radiant-heating capabilities.

“Power*e adds to the overall warmth and comfort of a space,” says Busick general manager Mike Tibbits. “By touching the glass pane, you can feel the warmth of the thermal barrier created by Power*e; however, the electric current flows safely and invisibly.”

The companies recently provided the windows to a resident in Keystone, Colo., who was re-building her house after losing her original home to a fire.

“Gas is not available in the area, so electric heating has been the only option,” says Gino Figurelli, plant manager for Busick. “To help reduce heating costs, the home was designed to be heated solely by our Power*e windows.”

The 2,800-square-foot home has 33 windows, 19 of which are Power*e. The windows contain temperature sensors and are controlled by a thermostat.
www.rgiglass.com, www.busickig.com, www.edgetech360.com

Adhesive Applications Launches 12-Pound Tape
Adhesive Applications, housed in Easthampton, Mass., announces the availability of its new high-strength, high-density 12-pound simulated divided light (SDL) foam tape. The new tape is designed specifically for fenestration applications in which permanent mounting is required.

Special polyolefin foam is cross-linked with a unique process for toughness, and adhesive is engineered for exceptional anchorage in permanent mounting of interior and exterior muntin bars, according to the company. Company officials say the tape also shadows well for clean sight lines in SDL mounting. The tape can be used for window grilles constructed of wood, metal, vinyl and other plastics and composite materials to glass. The product is available in a variety of colors and thicknesses.

Nordson Offers Third-Generation Profile-Wrapping Applicator
Nordson Corp. recently released the PWIII™ profile wrapping applicator—the third generation of its PW series profile wrapping applicators.

Company officials say the PWIII applicator delivers time-saving changeovers with motor-controlled adjustment from 100 mm up to maximum head width via touch-screen control. The applicator allows for independent single-side adjustment, which increases application flexibility, according to the company, while separately controlled heating zones support temperature control to maintain adhesive viscosity, providing coating uniformity, across the entire width and length of the substrate. In addition, the compact design integrates easily into parent machinery.

Tre C Expands CR126 Capabilities
Tre C has now added the capabilities of its CN112 numerical control to its CR126 series of three-roll bending machines. The new CR126HAIM is a pyramid-type bending machine that uses the central roller to create a radius and designed for residential aluminum window applications.

Some of the new features on the CR126HAIM include variable speed rotation, which allows the operator to create smooth transitions between large and small radii in a single-pass cycle. Another new feature is the profile editor, an editable database that allows the operator to store roll position and radius information for various profiles.

The Tre C line is available from J&S Machine Inc.

Endura Products Introduces New 650 Proud Edge Weatherstrip
The 650 Proud Edge is the latest addition to Endura Products’ weatherstrip family. The Greensboro, N.C.-based company says the product bridges the edges of “bull nose” and “scant thickness” doors, providing contact with the panel face and resisting infiltration when subjected to high air pressure.

The 650 Proud Edge is constructed of a cellular lite foam, surrounded by a long-life polyethylene liner that is installed easily into framing kerf slots just like standard weatherstripping.

Auto-Lock is Automatic
The Auto-Lock from Fastek Products features a visual lock indicator, so that the user will know the window is securely locked when its handle is down. To unlock, the handle must be raised.

The Auto-Lock is made of custom designed composites that provide for a life span of 35,000+ cycles, according to the company. An anti-slam version is available, and it has been tested to withstand forced entry of more than 300 lbs.

Sunrise Adds Full Frame Replacement System
Sunrise Windows, a manufacturer of vinyl replacement windows and sliding doors, has introduced a full frame replacement system into four of its product lines with the addition of an exterior brickmould option. The system is factory-assembled, easy to install, and lessens any concerns about leaving potentially rotted sills in a pocketed replacement, according to the company.
The full frame replacement system also gives homeowners the look of a traditional brickmould trim and a larger glass area than with typical insert replacement windows. The option is available in four of the manufacturer’s exterior colors.


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