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Serious Business
A Preview of Win-door 2010

Show Hours
Tuesday, November 16 5 p.m. - 8 p.m.
Wednesday, November 17 10 a.m.- 5 p.m.
Thursday, November 18 10 a.m.- 3 p.m.

This year the Canadian Window and Door Manufacturers Association (CWDMA) has coined a new theme for its annual Win-door North America Show: “One Show. The Entire Industry. Serious Business.”

And serious business it will be when the event is held November 16-18 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, South Building, Hall E. More than 150 exhibitors are planning to show their latest wares during the annual event.

Show organizer Patrick Schield says this year Win-door will feature a large number of machinery exhibitors with “fair-sized booths.”

“Expect a reasonably healthy crowd,” he says, when it comes to attendees.

Balance Systems
Booth #1622
John Evans is Ahead of the Curve
John Evans and Sons will feature its Curve Balance System at Win-door, which the company describes as having a unique asymmetric design and low operating forces. It is available with nine-pound AAMA-qualified springs, and the company says spring assembly is easy and no screws are required. Loads are available in three to nine pounds.

John Evans also will feature its Side Load Constant Force Balance System, which is designed to reduce operating forces. The company says the product allows for a quiet and tight fitting sash and provides for a simple conversion from block and tackle.

Booth #1829:
Truth’s New Sentry

Truth Hardware’s new Sentry multi-point hinged patio door hardware system combines flexibility and security, and features a 90-degree thumb turn located above the handle, high-performance adjustable hinges and multiple handle designs. The system also is designed to adapt to a manufacturer’s current door system.

Booth #1314/1316:
CenterPoint: Quick, Accurate and Professional
The CenterPoint solution from WTS Paradigm was designed to generate quick, accurate and professional-looking quotes for customers, and automates all order entry processes. CenterPoint also acts as the central repository for cataloging options and pricing for product knowledge.

Company officials say the WTS configuration technology allows manufacturers to store all product pricing and options, including to-scale drawings of each door or window. CenterPoint also can be distributed through a company’s sales channel so customers can directly quote and order through the system.

Booth #2031:
From Services to Solutions

Edgetech I.G. will display a variety of products at Win-door, from its quality assurance and specialized equipment solutions, to its technical service, marketing support and a wide range of high-performance products.

High-performance products to be featured at Edgetech’s booth include its Super Spacer® warm-edge spacer systems; Edgetech Test Equipment powered by EDTM; Gasglass and Spyglass technology; IntelliClip® muntin end clips; SustainaBLOCK™ setting blocks; E-Z RAD™ grid placement table; Form8tor® vinyl profile bending system; and Lauren weatherstripping and seals.

Booth #1813:
Up Energy Savings with Envirosealed Windows™

Truseal Technologies officials say that Envirosealed Windows™ with Duralite® help homeowners save energy and money and realize the thermal efficiency of the future. Truseal, a Quanex Building Products company, offers the advanced components and marketing program for the windows, which are designed to exceed Energy Star® requirements.

Truseal’s Duralite spacer system is a no-metal, low-conductivity spacer designed to ensure a warm edge of glass temperature. It also was created to reduce energy loss at the intersection of the glass, spacer and frame to make the windows efficient and minimize condensation.

Truseal also has developed a marketing program for manufacturers and dealers to promote the energy-saving advantages of Envirosealed Windows with Duralite to their customers. The program includes showroom posters and pop-up displays, as well as a variety of customizable materials, including brochures, print ads, online banner ads, direct mail postcards, door hangers and yard signs.

Booth #1232:
Ultrafab Celebrates Big 4-0

Ultrafab Inc. is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. The company was founded in Victor, N.Y., in 1970, and initially deployed its unique bonding methods to provide custom engineered solutions for complex OEM applications, mostly serving the office products industry in the surrounding Rochester, N.Y., area. By the 1980s, the company says its ultrasonically welded pile weatherseals became popular with door and window manufacturers due its to ease of insertion and the ability to keep the pile centered on the backing.

The company is celebrating its 40th anniversary with a newly redesigned website, showcasing both its new branding and logo.

Booth #1203:
Royal Offers Eco-Window

The Royal Group now offers an R5 window, the Eco-Window, which exceeds the current Energy Star® criteria—which requires an R-value of 3. The Eco-Window is available in single-hung, double-hung, single-slider, double-slider and casement/awning styles.

In addition, customers can use the company’s Eco-Window Energy Saver Calculator at www.thermoplast.com to calculate their energy savings.

Booth #1922/1924:
Seeing Double

Ameri-Can Machinery will feature its Univer 500 D2K electronic double-mitre saw for the cutting of aluminum and PVC profiles. The saw is equipped with a fixed left-hand head and a mobile right-hand head. The carriage has an automatic linear positioning by means of an asynchronous motor and has a magnetic rule length control system. The model has an electronic programmable control unit, a retro-illuminated 80-character LCD, a protected touch-sensitive keyboard and an RS 232C serial line.

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Educational Events
Win-door North America attendees will be able to attend the Canadian Window and Door Manufacturers Association’s annual fall meeting with technical updates on codes and Canada Energy Star updates, the CWDMA economic forecast and business seminars, in addition to those demonstrations on the show floor.

The show’s keynote, Bob Langdon, returns this year with two presentations: Maximizing Profitability in a Recovering Economy and Strategic Planning for Your Business. As the recovery takes hold in the market, stiff competition, changing interest rates and cautious consumers all have an affect on the bottom line. Langdon, a CPA and author, will deliver information aimed at helping attendees to design and implement strategies that will not only allow them to differentiate themselves in today’s competitive market, but improve profitability as well. Both presentations are free with admission badge and will take place November 17 in the Education Pavilion, located on the show floor.

Three other industry speakers will appear at the show to bring attendees important news and updates on technical programs, standards and guidelines affecting the industry. Jeff Baker, CWDMA technical consultant, kicks things off November 17 at 9 a.m.—prior to the show opening—to deliver updates on new code requirements, NAFS testing requirements for doors and upcoming changes in the building code and NAFS that window manufacturers will need to meet to achieve compliance with the new building code.

The morning of November 18 brings Steve Hopwood, Natural Resources Canada Energy Star account manager. Hopwood will cover what’s new in the upcoming October 2010 specification, present tips on how to label for Energy Star, discuss some of the do’s and don’ts on submitting model information and take a look into the future to outline possible changes for the future.

Later that same day, Miles Murphy, CSA standards product manager, will cover the development of the first Canadian program to certify installers of doors, windows and skylights nationally. Known as the F.I.T Personnel Certification Program, the initiative has been developed to support the need for quality installations that meet industry standards and best practices, while promoting energy efficiency and consumer confidence. F.I.T. is developed by CSA with the support of Natural Resources Canada and the CWDMA. The certification program is expected to be launched early in 2011.

Rounding out the roster is a “Power Hour” breakfast presentation from a Canadian economist who will provide a forecast of what industry members and the Canadian economy can expect over the next 12 months.

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